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  • As Cheryl is on her way home after making out with her boyfriend, she is accosted by a strange man who mentally immobilizes her, burns out her eyes with his stare, and drains her blood with a transfusion device that he keeps in a briefcase. The next morning, a strange man dressed in black and wearing dark sunglasses, walks into the Durkee Testing Laboratory and asks to see Dr Rochelle. Paul Johnson [Michael York] seems very weak and claims "my blood is ill." Nurse Amanda Sayles [Elizabeth Barondes] attempts to draw some of his blood for lab tests, but Johnson refuses on the grounds that he requires "input of blood, not depletion." When Dr Rochelle [Mason Adams] explains that he can't treat him without a blood test, Mr Johnson cuts his own arm with a scalpel, dabs up what little blood emerges with a cotton ball, and hands it to Dr Rochelle. Johnson then directs the doctor mentally to immediately do the tests himself and then to prescribe a transfusion.

    After receiving a quart of blood, Mr Johnson is feeling and looking better. Deciding to employ Amanda as a live-in nurse who can give him daily transfusions, he mentally orders Dr Rochelle to support Amanda's job change. Rochelle obligingly diagnoses Johnson with a rare form of hemophilia and advises Amanda to take the job. Amanda escorts Johnson to his car, only to find her officer friend Jack Sherbourne [Parker Stevenson] in the process of writing Johnson a ticket for parking in a handicapped spot. Amanda talks Jack out of it on the chance that she will someday accept a date with him.

    Later that afternoon, Amanda moves into Mr Johnson's home, an impressive and expensively-decorated mansion that he shares with only one other person -- ex-con chauffeur/butler/gardener/nutritionist/cook, Jeremy Pallin [Richard Belzer], whom Amanda immediately puts in his place. Johnson shows Amanda around the house, the only place being off-limits is the basement where, Jeremy explains, Johnson has a workshop or something. Actually, the basement consists of a refrigerator where he stores his collected blood samples and a blast furnace where he disposes of the occasional doorbell-ringing evangelist after exsanguinating him. In Johnson's "rest room" (bedroom) is where Amanda will "feed" him blood. It also contains a hidden communicator that Johnson uses to contact his home planet of Davanna. Johnson, or Sidal-2 as he is known on Davanna, has been sent to Earth to seek human blood as a cure for a disease that is killing his people. His mission is to find a cure and transmit human blood for transfusions and research. If human blood proves to be suitable, the ultimate goal is, of course, to take over the Earth.

    One day, as he is on his way to the library, Mr Johnson notices a number of homeless people lined up along a fence. He instructs Jeremy to invite three of them home for dinner that evening. As Johnson is leaving the library, he notices a Davannan female from E-13 Brood crossing the street. Surprised because he thought he was the only Davannan sent to Earth, Johnson communicates telepathically and discovers that his superiors have been lying to him. Back at the mansion, Amanda has been sunning herself beside the pool. After returning to the house and feeling hot and sweaty, she notices that the thermostat is set over 90 degrees F and goes into the basement to check the furnace, which is blasting away. Just as she makes note of the vast array of specimen jars on the shelves, she hears a car in the driveway and goes back upstairs. Unfortunately, she leaves her sunglasses on one of the shelves.

    Dr Rochelle and off-duty Officer Jack drive up, quickly followed by Johnson and Jeremy. While Amanda and Jack share an iced drink and Amanda finally consents to a date with Jack, Rochelle gives Johnson the results of his lab tests. Johnson's blood contains an airborne virus that exists on an extremely rare element found only in Johnson's blood. Rochelle concludes that Johnson is one in a trillion or he is not of this earth. Mr Johnson mentally instructs Rochelle to research the virus and find a cure, even if it means not sleeping.

    That evening, while Amanda is away on her date with Jack, Jeremy brings home three homeless people. Mr Johnson takes them in the basement to see his "cellar for wine." He kills them with his glance, exsanguinates them, and tosses their bodies into the furnace. He sends back their blood during his next communique with Davanna. During this transmission, Johnson is asked to send a human female for further investigation and analysis. He is also warned of Davannan defectors and ordered to immediately terminate them should he see one on Earth. When Johnson asks about his own brood on Davanna, he is told that they have all perished.

    The next day, while walking down the street, Johnson is accosted by four gang members demanding that he hand over his briefcase. Johnson refuses and fights them off. One of the members is a girl, so he mentally demands that she accompany him. That evening, he sends her through the transporter to Davanna. The next morning after breakfast, Amanda asks Jeremy about the food being eaten by Mr Johnson. Oddly enough, he eats nothing and leaves only a glass filled with a dark, nasty-smelling liquid. Amanda suggests that they have the liquid analyzed by Dr Rochelle. Jeremy also tells her about seeing the three homeless people and a street girl enter the house last night and swears that he never saw them leave. Where did they go? she wonders. "I think he eats them," Jeremy concludes.

    Firm in his duty to serve the hive, Mr Johnson contacts E-13 mentally and they meet in an antique store. E-13 [Athena Stensland] tells Johnson that the people on Davanna are eating each other and that the leaders are consuming the blood and specimens that Johnson has been sending them. When he sees that E-13 is weak and in need of blood, he takes her to the Durkee Lab for a secret transfusion. Unfortunately, the unit of blood he selects is infected with rabies. After the transfusion, Johnson gives E-13 a pile of money and then goes off in search of another female specimen. He finds a woman and mentally orders her into his car just as someone drives up and honks his horn. The noise from the horn causes excruciating pain to Johnson's ears, and he loses control of the woman, who tries to run away. Johnson follows her and, using his eyes, causes her to burst into flames.

    Dr Rochelle joins Amanda and Jack at the restaurant where they are having dinner. He brings along the analysis from the liquid that Amanda gave him. Amino acids, proteins, hemoglobin, bile, and a bunch of components he can't identify, a "crazy gastric bouillabaisse", he calls it. Meanwhile, E-13 is getting sicker, throwing up black goop. She heads back into the Durkee Lab and collapses on the floor. Dr Rochelle is summoned, and he and Jack hurry to the Lab. In front of their eyes, they watch E-13 turn black, convulse, and expire. Under her dark sunglasses, which are the exact same type as Mr Johnson's, they see only white eyes. Jack calls Amanda, who has just returned to Johnson's house, and tells her about E-13. He orders her to get out of the house.

    Jeremy catches Amanda packing her bags and suggests that they first take a look around the house, since Johnson is not there. They search his bedroom, finding a strange, pulsing, spidery thing which Jeremy squashes with his foot. Poking at some buttons on the wall, Amanda opens the transporter or, as Jeremy calls it, the "intergalactic cable." Jeremy has had enough and leaves the room, but Amanda continues to poke around. When the phone rings, Amanda answers it. It is Dr Rochelle calling to tell her about E-13. He also informs her that his work on the virus has shown that it can be wiped out by exposing it to radiation. Unbeknown to both Amanda and Rochelle, Mr Johnson has returned and is listening in on their conversation. After Rochelle hangs up, Johnson tells Amanda that he's coming for her.

    Amanda panics and tries to get out, but Johnson is already coming up the stairs to his rest room. Jeremy appears with a gun and orders Johnson to stop, but Johnson turns him into a fireball. Amanda races back into Johnson's room and tries to hide in the closet but finds herself next to a nasty blob that starts waving its tentacles at her. She runs out on the terrace and down the steps into the yard. Johnson pursues, mentally telling her to stop, turn around, and look at his eyes. Amanda keeps running.

    Mr Johnson returns to his briefcase and summons a flying stingray/jellyfish to destroy Dr Rochelle and all evidence of Johnson's presence. Then he goes after Amanda, intending to return to Davanna with her as his breeder. Together, they will use the cure and start a new hive. Although she can hear Johnson in her mind calling to her, Amanda continues to flee. She gets as far as Griffith Park and finds a telephone booth. She calls Jack and asks for his help, but Johnson is bearing down on her in his car. Amanda continues to run, and Johnson continues to follow. When he catches up with her, he forces her to stop. He commands her to return to the house and wait by the transportation device.

    Amanda begins to walk back to the house. Jack drives up on his motorcycle and, seeing that she is okay, he goes after Johnson. Jack pulls up alongside Johnson's car and fires a shot at him, causing Johnson to drive off a cliff and the car to burst into flames. Amanda does as she is told -- returns to the house, opens the transporter, and stands in front of it. As Mr Johnson lies dying, he calls out Amanda's name and uses his eyes to shut down the transporter.

    Epilogue: Amanda and Jack stand before Mr Johnson's grave. It reads: Here lies a being who was not of this earth. As they walk away from the grave, another man wearing sunglasses and carrying a briefcase gets out of a car and approaches the grave. [Original Synopsis by bj_kuehl.]

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