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Season 5

23 Sep. 1998
Bill Moves On
After Bill's funeral, the staff deals with their grief. Catherine comes back to read some private messages as part of Bill's last will. Matthew wants to believe Bill is still alive and traveling the world.
7 Oct. 1998
Meet the Max Louis
Dave thinks its time to hire Bills replacement. When the staff resists he considers going with a long time friend of Bill, Max Louis. As it turns out, Max is a horrible radio personality and gets fired from every job he has. Joe needs to fix all the computers in preparation for Y2K. Electronics around the office randomly explode.
14 Oct. 1998
Lucky Burger
Matthew does what he can to get Max fired. Lisa goes undercover to investigate a fast food restaurant.
21 Oct. 1998
Dave is more stressed than usual, so Joe decides to make him a white noise machine for relaxation. Dave loves it and eventually becomes so mellow he refuses to work. Max infringes on Lisa's special show "This Day in History" by broadcasting ridiculous live interviews with historical figures and twisting of facts.
28 Oct. 1998
Flowers for Matthew
Matthew becomes brilliant after drinking Joes Brain milkshake.
4 Nov. 1998
Mr. James is arrested and held for possibly being the legendary bank robber D.B. Cooper, and while he's out his office has called in Johnny Johnson to fill his place, much to Mr. James' dismay; Johnson quickly makes positive impressions on the staff. Afraid Lisa is uncovering to much damning evidence on Mr. James, he assigns Matthew to the story.
11 Nov. 1998
The Lam
With Mr. James on the loose after breaking out of prison, Dave and Lisa must try to get the green duffel bag away from Johnny Johnson, which is made harder since Lisa has the hots for Johnny. The rest of the staff refuses to believe Johnny is evil.
24 Nov. 1998
Clash of the Titans
After beating the D.B. Cooper case in court, Mr. James comes back to find he cannot get rid of Johnny since he was made CEO in Mr. James' absence. Now the staff and Mr. James must find a way to get back Jimmy's empire.
9 Dec. 1998
Max tries to help Lisa with her speech impediment and accidentally uncovers her hidden Boston accent.
15 Dec. 1998
Spooky Rapping Crypt
Beth and Mr. James clash over employee profit-sharing. After undergoing hypnosis, Matthew believes he endured Satanic ritual abuse from Lisa.
5 Jan. 1999
Joe and Beth paint a self-expression mural in the lobby. Max insists that Mr. James' security consultant is an impostor. Matthew wears the same outfit as Lisa to the office.
12 Jan. 1999
Dave and Lisa fight over a new apartment, and once the land lady tells them she needs one reference from each, they immediately go to Mr. James, whom lets the staff decide. To spice up the "crappy" WNYX website, Joe sets up a webcam in the break room.
2 Feb. 1999
Wanting to leave a lasting legacy, Mr. James proposes to build two 200 hundred story buildings shaped like his initials. Freaking out over turning 30, Matthew shows up to work dressed and acting like a British punk rocker, rebelling against society.
9 Feb. 1999
Mr James wants to do business with a computer billionaire, but is shocked when he finds the man has casual clothing, a beard, and long hair. Joe takes Jimmy on a hypnotic psychoanalysis to find he's terrified of hippies ever since his violent experience back in 68.
16 Feb. 1999
Lisa discovers her contract allows her to have an assistant. When the new gal shows up looking hot and acting flirty, the boys go crazy and the women get irritated. Max is upset the women have a couch in their rest room and demands the same. Things get ugly when Jimmy overdoes the mens room and people cant agree to the rules of its use.
23 Feb. 1999
Matthew finds Mr. James' evil nemesis who almost put him away in Federal prison and stole his company, Johnny Johnson, a homeless wino living in a subway station. Johnny claims to no longer be evil and seeks to still marry Lisa.
2 Mar. 1999
During Lisa and Johnny's wedding, which Dave strongly opposes, Johnny is arrested for theft. Lisa must decide whether to stay married to him.
9 Mar. 1999
Max threatens to quit, but nobody takes him serious since Beth tells them it's just a ploy to get her to go out with him. Lisa wants to hybrid her last name with Johnny's last name, but most of the staff has different ideas.
13 Apr. 1999
Padded Suit
Angry nobody even pretends to do their job and ignores him, Dave plans on firing somebody. Max and Matthew get Joe to teach him his special blend of forms of karate, called Joe-Jitsu. Displeased with how Mother's Day cheapens motherhood, Mr. James goes on a mission to destroy Mother's Day.
20 Apr. 1999
Freaky Friday
Matthew and Mr. James switch jobs for a day and Dave bans Max from the kitchen.
27 Apr. 1999
Mr. James announces he's retiring and moving to a big cabin in New Hampshire. Matthew worries that once Mr. James is gone, Dave will fire him, and immediately starts getting paranoid. Lisa plans a going away party, which Dave believes is a waste of time and that Mr. James is just pulling another one of his crazy schemes.
4 May 1999
New Hampshire
In the series finale, Jimmy James shock jocks WNYX by returning from his titanic retirement cabin. Homesick James adores his farm's pet sounds, but pines for the blue, flaming news zoo's beastly noise, and Dave's mom. To shed his two-tone mourning jacket, he begs Dave to run his new tiny, tinny New Hampshire radio station. But now, ex-cheese-head Dave loves the Big Apple, and gets an evil urge to unload cat-loving Matthew via bait and switch. Will other news crew kiss off the great escape artist's golden call of the wild to his green acres ? Is this an alien ...

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