Billy Madison (1995) Poster


Josh Mostel: Principal Max Anderson


  • [Max meets Eric in the kitchen asking him where the bathroom is, then shows him a magazine with a cover of Max dressed in a wrestling outfit] 

    Eric : Hey, tubby, how about a little bathroom reading? I have the August 1983 issue of Wrestling World here. There's a terrific article about a wrestler named the Revolting Blob. Gee, you know somethin'? He kinda looks like someone I know.

    Principal Max Anderson : Where'd you get that?

    Eric : I have a subscription. Bad guy. He threw one opponent out of the ring and hit a bunch of senior citizens. Boy, this wacko looks familiar.

    Principal Max Anderson : What do I care about some stupid phony wrestling guy?

    Eric : My God! In June 1983 he sat on some guy's head and killed him.

    Principal Max Anderson : It was just a stunt! He was supposed to pinch my leg if he was running short of air.

    Eric : With this guy sitting on everyone's head, I wonder how he got his teaching degree.

    Principal Max Anderson : No! No, you can't do that to me. Those kids are my whole life!

    Eric : So you wouldn't want anything to happen that would make 'em think less of you?

    [then Max ignores Eric] 

    Eric : Max, are you ready to cooperate with me?

    Principal Max Anderson : [sobs]  Yes.

    Eric : Then Madison Hotels is as good as mine!

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