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Excellent performances, direction in this independent.
iamthewalrusnow14 November 1999
Excellent performance from the ensemble cast in this gritty indepedent from actor, writer, director Nick Vallelonga. Great cameos from Michael Biehn, William Peterson, and Paul Windfield.

Other standout performances from Quinn Duffy, soapstar Kristian Alfonso, Leo Rossi and Vallelonga himself. Rumor is this film was made for under $300,000, and if that's true, this is one helluva underrated independent
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It had a good start, but ultimately a waste
Kyle Reese26 April 2001
The film had a brilliant start, Michael Biehn getting the film started, although I was disappointed at the fact that it was a mere cameo when he makes no further appearance. Paul Winfield is also wasted, but plays his role brilliantly. As for the rest of the cast, William Peterson was particularly good. The cast was fine, but the film as a whole could've been better.
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Not a blockbuster, but outstanding performances!
drumma_boy27 August 2008
It's not hard to tell why this movie was not a blockbuster. Not a lot of special effects, fake blood, gun battles, car chases, etc. But the story is very, very good.

And make no mistake. William Petersen gives a performance that solidifies my opinion that he is one of the best American actors...EVER! When Al, the cop whose brother has gotten into trouble with the mob, goes to see Tony C., Petersen (who plays Tony C.) gives a five-plus minute soliloquy that, if you appreciate good acting, will give you chills! It is one of the best performances I have ever seen, and I will actually take the DVD, scroll to this point in the movie, and watch only this performance. There is only one flaw in the scene, and it is not Petersen's fault. At one point, he quickly stands up from a seated position and the camera man is too slow to follow him, so his head goes out of the shot. This should have been corrected in post-production with a cut-away, but it wasn't. Nevertheless, Petersen's performance is breathtaking, and anyone wanting to learn from a master of his craft should watch this movie, if for nothing else than this performance. If you think he's good in CSI, you ain't seen nothing' yet!
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I'm a sucker for movies like this.
krachtm24 December 2012
The plot: A cop's loyalty is tested when his brother blah blah blah, whatever... it's not terribly important.

Let's start with the title. "In the Kingdom of the Blind, the Man with One Eye is King". It's hilariously long, clunky, and tells you almost nothing about the actual movie. As soon as I saw the title, I knew that I was going to love this movie. How could it not be a B movie, with that title? I was not disappointed. It really does open itself to some kind of snarky review title like, "In the Kingdom of the Bland, This Movie is King".

Let there be no mistake: this is a low budget, derivative, clichéd, B movie that takes itself very, very seriously. Like many B movies, it's got a bait-and-switch scam regarding one of its advertised stars (Michael Biehn, who's got a brief cameo). If you are not very demanding, I think this movie can be legitimately enjoyed for what it is. It's not particularly bad, but it's ruthlessly mediocre. To some extent, I might even compare it to Tommy Wiseau's The Room, in that it tries so hard to set up tense, dramatic scenes, full of powerhouse acting -- and then fails. Maybe the entertainment that I derived from it wasn't entirely intentional, but I just can't bring myself to hate this movie. Though it lacks the over-the-top ineptitude and unintentional campiness of The Room, it makes up for that with generous helpings of overacting and pretentious seriousness.

Recommended only for those who have a high tolerance for B movies. If you're looking for something to enjoy non-ironically, then you might want to skip Kingdom of the King, as I like to think of it.
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This movie is good for torture
krycek194 February 2007
If Jack Bauer from "24" ever runs out of ways to torture suspects he should let them watch this garbage. They would talk within 20 minutes. My god, how can anyone make a movie this bad?? The title alone should have been a warning for me. This is the king of all B-movies. An insult to all other B-movies. First of all its a lie to make it seem like Michael Biehn is the star of the film. He is in the opening-scene and thats it. And the story is so thin, so lame and so stupid that I could just shoot the screenwriter. Not to mention the characters. The three Italian morons that kill some mob leader are each a walking, talking cliché. With their hair, their jeans and their big black leather jackets. And their lines as they talk in the warehouse. Lines so bad it made me sick to listen to them. So terribly written.And talk about over-acting big time. The lead, which I assumed was played by Biehn is played by some unknown overweight bad actor. Michael Biehn is only in this movie to make people see it. He does a good job with the one scene he has but he should be ashamed to take that part as its pointless because we don't see him for the rest of the film William Petersen does a good job with his few scenes but again, why did he sign on to this movie? Do yourself a favour, don't watch this movie ever!! Watch a real mob-movie like Good Fellas with good actors and a good script instead.
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As long and boring as the title
moxhambi30 November 2002
In the begining, nailing a guy to the cross? made no sense. Black guys muscling in on the Italians, no particular plot addition other than a small part for Paul Winfield. Lots of yelling for no apparent reason. Bad soundtrack. Interesting to see William Peterson pre CSI. And I could swear Dennis Franz was in the Pizza palor getting a slice but on review it wasn't. Just like this DVD. It was worth every cent of the $2.50 I paid for it.
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goes nowhere
pcgiddings7 November 2009
This movie had potential, but it was as though the writer or director was trying to make 5 or 6 stories intertwine, but they never do. I don't have a problem with a movie that leaves you guessing, but this was ridiculous. It was like 5 different short stories, only one of which had an ending. The title doesn't make much sense, but the director and production staff obviously thought they were very clever by using an ancient proverb (they had a song, movie, and production company with the same name) More frustrating than anything. They must have run out of money, and cut out vital scenes that would have completed the story.
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