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15 Jun. 1998
Old Man
Ben wonders if Dr. Katz should think about retiring, as he seems to be slowing down. Ben tries to give Katz a hobby to pursue during his retirement: Painting.
22 Jun. 1998
Fanny Pack
Dr. Katz starts using a fanny pack to carry his personal belongings, but Ben makes fun of how it looks. Eventually, Ben ruins his fanny pack when he packs Dr. Katz's lunch in it but neglects to put the food in wrapping first.
29 Jun. 1998
Dr. Katz and Ben begin drinking more coffee than usual. The side effects eventually catch up with Ben, as he doubles over in stomach pain.
6 Jul. 1998
Dr. Katz and Ben become addicted to movie-going and try to break the habit by episode's end. Meanwhile, Ben pesters Laura because he noticed her on a date at the movies and wants to know if she's in a serious relationship with said guy.
13 Jul. 1998
Dr. Katz is pulled over for running a stop sign and given a ticket. Ben vows to fight the ticket in court, taking hundreds of photos of the stop sign, claiming it was concealed by tree leaves. However, on their way to court to fight the ticket, Ben is pulled over, and realizes he doesn't have his license on him. He wants to switch seats with Dr. Katz but he refuses. The episode ends with their nervous chatter with the cop. Meanwhile, Laura dates a dentist, but breaks it up because as a dentist, he was always asking her to smile.
20 Jul. 1998
Phone Luv
Ben gets infatuated with a woman named Cindy from TelePurchases, whom he talks to on the phone and buys products from. Dr. Katz tries to convince Ben that Cindy isn't really interested in him as a boyfriend, but merely as a loyal customer.
27 Jul. 1998
Chain Letter
Ben receives a chain letter and frets about it, despite advice from both Dr. Katz and Laura that chain letters are a huge waste of time. Meanwhile, Dr. Katz sets up a retirement fund for Laura, though she wants the money now.
3 Aug. 1998
Babysitting Ben
Ben babysits neighbor Mrs. Shields's four year old son Jeffrey for an hour. Meanwhile, Laura tells Dr. Katz that someone called the office with a death threat for Katz. It turns out the individual wasn't being literal, though.
10 Aug. 1998
Miles Away
Ben is set to visit his cousin, Sarah, in another city. However, Ben barely sees Sarah during his stay, as she's either at work or out with friends. Being alone in a big house and bored out of his mind, Ben comes home a day early.
17 Aug. 1998
London Broil
Dr. Katz and Ben become addicted to making clue games, where one person writes clues and the other person has to decipher them, step-by-step, to find a particular item.
24 Aug. 1998
Feng Shui
Ben has another new fad: Feng shui. He compares and contrasts to Laura, who also practices feng shui. Eventually, Ben gives it up because the wind chimes he bought drive him nuts.
21 Sep. 1998
Dr. Katz is dismayed to learn that the alderman he voted for is corrupt. Ben decides that he'll be Dr. Katz's campaign manager, despite that Katz has no intentions of running for alderman.
28 Sep. 1998
Dr. Katz and Ben think someone is trying to break into their apartment in the middle of the night. The next day, they put new locks on the door and bars on the windows. Eventually, they realize they're living in fear and stop being paranoid.
5 Oct. 1998
Dr. Katz realizes he'll have to dance at his niece's Rachel's wedding, and he can't dance. Katz asks Laura if she'll help him learn how to waltz, and once he pays her $200 and agrees not to touch her, she accepts. Meanwhile, Ben tries to help as well by renting Katz some instructional tapes on how to waltz, but is annoyed when Katz says he already learned how to waltz from Laura.
12 Oct. 1998
Dr. Katz tells Ben that his 25th wedding anniversary is coming up. Ben realizes that he's 25 himself, and concludes he must've been born out of wedlock. Dr. Katz reassures him that he meant it was his 26th anniversary.
19 Oct. 1998
Community Theater
Dr. Katz is set to audition for a play called "Love's Retreat". He practices with Ben, as well as Stan and Julie at the bar. However, at the audition, he gets the giggles and doesn't get the part.
26 Oct. 1998
David Stanick, an old adversary, calls Dr. Katz out of the blue and challenges him to a ping-pong match. On the day of the game, David calls up and cancels.
23 Nov. 1998
Dr. Katz's ex-wife, Roz, is coming over for Thanksgiving dinner. Ben invites Laura as well. Ben burns the turkey so the four of them have microwavable dinners for Thanksgiving instead.

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