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Season 4

9 May 1997
Ben Treats
Ben wins $500 in a lottery scratch-off game and uses the money on an expensive dinner at a five star restaurant, with Dr. Katz and Laura as his guests. In the end, the restaurant bill ends up over his $500, forcing him to rely on Katz and Laura to pay the rest.
22 Jun. 1997
Ben wants to make author his full-time job, and for his first book, plans to write memoirs of his life so far. He dedicates the book to Dr. Katz, rationalizing that by the time he finishes the book, Katz will be dead. As with most all job ideas, though, Ben gives up by the end of the episode.
29 Jun. 1997
Electric Bike
Dr. Katz orders an electric bike in the mail, but Ben proceeds to break it upon using it.
6 Jul. 1997
Broadcaster Ben
Ben sees an ad for a broadcasting school audition and decides to try out, especially after Dr. Katz says he has a natural voice for radio. It's revealed that the school is a scam, however.
13 Jul. 1997
Trash Day
Dr. Katz rescues a chair that someone abandoned on the street, though he has second thoughts about keeping it and eventually tells Ben to take it to the dump. Ben encounters problems doing so, though.
27 Jul. 1997
Sharon Meyers
Dr. Katz gets a call from an old flame and patient Sharon Myers, whom he referred to another therapist because he felt unprofessional dating one of his patients. However, he does agree to a drink with Sharon to tell her that he can't start seeing her as a patient again.
3 Aug. 1997
Dr. Katz takes a mask-making class and Ben gets inspired to create his own. Additionally, Ben is disturbed about a dream he had: That he killed Dr. Katz.
10 Aug. 1997
Dr. Katz enlists Ben's help in reorganizing Katz's bedroom closet space. Ben schedules appointments for various closet companies. However, the company that Ben chose actually makes Katz's closet worse.
17 Aug. 1997
Wild Weekend
Ben gets the bug to be outdoors and asks Dr. Katz if they could do some camping and biking over the weekend. However, things don't pan out, and they end up staying home as usual, recording their "wild" weekend of pigging out on food and watching TV on Laura's camcorder.
24 Aug. 1997
Ben is runner-up in a contest to ride in a traffic helicopter. He hopes something will happen to the winner so he can take their place, and he even practices how he'll behave in the helicopter. But things go according to plan.
31 Aug. 1997
A story appears on the news about a balding man in his late forties breaking somebody's mailbox. Ben jumps to conclusions and thinks Dr. Katz performed the crime, and continues to think that, even after the real culprit was arrested.
7 Sep. 1997
Ben turns 25. Meanwhile, Laura rescues a baby bird and nurtures it in the office, eventually enlisting Ben's help when Dr. Katz doesn't want it disrupting himself or the patients.
14 Sep. 1997
Laura has been taking many afternoons off without saying where she's going. Dr. Katz and Ben are both naturally suspicious, and Ben sets out to be a detective to find out what she's been doing. He doesn't find anything in his "detective work", though; Laura admits she's been going to traffic school when confronted by Dr. Katz.

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