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Alien prequel: Alien Paradise, casting and plot rumours, now just one film?

Lots of Alien prequel tittle-tattle: it might be just one film now, and we've got casting, plot and title rumours, too...

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Alien Paradise. If the latest rumours coming in from the Us are true, that's the full name for Ridley Scott's previously untitled Alien prequel.

We've soaked up much of the news and hearsay regarding Scott's franchise revisit so far, but this one in particular fills us with horror of entirely the wrong sort, and we sincerely hope that the rumours, which arrive courtesy of Vulture, aren't true.

Alien Paradise. Say it out loud a couple of times, as we already have. What's next? Alien Rainbows? Alien Love Bubble? It has all the wrong connotations. That is, unless Scott intends to set the movie on a gorgeous tropical island, with Giger's hideous beasts leaping out of palm trees at
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