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Allen appears determined to craft a motion picture that can be laughed at without plumbing any especially deep neuroses of the human condition.
A zippy, frothy confection that emerges as agreeable middle-range Woody.
The New York Times
Dependably well made and not quite like any Allen film that came before. Nimble film making like this isn’t necessarily geared to the magnum opus, but Mr. Allen can achieve fine, amusing results even while thinking small. [27 October 1995, P.C1]
A sketchy trifle that is sporadically amusing but also off-putting around the edges.
USA Today
Allen's connective scenes are slack and barely functional, and even his asides lack bite.
An uneven blend of mirth and malice.
TV Guide Magazine
Is there no one in Allen's circle who dares to tell the master this ain't funny?
The Globe and Mail (Toronto)
Fans of Allen, the comedian, will be glad to hear there are more chuckles here than in his last film, "Bullets Over Broadway." Fans of Allen, the plot craftsman, will find a lot less discipline and imagination in the writing. In truth, Mighty Aphrodite is mighty slight.
Chicago Reader
Allen gets a chance to unload all his usual patronizing contempt for and middle-class "wisdom" about his own working-class origins.
In this loser-and-the-whore story line, Allen's sensibilities have taken a turn for the nasty.

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