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Undercover cop blows dealers to hell
Quakerz26 July 1999
Hard Justice is a typical B-Movie ( NU IMAGE ). On the one hand we have non-stop bloody action scenes, on the other hand a 08/15 storyline. The movie is about a cop, who is sent to prison, certainly undercover, to take out a gang of drug and weapon dealers. In the end nearly the whole prison goes to hell. Many prisoners escape and are mostly shot down by the anti-terror-teams awaiting them, while D. Bradley fights with the head of the dealers on a driving bus. Hard Justice isn't a bad movie. If you only want some action and not a detailed plot, this is the right movie for you.
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A tremendous action movie!!
sea_gate1523 January 2005
A tremendous action movie that I have ever seen. It was the first expression that I uttered after watching it twice on the local TV in my country, Indonesia. A combination between a constant shooting and a great fighting choreography played well by David Bradley. He was good here besides "American Samurai". His skill in martial art was performed above average. He succeeded to make the fighting scenes nice to watch. Not only punching and kicking like what most of martial artists show in their movies. David Bradley could utilize all the martial arts techniques such as punching, throwing, locking and kicking. More stylistic and riveting than Van Damme's or Seagal's. Yes, I know that some scenes were inspired by John Woo's movies but that's okay as long as they were not taken entirely..Nevertheless, this is truly a slam-bang action movie!! Very Recommended for action fans.I have tried to look for the DVD but I still cannot get it particularly in my town.Anyone could help me?
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Great action movie, even better than most of the nowadays action movies
kurciasbezdalas31 January 2009
This movie is very similar to Death Warrant with Jean-Claude Van Damme and also has some similarities to Island of Fire with Jackie Chan and I also heard that there is some other very similar action movies, but this film has a much better action than Death Warrant or even Island of Fire (that's right, the Jackie Chan's movie). Rarely American action movies has such a great action sequences, though there was many negative reviews on this film, it easily beats most of the action movies of that time who were more successful. There were many martial art's scenes, David Bradley was fast as Bruce Lee in this film and what else was good, that fighting scenes were much longer than in most of the American martial art's movies. The shoot-out scenes were similar with John Woo's movies, maybe not that good, but still very exiting. There was also many impressive explosions and one great chase scene. I've seen some other David Bradley's movies, but this one, yet is the best in terms of action. OK, this movie has some cheesy moments, but which movie hasn't? The acting was decent, Charles Napier was incredible and his character was real tough. Adam Clark who played Squid and Yuji Okumoto who played the main bad guy were also very good. Other actors acted pretty well too, though the acting isn't important in this type of movies. If you are action movies fan (I mean the real action movies fan, who really can appreciate the good action), than you must see this film.
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Hard Justice is one of the best action movies ever!
Movie Nuttball30 September 2003
Hard Justice is an excellent action movie! The whole movie is really nothing but shooting and fighting! For the people who say they don't make shoot em ups like they use to. Well, this one is really hard-core! David Bradley is really good and his character takes a pounding in the movie. He gets hit by the stick over a dozen times, gets stabbed in the back and is in a coma for three days and then wakes up and fights again, gets beat up, recovers and is ready for more action! His character is incredibly tuff! Charles Napier was very good as well and he arguably steals the show! Vernen Wells was good! Professor Toru Tanaka had a short and an uncredited role in Hard Justice! As for the action, it is truly awesome with all of the gun fights and the huge stand off like scene in the beginning has cars getting blown up and flipping up in mid air! There is so much that happens in the 95 minute run time. For the action fans you will be blown away by all of the fire power and fighting that this film has to offer! Hard Justice is a movie that isn't easy to locate and if you are at a video store and you see it for sale buy it up because this movie is big keeper an d plus the box is cool! There is a ton of action that has to be seen to be believed! Look and see if you can find some good deals on Ebay, Half.com, Amazon.com's Z-Shops and Market Place Sellers! I strongly recommend that any action movie fan who loves shoot ems and fighting movies and has been disappointed by other movies that have the look like a true non stop action flick but fails to deliver it to get Hard Justice!
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winner5521 November 2007
You know you've got a bad film when you hear that the soundtrack is performed completely on a single cheap programmable synthesizer, without any melody or sense of rhythm.

It's hard to see how anyone could take this film seriously, even while giving it a bad review. This film is way beneath 'bad'.

The continuity of this film is outrageously butchered. In one fight scene, we the hero (wearing bluejeans and undershirt) turn a corner with two revolvers in his hand; he doubles back, only now he has two semi-automatics in his hands; he turns another corner and now he has an automatic rifle in his hands; he chases down a hallway and comes out (suddenly dressed in standard army fatigue jacket)with a shotgun; after which he exits the building with yet another automatic rifle. Or here's one for the books - a bus slams into a car at high speed; the car goes flying, thrown by a gigantic explosion - cut to the bus which is completely unscathed from the same explosion? The narrative continuity suffers from an equally numbing sense of unreality; the bad guys really want to kill the hero - obviously - but every time they knock him out or otherwise get him in a vulnerable position, they suddenly decide they want him "to live to see this!" Huh? One of the funnier moments of the film is when the hero is released from isolation because his lawyer has come to see him; then the bad guy decides he's not going to let the two meet after all; and this despite the fact that the the villain, the hero and his lawyer all know what's going on anyway, so the hero writes a note to the lawyer and next we see the note being passed to the lawyer by another prisoner, even though we never see the hero give it to him. (This lawyer, BTW, has complete access to the Offices of the ATF in California, including its confidential computer files.) Huh? Well, but it's a mindless action movie - so how're the action scenes? Not bad, surprisingly; unfortunately they happen to be stoled from about a dozen Hong Kong films made five or ten years previously. The opening scene, a shoot-out in a junker garage, actually has shots the composition of which are stolen directly from "Hard Boiled" - so clearly so that it's a wonder John Woo didn't sue for plagiarism.

Other Hong Kong films stolen from include "Prison on Fire", "Island on Fire", "Burning Paradise", "Police Story" I, II, and III (aka "Supercop"). I thought I recognized a couple Sammo Hung clips here as well. In other words, the actions scenes are exciting only to the extent that they are successful duplications of action scenes from other films.

There's nothing one can do with this film unless one shoots smack and just needs a lot of visual stimuli that needn't be make any sense.

Very funny film, for all the wrong reasons.
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When those guns hit the street a lot of our boys are gonna get killed
sol-kay3 June 2006
**SPOILERS** Very similar to the Jean-Claude-Van Damme 1990 prison hell raiser "Death Warrent". The film "Hard Justice" has ATF agent Nick Adams go undercover in a state penitentiary to uncover the murder of his friend and fellow ATF undercover agent Larry. Who was murdered when he got wind of a major gun smuggling ring working out of the prison.

At the start of the movie Nick, with very little help from the ATF, is involved in a shoot-out with a number of hoods belonging to a local L.A Asian street gang. Nick was not able to prevent, when he kicked up his gun that he was forced to drop, the murder of a young woman by gang leader Jimmy Wong. who he was holding the woman hostage. Sick and depressed over the woman's death Nick dropped out of sight until the tragic news of Larry's murder hit him.

Determined to find Larry's killer, or killers, Nick has himself put behind bars as a convicted criminal. Not just to track down Larry's killers but find out what he uncovered. That later lead to Larry's murder. Nick finds that the very officials in both the prison and his own law enforcement government agency, the ATF, were not only behind Larry's death but are running a major gun smuggling ring right out of the state penitentiary!

With Warden Pike in charge who together with his captain of the guards Riggs the two are working with convicts Lee & Chow ,two top Asian street gang members. The two convicts are using the prison basement to store enough guns to equip an entire US Marine battalion. Nick's cover is blown as soon as he enter the "clink" by someone very high up in the ATF. Knowing that's he's an undercover cop, or ATF agent, Nick is a marked man with no one to help him in or outside of prison and has to battle it out with the scores of vengeful and homicidal prisoners who are out to murder him.

The film "Hard Justice" is saved by it's almost non-stop action scenes, that ends with an amazing helicopter chase and fight sequence on and over the streets of L.A. That makes you forget just how ridicules it's plot really is, especially the connection between the AFT prison Warden Pike and the Asian street gang. With Charles Napier giving the best acting performance in the movie as the corrupt and, what later turns out to be, crazed Warden Pikes. Pikes who was a POW in Vietnam never seemed to have gotten over his psychosis of being in prison. When he came back to the states, after being released by the Viet Cong, Pikes could only feel at home in a lock-up; but this time as the the guy in charge not the one behind bars.

David Bradley as ATF agent Nick Adams was, as expected, very good in his fight action scenes but his acting, that you wouldn't expected much of, was a lot better then you would have expected it to be. What I couldn't figure out about Nick was why he had a fresh head wound over his left eye all throughout the movie, who's story took place well over a week in movie time. Without it ever healing or even being dressed and covered with a band-aid?
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Very Disappointing
Nick_Dets26 November 2005
In the mid-90's, Nu Image had a good thing going with its direct to video action pictures. Movies like "Live Wire: Human Timebomb" were fun and action-crammed with decent budgets and a high guilt factor. By the preview, the following entry "Hard Justice" seemed it would be the peak of this entertainment scene. With fresh, John-Woo inspired director Greg Yaitanes, B-Movie legend Charles Napier and lots of great stunts and explosions, how could it go wrong? Unfortunately, this one is a big misfire with too much emphasis on a weak story rather than on its well-done action sequences.

The opening scene is promising, as narc officer Nick Adams (a forgettable David Bradley) takes down a large-scale drug deal in a seemingly fail-safe warehouse. Wouldn't you know it, there's an overhead window Nick smashes through by means of dropping from a helicopter, guns blaring. He is marginally successful, but consequences lead him to go undercover in a hardcore prison to find out who murdered his ex-partner.

This is where the movie starts to go flat. Writers Nicholas Amendolare and Chris Bold invest way too much in the prison section of the film. The subplots of goings-on in the prison are clearly more interesting to these writers than they are to the poor audience member. The action scenes are stifled by this plot structure, being that they are pushed aside so that a weak, mostly boring plot can be developed. The results are a very mediocre action movie.

One recommendable aspect of the film is the few big action sequences. Yaintes is very skillful in capturing details as to involve the viewer in the action. He has an eye for what looks cool in terms of stunt work, gun play and special effects. With a better script, he could make a very strong action film. Its too bad this is a less than strong debut.

Also, watch for good performance by Yuji Okomoto and the beautiful Benita Andre, who plays Nick's wife Hannah. They do what they can in a limiting script, and their work should be recognized.
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Action, David Bradley Style
tarbosh2200013 May 2010
David Bradley is on a lower level than Seagal or Van Damme. Just like Sasha Mitchell, Michael Dudikoff and Mike Norris. He's not too bad an actor, but he can't make it to the big leagues.

"Hard Justice" is without a doubt David Bradley's best movie. The plot is: Nick Adams (Bradley) goes undercover in a prison to root out his best friend's killer. He realizes that not only is the prison corrupt, his arch enemy Jimmy Wong is back to even the score. The plot is basically a rip-off of the Van Damme movie "Death Warrant", but it makes up for that in the action sequences. The opening is fantastic, with almost non-stop action. The climax is also well-executed. But the middle, where Adams is in the prison does lag a little.

Charles Napier is great as the evil warden. The fight choreography does show off Bradley's martial arts ability, thankfully the filmmakers didn't over-edit the scenes. Overall, this is the Bradley movie to see.

For more insanity, please visit: comeuppancereviews.com
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mregor53215 May 2013
Warning: Spoilers
This movie is a parody. I even thought at one point about James Cagney in White Heat. Cliché after cliché pile up. I mean really, a character called Mister Clean? After a fight our hero and he are buds forever. A corrupt warden, his sadistic henchman, these are staples of the genre. I laughed through much of this movie. I watched because I wanted mindless entertainment. I got a little bit more. IMDb requires me to say more about this movie, if I want the review posted. I have said all I have to say. I think the IMDb policy is stupid. The first line I have submitted is actually the only original thought about the movie in the comments. It should have been enough.
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Good prison movie
sveknu27 February 2010
I discovered this movie by accident, and after watching I have to say that I'm a bit surprised of how unknown it is. I love prison movies as a genre, and when it delivers like this is makes for enjoyable viewing. The plot is pretty standard, a cop goes undercover in a jail to solve a crime. David Bradley is an action man more than an actor, and luckily they understood that and threw him into a lot of cool action scenes. There are fights, a great car chase at the end, and overall more than enough tough and gritty bad-assness to keep action lovers satisfied. A well executed action movie that you shouldn't hesitate to watch if you get the chance.
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Great film without the prison scenes
Sevket_Erhat18 May 2012
David Bradley has never been my favorite action hero but I have watched many films of him since I saw him on American Ninja 3. When I have heard that he has a John Woo copycat I jumped in.

It is really funny that two very different movies could be made from Hard Justice. One with John Woo style action and one that is a typical prison actioner like Death Warrant.

I am no fan of Prison movies except Undisputed 2 and I could have lived without the very cut and paste prison movie parts.

However John Woo style gun fights (especially the one at the beginning) is awesome. I wish they could have kept the style throughout the movie.

One thing that bothered me is that stunt people's faces were so obvious so all those "more than necessary" dangerous scenes lost its appeal quick.

If you love Hard-Boiled and The Killer you will love certain parts of this movie. The rest is so-so actioner
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Entertaining, but it's "Death Warrant" without Van Damme !!
homecoming812 January 2012
David Bradley is best known for martial arts hits like "American Samurai" and "American Ninja 3- Bloodhunt". He also starred in the very weak sequels "American Ninja 4- Annihilation" and "American Ninja 5". 1995's "Hard Justice" is one of his last movies and at that time, martial art movies were still very popular in video stores, but it was about to end after 5-7 years. It was the golden age of Van Damme, Seagal, Jeff Wincott, Lorenzo Lamas and Jeff Speakman. The story is anything but original and copies entire scenes from other movies. The opening scene has a shoot-out which was taken directly from 1992's "Hard Boiled" (John Woo). Bradley is even dressed the same as Hard Boiled's Chow Yun-Fat. So you have to wait about 15 minutes before you realize that the rest of the story is in fact 1990's "Death Warrant": it took the entire blueprint with the same characters and story development ! It was so obvious that anyone who ever saw "Death Warrant" would notice that. But martial arts movies are all about the action and wow, there's plenty of that ! The action and fight scenes are well choreographed and this is without a doubt the best action movie David Bradley ever made. (his acting career ended in 1997 when martial arts movies lost their popularity). A lot of the action reminds you of 1993's "Hard Target" (the best Van Damme ever, again directed by John Woo). So if you like this kind of movie, don't pass on this one if you missed it back in the days. It's no "Hard Target" but better than most martial arts movies from that 90's, and it provides a good mix of fighting and shoot-outs.
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"Hard Boiled" meets *insert prison movie name here*
Viva_Chiba13 November 2010
Hard Justice is a small independent movie from "Nu Image", a production company well known for their low budget action movies, most of them are good, just like Hard Justice.

The first scene is a tribute/reference to the John Woo's movie Hard Boiled, we have a shootout in a garage/warehouse and the main character, Nick Adams (David Bradley) is dressed like Chow Yun-Fat in that scene in Hard Boiled.

Speaking of John Woo, Hard Justice is better than any movie that John Woo made in the USA.

Most of the action is based on martial arts fights, David Bradley shows good skills in martial arts, i liked him in American Samurai, American Ninja 3 and Cyborg Cop II.

The final battle scene is spectacular, Hard Justice makes a good use of it's budget.
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