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Silly series with plenty of cool cameos
AlanSmithee012 August 2002
This series wasn't around too long but had some pretty cool moments while it lasted.

Gus, a loser who is having problems with his wife, creates a video game with himself as a hero called The Cold Steel Kid. He battles Jackal(played by Christopher), an arrogant and almost game show host-like villain, who always seems to defeat him. But once Gus finally masters Jackal, the unreal happens...Jackal becomes real! Jackal escapes the game and beings to terrorize Gus with other characters from the video game, all of whom Guz based on people who terrorized/traumatized him in real life, including a quarterback called "Killshot", his ex-boss(Lavar Burton with steel hands and cool contact lenses), a cover girl(Kathy Ireland in her bra & panties) and even his old camp conselor. Silly and definitely entertaining!
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this was a great show
eannamcgrath5 December 2006
Warning: Spoilers
i remember watching this show years ago, it used to be on before "sliders" so i always associated the two of them together. sliders was an awful lot more famous but i thought this was every bit as good, if not better. no-one ever knows what i am talking about when i ask people. couldn't remember the name, just that christopher lloyd was in it. delighted i found it, deserves to be a classic! i remember one particular scene where christopher lloyd offered the main character a chance to win the game once and for all if he drew the higher card from the deck. the main character looked at his card and it was a king, but then he didn't go through with it, backing out at the last moment, reckoning that christopher lloyd could have stacked the deck with aces. it was a four!
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Good action, interesting plot
Orion50025 September 2010
Warning: Spoilers
The plot: Guss makes a video game with him as a hero, his ex-wife as a partner and all the people that bring trouble to his life as villains, including his father Jordan (played by Christopher Lloyd) as the boss but re-named as Jackal in the game.When an experiment goes wrong, the villains become real and Gus with Lauren has to face them in order to finish the game. The series was entertaining enough for someone who loves Sci-Fi with good special effects and interesting plot. The act was good with James Calvert and Cynthia Gibb catching the roles very well and they also have some pretty good quotes that made the all concept enjoyable, at least I enjoyed very much :)! The series didn't last for another season probably because of the small interesting at the moment for sci-fi series. Remember at the moment where aired 3 sci-fi series: 1)Star Trek Deep Space Nine 2) Star Trek Voyager 3) Babylon 5 and with Star Trek TNG ending in 1994, there was no room for Deadly Games. Although some say that the series was bad, compared to those mentioned above, but if it was aired in another period it will had last longer than one season.

"Deadly Games" aired in 2003 from Makedonia TV in northern Greece, which showed all 12 episodes
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Lots of stupid sci-fi fun.
CandySam22 December 1998
Christopher Lloyd starred in this extremely short-lived TV series. I enjoyed it very much, my favorite memory being of going to Jack-in-the-Box and getting a Spicy Crispy Chicken Sandwich every Tuesday night just before it started. The show is pretty dumb, with okay special effects and a stupid plot, but it's still a lot of fun. Enjoyable entertainment.
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