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Season 3

6 Oct. 1996
Monte Carlo
Ben starts a celebrity limo service, and sets up his office in Dr. Katz's office, in the same room as Laura. After only a few days on the job, he quits because he had a fender-bender at the airport.
13 Oct. 1996
Blind Date
Julie sets Dr. Katz up on a blind date with Beth, a woman from the Midwest. Eventually, Beth cancels through Julie. Meanwhile, Ben wants to have a tenth anniversary dinner with Dr. Katz, with the anniversary being ten years since Katz and his wife split up.
20 Oct. 1996
Dr. Katz brings a bowl of fruit to the office and sets it on Laura's desk. They eventually get rid of it, because it's going rotten and attracting flies. Meanwhile, Ben gets ideas for new careers and hobbies, such as cake decorating, roller skating, and truck driving. He doesn't follow through on any of them.
27 Aug. 1996
Ben wants to change his image. He ultimately decides on an earring, though he starts with a tacky-looking "tape-on" earring before going for the real thing. Dr. Katz doesn't approve. However, Ben gets cold feet at the mall and ultimately doesn't go through with it.
3 Nov. 1996
Koppleman and Katz
While looking for his birth certificate, Ben discovers that Dr. Katz was a hippie back in the '60s, and had an old flame named Sharon Koppleman. This makes Katz nostalgic, and takes his guitar to the office, wanting Laura to humor him by pretending to be Sharon from his old folk music duo.
5 Jan. 1997
Guess Who
Dr. Katz gets the sudden urge to play the board game "Guess Who" with Ben. During the game, Katz sees the reflection of Ben's pieces in the TV screen and guesses correctly, annoying an oblivious Ben. Katz eventually comes clean about cheating, and offers to leave the apartment for a night as self-punishment. But in the process of saying where he'll probably be staying (the Hilton), Ben wants to come along.
12 Jan. 1997
Day Planner
Dr. Katz loses his day planner, and enlists Ben's help to find it while he's at work. Katz confides in Ben that the day planner contained chapters of a self help book he was writing. It turns out Ben wedged the day planner under their air conditioner to stop its shimmying.
26 Jan. 1997
Mourning Person
Dr. Katz is asked to give a funeral speech for his deceased aunt Estelle. However, Katz gets the giggles beforehand and struggles through the speech, desperately trying not to crack up.
19 Jan. 1997
Studio Guy
Dr. Katz wants to record a tune that's been kicking around in his head. Ben goes to the music store to rent some sound equipment for the apartment. After Dr. Katz sings, Ben remarks, "That sucked."
2 Feb. 1997
Lil' Helper
Dr. Katz throws out his back and enlists Ben's help while he's recovering. Ben too, however, throws out his back while talking to Laura.
9 Feb. 1997
Big Fat Slug
Dr. Katz wants Ben to cut down on the amount of TV he watches.
2 Mar. 1997
New Phone System
Dr. Katz installs a new phone system in the office, but it has numerous bugs: When Ben tries to call the office from home, he is instead re-routed to Laura's home. Additionally, the phone calls often cut out without warning.
9 Mar. 1997
Ben gets an invite to his high school reunion. At first, he's reluctant to go because he hasn't accomplished much since graduation, but ultimately decides to and has a good time.

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