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Realistically and quite OK
OJT17 May 2007
This thriller about a bank robber which plans are going to pieces has a good nerve, but stiller never really takes off. The good thing about the film is that it is kept in a realistic pace, and it smells sea water, filmed in the western part of Norway. The film is a bit bleachcoloured, which helps giving a tragic feel to it, but it also gives an impression that the film goes on in the 80'ies, rather than in '95. This was probably not intended, but looks like this now some years later. An OK film to watch, but by no means any classic. Nils Ole Oftebro does a great character as the bank robber, and Petronella Barker is both fragile and tough as the kidnapped victim. All in all good acting from the cast, though the manuscript could use some more for them to play with.
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