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A fun show that wasn't given much of a chance
Pegapus26 September 2006
We've seen bad shows last long times on TV, but too few really different shows get much of a chance, especially when they're on a new network. This UPN series has a bit of a dark core, but didn't get much respect at the fledgling network. In addition, some of the dialogue was a bit more grown-up than other shows, so it was never going to be a lead-in show. One could only have hoped that Pig Sty had greater exposure before a final decision to kill it went into effect.

It was positioned right after Star Trek: Voyager, which was a good opener, but the style of the show did not fit the audience that preceded it. I don't think that UPN had much of a sense of programming strategy early on, so there was never a lot of compatibility between shows on a given night. A night of all sitcoms might have been a better bet. It's interesting to see that most of the regular actors on the show did manage to move on to other projects, but there was a certain amount of chemistry in Pig Sty that will never be matched.

Even the title of the show showed a bold move--of course it reminded me of my own housekeeping habits!!
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This show was great
Narpn6 May 2004
Friends has to be one of the most over-rated sitcoms of all time. And the sad part is that UPN's PIG STY took a simular concept and made a much, much better series.

PIG STY was laugh out loud hilarious, and far superior to the more successful FRIENDS.

It's really a shame. PIG STY was a victim of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. It was UPN's first season. As a new network few were watching them. Only STAR TREK VOYAGER survived that inaugural season. The tragedy is if PIG STY had aired on NBC or ABC it would have been a huge hit.

Tonight the final FRIENDS airs. I could care less. I wish PIG STY had landed that plum spot on NBC's schedule and FRIENDS had aired on UPN. Then we'd all be celebrating PIG STY's long run, and not the vastly inferior FRIENDS.
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One Of My Favorite Shows Ever
ozzy249 July 2004
When people ask me what my favorite show is i always mention Pig Sty. Even though it only lasted 13 episodes, i thought the characters were great and the plots were funny.

I wish that this show went on one of the big 4, instead of UPN because it wasn't given a fair chance. I once saw the ratings breakdown for the show and it usually was in the 45-65 range, which for a startup station I would assume isn't that bad. I think a lot of the reason for the show being there might had to do with the Star Trek lead in, but looking at ratings for the crap UPN has put on since, this would still be one of there top rated shows.

From the 2 posts above it gets mentioned that this show was like an all-male version of friends, i agree, but on this show i could actually relate to all the guys in some shape or form.

I am just happy that i started taping this show during it's run, because to this day i still pull out the tapes i have of the show every 6 months or so and watch the 9 episodes i got taped(if i could only find those other 4 somehow).

I really think UPN missed the boat on this one, if they left the show on air for a season or 2 more i think they the show would become more popular and they could have had a mild hit(to their standards) that they could have built there station around.
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