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Not as awesome as Bloodsport....but still good
Happy_Evil_Dude25 November 2006
Obviously, you will not like this movie if you did not like 1988's Bloodsport (though there ARE some cases where the sequel is better than the original). This review is thus addressed to those who liked Bloodsport and are wondering whether they should bother to watch Bloodsport II: The Next Kumite. My answer would be yes.

Sure, Jean-Claude Van Damme isn't here (Donald Gibb serves as the link between the two movies), but Daniel Bernhardt, as petty thief Alex Cardo who discovers the meaning of honor, makes for a likable, charismatic lead, who also bears somewhat of a resemblance with Jean-Claude.

Also interesting is the narration, told in flash-back by Alex Cardo's trainer, Master Sun (played by James Hong) to a throng of young disciples. In these moments in particular, Bloodsport II shows that it is completely aware of what kind of movie it is, that it does not aspire to be anything more, and even pokes fun at itself (see the excellent ending, for example).

In short, Bloodsport II: The Next Kumite is not as awesome as it's predecessor, but it does what it aspires to do: it gets the job done. The cinematography isn't as good here as the first time, making the fights less impressive, but they're good enough. The story and the fact that the movie changes location (from Hong Kong to Thailand), contribute to not make it a rehash of the original. The actors, from Daniel Bernhardt to Donald Gibb, passing by James Hong and Pat Morita, are just right. And just like in the first one, you may know exactly how it's going to end, but it's still a joy to watch.
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Very good! Good fighting scenes
alvsa8 April 1999
I can say this Bloodsport is as good as the first one but this has better fighting scenes. This has better fighting than 1 and 3. I haven't seen the fourth one though. Well all I can say is it's very good. Watch this movie because in my view it's worth watching.
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Not as good as the first one, but still good
sveknu12 May 2005
After watching "Bloodsport" and enjoying that movie to the fullest, I just had to watch the sequels too even though van Damme has nothing to do with them. Instead, Swiss Daniel Bernhardt takes the role of our fighting hero. In my opinion, he makes a really good replacement for van Damme. The fight scenes are really great in this movie too, and there are lots of it to make every martial arts fan out there satisfied. The villain in this movie, 'Demon', is unfortunately not nearly as interesting as Bolo Yeung's 'Chong-Li' was in the first. But that's a minor detail. But seriously, this "Iron-hand"-stuff should have been removed from the script. It was just too ridiculous in a movie that tries to be a bit realistic. On the upside: It was really cool to see that Donald Gibb returned as 'Jackson'.
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Surprisingly A Very Good Film!
callanvass18 February 2005
This is surprisingly a very good film, with some excellent fighting scenes. It's not really a sequel to Bloodsport, and by no means does it come close to matching it, however, it's highly enjoyable, with an excellent lead performance by Dainel Bernhardt. However, i found the main villain kinda weak, and he is no Bolo Yeung that's for sure, however he looked big, and was pretty menacing at times. The story is interesting, but the last fight, sucked!, and was way too short. The Directing, is good. Alan Mehrez, does a fairly good job here, with some neat shots here and there, and some cool shots during the fighting scenes, he did a decent job overall. The Acting is actually excellent. Dainel Bernhardt is AWESOME here!, he was great in the acting department!, in fact, he reminds me of Van Damme in a lot of ways!, he is also awesome in martial arts!, however the chemistry between him and Lori Lynn Dickerson was off!, but overall his performance was awesome! (Bernhardt Rules!). James Hong, is fabulous here, as Alex's Mentor and trainer!, and was really likable, he rocked!. Donald Gibb, is awesome here as Ray once again and he cracked me up. however he has a lot less to do this time. Lori Lynn Dickerson, is terrible as the love interest, and had no chemistry with Dainel what so ever!. Pat Morita, is great here with what he has to do. Ong Soo Han, is very good as the main villain, however his fighting skills did not impress me, and he just seemed like a big strong military guard!, that being said he did kick a lot of ass, and looked intense!. Ron Hall and Nicholas Hill are both very likable. Overall, i highly recommend this give it a shot!, just don't expect the greatness of Bloodsport. ***1/2 out of 5
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pretty cool sequel!
dark17147 April 2001
I just finished watching this movie right now, I've seen it a flew times now, and I like it, its a good martial arts movie, al still dosnt come close to the first Bloodsport, which is one of my favorite films of all time. its a should see this movie if you like movies like this......but, I gotta say, the guy who plays Alex is the best Van damme rip off I have ever seen!....I think they should make a new bloodsport , and call it, Bloodsport 5: the return of Frank Dux! lol, and have Van Damme fight this guy that trys to imitate him in these movies! That would be funny!
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Its like Mortal Kombat but without the costumes
shaolinmasterkev9 June 2018
This is basically a realistic documentary on the totally real Kumite that totally happened in real life! wow! basically its like Mortal Kombat but without the costumes...

Actors: Although it doesn't have the classic fued between Van Damn and Bolo Yeung, it does have Donald Gibb. The new guy Daniel Bernhardt does a good job.

Fight Scenes: The fights are well done and the actors are athletic.

Music: Sounds somewhere in between Mortal Kombat and salsa dancing music.

Philosophy: To own something one must earn it, not steal it...or maybe both?

Conclusive Thoughts: The characters are not as interesting, one guy had clown style makeup on while fighting the first female warrior allowed in the tournament. The fight scenes with the generic fighters combined with the Mortal Kombat Salsa music worked well together. A backstory for some of the tournament fighters would make it more interesting and would add some plot depth.
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Kind of a guilty pleasure, actually.
stormofwar12 January 2015
There are some movies that you actually are supposed to hate. Kind of like a dish that isn't good for you or doing a small bit of gambling, you know you aren't supposed to enjoy it because it's wrong. But hey, we all have vices, right? Bloodsport 2 is one of those movies for me.

The premise of the movie is pretty simple. An arrogant thief named Alex Cardo, played by Daniel Bernhardt, gets caught by the police after being setup by his partner. It turns out that Cardo is already a good martial artist, but when he goes to jail, he meets a person with even "stronger kung fu", named Sun (James Hong). The rest is pretty straight forward from there. A reformed criminal seeks redemption, a student learns the Ultimate Technique from his master. Said reformed jailbird/student enters to the Ultimate Death Match tournament to honor his master and gain back his honor. Along the way, we get a lot of new faces (and some old ones as well if you've seen the first movie), a ton of fights, some big bad evil former student, and some pathetic facsimile of a romance happen.

Probably the strongest point of this film is the fight choreography and action sequences. I actually believe that when they were brainstorming this film, they decided to make a tournament fighter featuring different styles of martial arts. But they needed something to try and ensure some modicum of notoriety, so they tied it into the languishing franchise of "Bloodsport" (thanks for Dux getting tacitly outed as a fraud), picked up the services of Pat Murita, and called it good.

But back to the point, you see a ton of different styles in this film and nearly all the fights are very well done. Bernhardt does a reasonable job as a Van Damme-clone (despite being his first film) and special mention go to Ron Hall and Ong Soo Han for their roles in this film as well. Gibb reprises his role as Ray Jackson as well, but it's more for comedic effect. That said, he does a fine job hamming it up.

Otherwise, there isn't anything wrong with the technical aspects of production. The story has a ton of clichés, some of the dialogue is downright awful ("You are a true warrior, Alex" is one of the single most out of place lines of all time. It's the Bloodrayne sex scene of dialogue, but without Loken's umm... assets). The romance sub-plot is outright horrible and seemed like it was forced in as an afterthought for the purposes of trying to mirror the success of the original film as much as possible. The musical score isn't anything fantastic, but they at least made the pieces "fit" as best as possible and a few of the tunes are catchy. Some of the segments of the film are legitimately funny (as intended) and provide a welcome relief from the boring secondary plot elements.

On the whole, there isn't much to the film other than the fight sequences. It does take some time to get to what we all want to see. It's worth the wait (or just the use of the fast forward feature on your DVD or other methods of delivery). If you enjoyed the first film, are a fan of tournament fighting movies, or are a fan of Bernhardt or Donald Gibb, you'll enjoy it. Otherwise, you might be best passing on this.
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Not like the first, but still not bad.
swedzin15 June 2011
Sequels are usually bad... Indeed, but this one... still passable. Of course, this film does not hold the good old magic and atmosphere of the 80s and it doesn't have Van Damme or Bolo Yeung, well you can't have it all. 90s were not that bad for this one. Daniel Bernhardt was not a bad replacement for Van Damme, but the problem is that he is constantly copying him! Especially in face expressions! But, OK, we are not here to compare these two guys, yes I know Van Damme is a real life champion and fighter, while Daniel is a model, but OK his fighting style and skills are good, he is good. Now, for the main stuff, this Kumite tournament was good! I like the fights, there is some karate, kung fu, judo, Brazilian jujitsu, tae kwon do... fine choreography... other things that are good are special appearances by Pat Morita and James Hong... the leading lady Lori Lynn Dickerson, very lovely, and to mention Philip Tan, well, at least we have Donald Gibb again as Ray "Tiny", as a main guard on kumite and promoter, still in his own comic relief... but he was used to look more like the first film. The story is rather different that from the first film, it is a classic low budget marital art movie. Alex Cardo (Bernhardt) get imprisoned after trying to steal a valuable sword from Pat Morita. During his time in prison, he learned so called "Iron Fist" from master Sun (James Hong). And after that he enters the Kumite tournament where he faces a fighter, former prison guard Demon, here played by Ong Soo Han, the guy's cube hair and acting makes his character look laughable, trying to be new Bolo Yeung aka Chong Li... but he still looks tough... OK, I say watch this film, but only if you are a fan of the franchise and martial arts fan.
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I think i'm a clone now...
fmarkland3227 July 2006
Daniel Bernhardt stars as Alex Cardo, a thief who learns how to fight after he is sent to prison, seems he is in prison due to him trying to steal a sacred sword, however now trained in the arts of martial, he sets up to redeem himself in the kumite. Donald Gibb shows up to reprise his role, even though he plays a different character. Bloodsport II opens like an Indianna Jones movie with Bernhardt whipping some asses and trying to make off with the sword, however it isn't until the prison sequence where we get the endless training and ponderous Asian philosophy, to then we get the endless stream of fight sequences. These fight sequences are pretty good but due to the lack of any interest in the characters, the fancy footwork is the only saving grace of this exhausted sequel. Still it's an alright movie for martial arts fan though.

* * out of 4-(Fair)
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Best Bloodsport in the series
Shorty-4421 February 2000
Bloodsport was absolutely brilliant. The fight scenes were coordinated very well. If you've seen the first Bloodsport you must see this one. The story was even good. I have seen the first three Bloodsport's and this one is definitely the best. What can I say? I loved it.
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Bad sequel to the first one, but still good!
superadde6922 November 2002
This movie begins with some kids running into a house and starts listening to an old man. The old man says that there was a man who had both good and bad inside him. The man's name was Alex and was a simple thief and a good fighter. Alex arrives at a house and walks into a big house witch is owned by an old man. He was the teacher in "Karate Kid" to you who didn't know that. Anyway he is looking for some old sword witch is a special sword. Alex tries to steal the sword and guards notices him and attacks him. Alex manages to get away with the sword. The next day he meets the girl from the party yesterday and a friend. After a while the police comes and takes Alex away. Alex arrives at a prison and gets surprised. There's a lot of people there and already on the first day Alex starts to hit them. He meets the old man from the beginning and says that he can take care of himself. A few seconds later he gets punished really hard. The old man comes to his rescue. The next day prisoners starts to hit Alex again. After a time with some hitting and kicking in the prison the old man tells him about some powerful skill. The "Iron Hand". The Iron Hand is a way to protect oneself. After a time Alex gets released from the prison. Alex promises the old man that he would win the special sword on the competition. And now Alex adventure starts really. There is only one problem now. To get the invitation. You have to have an invitation to get in the competition, and you have to earn it.

I won't tell anymore because i think i have told pretty much about the movie right now.

The bad thing about the movie is that it's so boring in the beginning and not interesting at all. The good thing is the scenes with hitting and punching. There's a lot of fighters in the competition. Alex meets many friends there. For example he meets Ray who was in the first movie.

The music isn't so good though. The first movie had much better music and story. Good actors too, like Jean-Claude. This movie would get 6,4 out of 10. The first movie would get 9,9 out of 10.
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not great but a bit better than average
disdressed1214 May 2007
this sequel (that's really not a sequel)is OK,i my opinion it starts out stupid,with a ridiculous plot line.but ii does get better as it goes along. i really liked all the different fighting techniques,and the fights overall were at least as good as the 1st one.i thought the music they chose sucked,in a real big way.the hero of the movie starts out unlikable but becomes likable as the movie progresses.this movie is not a continuation of the 1st one.only one character returns,in a minor role.the movie in some ways,is a carbon copy of the original,especially once the fighting starts.i found the ending a bot too abrupt and anti climatic,but that's just me.for me "Bloodsport 2" is a bit better than average,so i give it a 6/10
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Ridiculous plot, but good fighting
gridoon30 October 2006
The first 30 minutes of "Bloodsport II" are just plain ridiculous: a sort of "Karate Kid (or is it Karate Grownup?) In Prison", with a cut-rate Olivier Gruner (who is, in turn, a cut-rate Van Damme!) as the student and a cut-rate Miyagi as his teacher (actually, the real Miyagi, Pat Morita, is also in the cast!). Daniel Bernhardt shows little screen presence here, but it's his acting debut, so I guess he can be forgiven. But when the movie starts concentrating on the fighting it becomes quite good, with enough variety of styles among the different tournament participants to keep things interesting (there are even some submission victories, somewhat rare for this type of movie). Fighting female fans should note the presence of Lisa McCullough as the only woman fighter on board; she definitely knows her stuff. (**1/2)
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The Absolute Best Movie, Tournament Wise!!!!!
PNelson69813 February 2003
Hello again fight fans and get ready for another dose of DANIEL MANIA!!!

Well besides the first movie, this was the best tournament movie ever. There were plenty of fights, more than the first one, and the story was great not to mention the villian. Oong Soo Han was the absolute best Bloodsport villian ever. He was ruthless and nearly unstoppable. This movie also had more variety in it's combatants, not to mention the great choreography. This movie also had something no other tournament movie ever had and that was the fact that nothing interfered with the final battle. In most movies like this true fans are often let down when the movie has gone well and the director decides to confict some other event in the movie with the final battle. Trust me many great tournament movies have often been ruined by such stupid ideas. But thank god that the director of this movie had more sense than many others who would have ruined this masterpiece. I mean the final battle in this film went as smooth as a Rocky fight!! So all in all I give this a 10/10 and believe me it definitely earned every point!!!

  • Be sure to keep your eyes open for my next DANIEL MANIA comment of the day!!!!

Film Suggestions for DANIEL MANIA! tournament movies

Bloodsport, The Quest, The Quick and the Dead, Rocky, Rocky II, Rocky III, Rocky IV, Enter the Dragon, 8 Mile, Mortal Kombat, Bloodsport 3, Game of Death, Grappler Baki.
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More of the same.
Richie-2831 May 1999
This is a film with more of the same, the story seems to be used for many other films of this kind. The fighting scenes are not bad, on a scale from 1 to 10, I rate it a 5.
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The Best Bloodsport
Robo-1921 April 1999
I have now seen the 4 bloodsport films and this is the best followed by the first then the third and finally the fourth. This has a reasonably decent story and the martial arts scenes are some of the best around. For the record Bloodsport 4: The Final Chapter is quite bad. The fight scenes and story are ridiculous, but Bloodsport 2 has to be recommended to any action movies fan.
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