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Grey’s Anatomy Season 15 Is About To Bring On A Fourth Derek Shepherd Sister

  • OnTheFlix
Happy Thursday, Grey's Anatomy fans. We have some pretty interesting news for you guys in this report. According to the folks over at Entertainment Weekly, we're about to see Grey's Anatomy introduce yet another Derek Shepherd sister into the mix! That's right, guys. This new sister will be named Kathleen Shepherd. Kathleen is currently scheduled to be introduced in a season 15 episode that revolves around character Amelia Shepherd. Entertainment Weekly pointed out that the other Derek Shepherd sisters who have appeared in the past are: Liz Shepherd played by actress Neve Campbell and Nancy Shepherd played by actress Embeth Davitz. Kathleen's existence was first mentioned way, way back in season 3. Now, we're finally going to get to meet her! The only other information that Entertainment Weekly had to share about this new Kathleen Shepherd sister is that she also has a doctorate. She's a psychiatrist. We also know who has
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Yarn App: Marvel Characters Take Flight On Mammoth Media’s Mobile-Device Storytelling Platform

  • Deadline
Through a new partnership with Marvel Entertainment, Mammoth Media’s storytelling app Yarn will offer dozens of new adventures featuring Marvel superheroes such as Spider-Man, Black Panther, Captain America, Iron Man, the Avengers and the Guardians of the Galaxy.

The first batch of Marvel stories will be available today on Yarn, which reaches millions of primarily young users with Mammoth’s new-tech storytelling approach, which the company frames as “interactive multimedia micro-entertainment.”

The upshot of that terminology: Marvel fans with Yarn will get the consumer experience of engaging their favorite Marvel characters from film and television through their mobile device with phone texts and an interactive narrative. That narrative is rooted in the illusion that the Yarn user is personally interacting with the heroes.

Yarn has become a dominant destination in widening field of mobile storytelling, with more than 100 million stories read to date. Yarn is popular among Millennials (18-
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Instrumental Smosh Executive Barry Blumberg Joins Mobile Content Company Mammoth Media

Between 2006 and 2017, Barry Blumberg played an integral role in the development of Smosh, which began as two guys making silly videos in a bedroom and evolved into a full-fledged network of comedic content. Blumberg left his post as Chief Content Officer of Defy Media last year, leaving us wonder what he would do next.

Now we know. According to Variety, Blumberg has been working since February as the Chief Content Officer of Mammoth Media, a mobile media company that has launched multiple apps aimed at Gen Z consumers.

As Mammoth's Cco, Blumberg will oversee the company's content operations, which will be spread across multiple platforms. Mammoth's Wishbone app is based around polls, while its Yarn app is one of several up-and-coming apps that features "chat stories" -- fast-paced narratives that are displayed as message threads.

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'American Idol' Season 16's Britney Holmes Overcame Cancer to Become an Early 'Idol' Frontrunner

Singing competition show American Idol just returned to television for its 16th season on March 11, but fans already seem to have a frontrunner in mind: Britney Holmes. In fact, they've been rooting for her for months now… ABC, Idol's new network, actually aired Britney's audition back in November. During the 2017 American Music Awards, the show's judges introduced the Idol aspirants they thought deserved a second chance, and Britney was Katy Perry's choice. "I met this incredible young lady in Nashville," the Witness singer said. "She came to audition, and she had an incredible voice." After that lofty praise, it was Britney's time to shine. She launched into a soulful rendition of James Bay's hit "Let It Go," and the performance was enough to put her over the top in the subsequent viewer vote! During the Dancing With the Stars finale a day after the AMAs, Lionel Richie announced
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Win movie merchandise with Monster Family

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Monster Family is in cinemas and on Sky Cinema now. To celebrate the release of the film, Sky Cinema is giving away a fun filled pack, that includes a T-shirt, colouring book, fidget spinner, pencil case and more!

This truly global family adventure features an all-star voice cast, including Emily Watson (On Chesil Beach), Jason Isaacs (The Death of Stalin), Nick Frost (The Huntsman: Winter’s War), Jessica Brown Findlay (Downton Abbey), Celia Imrie (Bridget Jones’s Diary) and Catherine Tate (Doctor Who).

Based on David Safier’s best-selling novel, Monster Family follows the very much unhappy Wishbone clan, Frank, Emma and their kids Max and Fay – under pressure and constantly at each other’s throats.

When they are cursed by an evil witch and transformed into their own monstrous party costumes, they must pull together to battle real-life beasts; reverse the curse; and prove that even a vampire, a mummy,
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Every Supernatural Fan Needs to See This Insane Jensen Ackles Supercut

  • BuzzSugar
We don't know how someone managed to get ahold of footage from every one of Jensen Ackles's TV and movie roles, but we're glad they did. Everything from his onscreen debut in a 1996 episode of Wishbone to his stint on Dawson's Creek is featured in this video from YouTube user GreenCircles. There's even a particularly curious short film starring Ackles being beat up by some giant testicles included in the supercut. I'm not making this up, I promise. Of course, there's a ton of Supernatural action, too. Take a look!
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Watch: 'Wishbone' Gets Edgy Reboot

Watch: 'Wishbone' Gets Edgy Reboot
The Internet is a machine that reminds its users that the 1990s happened, and its main goal is to tackle each and every single thing that happened in those ten years through an ironic lens. As such, it was only a matter of time before the classic PBS show "Wishbone" was parodied on Funny Or Die.

Only this time, the Jack Russell terrier's adventures go decidedly darker. We definitely didn't ever expect Wishbone to provide more kid friendly dramatizations of books by authors who are a bit darker than Charles Dickens or Mark Twain. Although we do admit that we'd be interested in seeing an entire episode of "The Road" with Wishbone.

But really, why not a real reboot of Wishbone starring Uggie? Make it happen, Hollywood.
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Celebrity Biography: Jensen Ackles

  • PopStar
Jensen Ross Ackles was born on 1 March 1978 in Dallas, Texas. He is of Irish, Scots and English ancestry. Jensen's parents were going to name him Justin, but settled on Jensen as it wasn't too well known a name. He attended Dartmouth Elementary, Richardson, Texas and graduated from Lloyd Berkner High School, Richardson, Texas in 1996. He is 6' 1" and his height has been the brunt of many a joke in Supernatural. An avid sportsplayer, keen on Lacrosse and baseball, he had aspired to become a sports therapist and wanted to study Sports Medicine at Texas Tech University. Jensen's father, Alan Ackles is also an actor and his mother is Donna. He has an older brother, Josh and a younger sister, Mackenzie. Jensen's Texan accent comes and goes, but is especially strong when he's back home. At the tender age of 2, he began modelling and appeared in such commercials for Wal-Mart, Radio Shack and Nabisco.
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'The Three Musketeers': It's one for all and all for explosions

'The Three Musketeers': It's one for all and all for explosions
Alexandre Dumas was a master of French literature, a prolific author who penned at least two monumental classics, and one of the most influential individuals of mixed-raced ancestry of his time. Paul W.S. Anderson directed Mortal Kombat and Resident Evil. It’s a match made in heaven! There has already been approximately one adaptation of The Three Musketeers for each of the book’s ~700 pages — and that’s not even including Wishbone — but Anderson clearly hopes to bring his own personal action-packed, people-sliding-on-their-knees-and-ducking-backwards-while-shooting style of filmmaking to the classic tale of Athos, Porthos, Aramis, and d’Artagnan. Orlando Bloom, Anderson’s wife Milla Jovovich,
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