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"GUILTY! I CONFESS! We watched "WISHBONE" at Police Headquarters, Missing Persons Bureau!! " So whatta they gonna do,send me to see "Old Sparky ? (The Electric Chair)
redryan642 November 2007
During my tenure of 35 years with the Chicago Police Department, the assignments that varied greatly in duties, responsibilities and type of "terrain" covered. The varied assignments were in some of the most poverty stricken, crime ridden neighborhoods to "blowing a whistle" as a Loop Traffic Cop and from attending to Juveniles in the School Unit to "Tracer of Lost Persons" in the Missing Persons Bureau.

During my last assignment, it was in Missings because of medical problems, rheumatoid arthritis and congestive heart failure. This required confinement to the office or 'desk duties', and is called "Light Duty".

Well, I do confess that we would turn on a Television Set during quiet afternoon times, as it didn't interfere with work and actually made things run more smoothly. Favourites during that period included "SEINFELD"(daily reruns), Baseball, Football, Basketball, Hockey, "Mystery Science Theatre 3000" and "WISHBONE". Yeah, "WISHBONE", wanna make something' of it? We stumbled onto it quite by accident, for no one knew it from our home TV viewing, as no one in the office had young kids at home. There were some grandchildren of some of our gang, but no kids of the right age for such programming.

So, the Cops at Chicago Police HQ became fans of this little (what is he, Jack Russell Terrier, Rat Terrier, what?) pooch with the Ronald Coleman voice and the love for great literature. Hardly a Saturday Afternoon at the Bureau would pass-by without Wishbone being present.

The Creators and Production Team did an excellent job in providing a character and series which is interesting, educational, amusing and highly informative. And just who wood have thought that such a highly successful feature would emerge from the meeting up of works of literature and the fantasies of somebody's pet pooch?

Boy, I sure can't wait to be a Grandfather!!!!
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I love this show!!
PhotoLover6 August 1999
This is a wonderful show!! And it's not hard to see why. You have a cute little doggie who dresses up in wonderfully made costumes (who's a better actor than a lot of humans) that acts out fantastic classic literature. It's a great show that gets kids to want to read, and gets adults want to read some classic books again. Another cool thing about the show is that it doesn't have commercials and at the end it takes a look at behind-the-scenes so that kids can see what it takes to put a show together. It's definently one of the best children's shows on TV!

P.S.- My favorite episode is the one where Penny comes to visit Wishbone and he tells her about Don Quixote and other great stories.
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I Used To Love This Show
Ginger8721 August 2004
I remember watching this show when I was in seven years old. I used to run home from school just to watch it along with "Where In The World Is Carmen San Diego". I loved this show.

My favorite character was Wishbone he was so cute and such a good host. I also liked Joe and when I got older I thought he was cute. My favorite episode is when Wishbone acts out "The Phantom of the Oprah". That was great. I also liked the episode when Wishbone acted out "Romeo and Juliet". This even helped me in High School.

Overall I really enjoyed this show and it was to bad that it was canceled. I give this show 9/10 stars and suggest everybody should watch it.
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Thank You Wishbone
TheUltimatePixy23 June 2001
I became hooked on this show in thrid grade instantly, after I saw a poster of the dog in my library. The first reason I watched it was because it's star is a dog, and I was and still am obsessed with dogs.

I watched it every afternoon while I did my homework, and I knew more and more literature classics. I would know the plot of a book by heart, even some books that even my parents hadn't read!!

Instead of plodding around with Barbies and hairbows like most girls my age were, I spent my time I at the library, thirsty to read the full versions of the books acted out on the show. Today, I have a high adult reading level, and an even bigger curiosity for more books.

Wishbone taught me a lot! It whetted my interest in reading. Before I watched the show, the most advanced book I had was a dumbed down version of the Prince And The Pauper. But imagine me, as a fourth grader, reading Pride And Predjudice and understanding it completely. Or reading Faust, and crying cause I understanded. And the greatest thing about Wishbone was it didn't hold back. Disney movies often take a story, and soften it up for the younger audience. Wishbone, however, did the book to the fullest and most accurate extent it could in it's 30 min time slot. A good example is a Tale Of Two Cities. A guy volunteers to give his life so the woman he adores can spend her life with the convicted person she loves! I cried when I saw this, but that's not a bad thing. It made me go out and read the book. Disney, as I would imagine, would have probably made everything end in a nice package, with the angry french revolution mob forgiving everybody, and then it would end in a big musical spectacular. Oh, oh! And they would add a talking poodle for comic relief. See my point?

I'll cease to end this rant. And I also wanna sincerely thank the show for getting me to read The Phantom Of The Opera! My well worn copy of the book is my favorite tome!

And to top it off, the show does a behind the scenes clip at the end of eacxh episode, encouraging kids to gain interest in theatre, special FX, directing, etc. And it encouraged children to go read and find a new world of excitment, instead of playing some crappy ass video game!

I love you Wishbone!
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So, What's the Story?
Baravelli_the_ice_lady17 September 2005
Filled with wit, wisdom and a great showcase of classic literature, "Wishbone" is one of those shows that just will not be repeated. It will not be topped, in any form or fashion. It was a highlight of my childhood, and I hope that someday it will be a joy for my own children.

It was the 1990s, an era when children's programming was beginning to wisen up and realize that kids needed to learn more than just numbers, letters and how to play fair. "Lamb Chop's Play-Along" was teaching kids origami and magic tricks; "Magic School Bus" and "Bill Nye the Science Guy" were enlightening us to the wonderful worlds of science and nature; and "Wishbone" was covering a previously-unharvested part of the learning landscape, literature.

In a world where the average child would've been far more content to play Nintendo than crack open Charles Dickens, the clever Jack Russell terrier, Wishbone, was sharing classic stories in a fresh and exciting manner, and instilling a fascination for books into the new generation. But what made "Wishbone" work so well was that it was not only educational, it was INTERESTING. It grabbed your attention with an exciting story that didn't necessarily seem like school stuff. It was a charming, endearing program that has certainly--in my opinion--lasted the test of time.

I'm a young woman now, and for a lark I went and popped in my old "Wishbone" VHS. It made me interested in classic literature all over again. I suppose that ought to indicate SOMETHING. Now let's give a big cheer for the little dog who taught us all how to love reading. WHOOCHA!
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Good children's show...
MovieAddict201612 February 2004

Fine TV series about a small lap dog with a patch on his eyes who likes to read and act out famous works of literature in his own mind, with him as the characters of the story (example: he is Sherlock Holmes in "The Hound of the Baskervilles). Surprisingly entertaining, and educational for the kids. The pro-book message comes across a little strong (do they mistake kids for completely naive idiots?), but it's a fun TV show with a nice doggy as the main character. I actually enjoy watching some of the older stories acted out by the pooch--who would have ever thought so?

Rated TVG--appropriate for all ages.
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Ah, Memories!!!!
bayardhiler3 November 2013
Nothing brings back nostalgia of being a kid when you catch a glimpse of a favorite show you used to watch during days gone by. Just the other day, I was on you tube, one thing lead to another and before I knew it, I came across an episode of one of my all time favorite shows, "Wishbone". It aired on PBS and everyday after school I would rush home to see it for a good story and a few needed laughs. Every episode, that adorable dog would take you, the viewer, on a journey through some of the best literature ever written, from "Phantom of the Opera" to "A Tale of Two Cities" and from "Don Quixote" to "Sleepy Hollow" presenting them as close to the original story as was possible to do in thirty minutes.

Of course, there was a bit of comedy here and there as Wishbone would often play one of the main characters from the story, dressed up in dog size clothes and all while offering us some insightful and at times humorous narration, done by the excellent Larry Brantley. But it wasn't just the literature stories that made the show great; "Wishbone" also took place in the real world, where Wishbone was the pet of Joe Talbot and his mother, Ellen. Often times the story that Wishbone picked would correspond to an important life lesson, be it falling in love or settling one's difference. In other words, it was a well rounded show that inspired kids to read while providing them with important lessons for life. "Wishbone" is a show that I wish one could still find readily available but sadly after the show ended in 1999, it eventually stopped being shown on most PBS stations and apart from a few episodes being released on VHS and possibly DVD, you won't find it at any video stores.

Despite winning several emmys for production values, the show has really seemed to have dropped off the face of the earth, including many of the actors, a real shame as many of them were quite good (the actress who played the mother has been in quite a few small roles since the show ended but there's still not much info about her). It all saddens me a bit because I feel that the show would really benefit our country today, what with all the kids playing video games and falling behind in subjects like reading comprehension. About the only thing I can offer you as far as seeing an episode is through you tube, though I'm not sure how many episodes are available there. Maybe some day someone from PBS will wise up and realize the potential in releasing the whole series on DVD. Until then, if you are lucky enough to catch an episode somehow and you're looking for some sweet memories or if you have a child and you're looking for an excellent educational program for them, don't pass up the chance. And RIP to Soccer the dog who played Wishbone and in the process, captured our hearts and made the world a better place for us kids.

P.S. The episode I saw on you tube was the one about "Sleepy Hollow", my personal favorite and I believe that the one about "The Time Machine" is uploaded as well. Happy Hunting!
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My Favorite Show Growing Up
patrickmgaddis29 January 2016
Warning: Spoilers
Joe Talbot and his widowed mother Ellen live in a neighborhood in the town of Oakdale. Joe has a Jack Russel Terrier named was Wishbone who narrates the show and tells a well known story each episode that relates to what the characters are going through each episode with Wishbone playing characters in each story he tells. Each episode flashes back and forth between Wishbone's stories and the characters' situations.

Joe and his friends, Sam and David find themselves in situations each episode. Ellen's best friend and neighbor is Wanda Gilmore {Gilmore seems to be a popular name in television.} Wanda is obsessed with gardening and preserving the town's history and is the head of the Oakdale Historical Society. Her pet peeve is when Wishbone digs up her garden.

I was born the same year Wishbone first aired, but my sister watched it and as I got older I watched it. My favorite episode still to this day is when Joe, Sam and David save their favorite tree with a tire swing from a greedy developer and it becomes part of the park.

My cousin was in one of the episodes where she played a maid in one of the Wishbone stories, but I cannot reveal her name because she doesn't want me to.

If I could give 1,000,000 stars I would.
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Great for any age
short_dancer313 October 2008
I love Wishbone!!! I've never stopped loving Wishbone. Even after all these years, I still take half an hour out of my busy afternoon to sit down and watch Wishbone. I loved how even though this was a children's show, the creators didn't "pretty up" the classic stories and told them exactly how they were. They did that tastefully and carefully. The characters were all believable and the setting, as well. Even parents who sit down with their children to watch this show will not be bored and might even enjoy it even more than their child. This show also dealt with real life problems like lying, stealing, and a love note gone awry. This show should be available to children for years to come.
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wzevonfan17 August 2007
Wishbone was one of those educational yet fun and action packed shows of my childhood in the mid 90's. I couldn't get enough of these shows. Wishbone made George Washington Irving, Charles Dickens, Mark Twain, and even Greek Mythology an adventure, and encouraged children to crack open a book. The show was a wholesome, well-rounded, educational show that was fun to watch. I'll never forget the Legend of the Creepy Dog collars episode, or the one when Wishbone explores the Japanese Heaven. Unfourtunatley, most children's programs I see today are just meant to make kids laugh, and send a shallow message. I am proud to say I grew in a time when children shows were in their prime. Wishbone is no exception.
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An Excellent Educational Children's Show
punkgurl36667 September 2003
I remember watching this when I was younger and loving it. I first came across it when I was flicking through the channels and seeing a talking dog. At that age, I was obsessed with dogs and a talking one was even better. That's when I became hooked.

Wishbone is the story of a very imaginative Jack Russel terrier named . . . Wishbone who lives with his owners, Joe and his mother Karen Talbot. Wishbone loves literature and in each episode, he imagines himself in a classic novel/play/myth while there is a modern day version of it is going on in real life.

The good part about this show was that when I came home from school every day is was on at like 4:30 pm. Also, I always wondered why Joe's father was never around. It's good to see a single parent house hold on a children's show. And, recently, I found out that my favorite "Daily Show" correspondent Mo Rocca (love of my life) was a writer on this show and that Amy Acker (now Fred on "Angel", I love that show) worked on here. Pretty interesting.

If you have young kids between the ages 6-12, I definatly recommend this show. They won't be disappointed.
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Librarian recommended
Screen-715 April 2011
As a librarian, I highly recommend this series. Children will watch the show for the entertainment value but get a dose of literary education.

For a series that promotes classic literature, it has a very light feel. Something like what kids might watch on the Disney channel with the hyperactivity dialed down a little. I find it watchable as an adult.

Unlike modern talking animal shows, it doesn't use any computer effects. The voice of the dog is dubbed as thoughts. I think this simple approach is charming but kids highly accustomed to CGI _might_ find it cheesy.

I deduct one star because the series is starting to look dated. I wish the producers would release all the shows on DVD before they become outdated.
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My favorite when i was little!
leader-1623 June 2008
I loved this TV show when i was little, it was just magical for me, nothing bad about this show. Acting was great, I loved the storyline, goes into books, haves adventures, then things outside of the book. I watched this show everyday when it was on, its still on now, and i got back into it, i cant believe how i grew up watching such a excellent show.

10 out of 10

This show is a classic

Little kids will love it

It will always be my favorite show
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Jarek-619 September 1999
I was so lucky to catch an episode of this show (The Tempest). My brother and I liked it, so we started watching it on a regular basis. I'm so glad that they started making new episodes a couple years back. I wish they would do it again.
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One of the best PBS shows since Reading Rainbow
Spike-Washington2 July 2018
A Jack Russell terrier and lots of classic novels by the likes of HG Wells, Washington Irving, Victor Hugo, Charles Dickens, Mark Twain, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, and even ancient mythology. Is there any sweeter sign? Maybe there is on PBS when you're watching dogs narrate adventures. It's even relatable to kids on everyday struggles like what Wishbone does with his human family and all their friends and fellows. I started watching the show again on YouTube just to get a refresher and it didn't disappoint. Some of the major characters from the books included Robin Hood and Joan of Arc (the latter was real). And this delivered. For those of you who haven't seen it, you should; it's fun!
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wishbone series on DVD
dmbridges028 September 2009
I have been searching and begging for wishbone to be out on on DVD already. i hope that everyone who can will email those with control over this issue.people who agree with me, most probably think im crazy, need to get up there to those people and have these made. i want my children to have a positive outlook on history and classic literature. this show is the reason im a writer and history major! we need wishbone to come back as soon as possible. i hope their are a few people out there who listen to me and do their best to influence others so that this can be done.this show is way to important to let die without being able to take it home.
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So GooD...
ponyboys-girl8 January 2007
Warning: Spoilers
I hate that this show got canceled. It was great. I love it. My favorite episode is Romeo ad Juliet. It was the first version I ever saw of it and the only till middle school and then I could relate it back to wish bone. It is one of the best kids show I ever seen. It is right up there with the popular Aurthur. If you ever get a chance to watch you should ,and the books are really good too if you ever see any of them. Wishbone is really cute too and the cast does a good job too for the time. The only thing is that many actors double up as characters. Still one of the best ever and worthy to remember. It is funny as well as educational.
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What's the story, indeed!
miles-husoy26 June 2006
Wishbone was a wonderful show. It didn't last long and it didn't get much media attention. That's awful! Wishbone (the dog) was so cute and he had quite an imagination for literary works. The children were also talented and well-behaved. Wishbone was a well-produced, high-talent show, and it was MUCH better than Sesame Street or Barney. Additionally, I'm glad to see that some episodes have been released on DVD. I hope to track them down and actually hope that PBS will see it in their heart to release more of them (or even the whole series - in fact, when will they wake up and release Square One TV or Mathnet?). I hope that within the next ten years, Wishbone will still have people talking.
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Wishbone a first rate Shakespearian
Abby-924 February 1999
I saw Rosie, O! Rosie, O! today and was impressed and delighted by the Wishbone version of Romeo, just as when he played Prince Hal in Henry IV. In fact, I had been amazed at what an excellent Prince Hal he made and was inspired to go back to the original text because he got me so involved. The ensemble that acts with Wishbone is also impressive.

The kennel in today's show looked like the kennel where I met my dog Max. Max, however, slept through the story.
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Whats The Story Wishbone
samcracc6 October 2007
I have seen the series and they are excellent. There was a place called Oakdale and there was a Jack Russel Terroir named who tells the stories in his imagination from a book. Bruno Nusen's dog is a very nasty dog that messes up peoples area. It was in an episode called Hercles Unleashed when Wishbone's bone is missing. Larry Brantley has done a great job of Wishbone's voice. These are very perfect characters for every story in every episode of Wishbone. Soccer the dog, Bear the dog, Pheobe the dog, and Slugger the dog are perfect dogs for Wishbone. This show is excellent you will like this show, Oakdale, the stories, and even Wishbone the dog.
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