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Watch: Full Length Filmmaker Docs On John Cassavetes & Sam Fuller

It’s Friday and a long holiday weekend is just around the corner. Why not start it off right with a couple of cool documentaries on a couple of cool directors? After all, the new season “Arrested Development” doesn’t come until Sunday, so you've got some time. First up is a two-part documentary -- nearly 100 minutes total -- on John Cassavetes, “Anything For John.” It features interviews from many key collaborators like his wife/muse Gena Rowlands, Peter Falk and Seymour Cassel and focuses as much on his films as it does on the man himself. It’s a hugely informative film that we’d recommend for both Cassavetes fans and newbies alike. Next is a nearly hour-long documentary -- “The Typewriter, The Rifle and the Movie Camera” -- that focuses on “Shock Corridor” and “The Naked Kiss” director Samuel Fuller. Beginning from his time as a reporter, continuing
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