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MPAA Rated R for violence, language and sexuality

Sex & Nudity

  • Two women kiss once. A woman kisses a "ripper" (genetically modified man/kangaroo). Another ripper's hand passes over a woman's clothed chest for just a moment.
  • Sexual innuendo is frequent, for example: joking about the size of a tank's barrel, suggesting tweezers are needed to find a man's penis; there's a bra with exaggerated missile cones. Sex talk includes comments such as "spank me, lick me", "play with myself", "working my tits", "suck on this", "sperm sucker". A young girl refers to a young boy's "peanut dick." Naughty lyrics are added to the song "Birds Do It", including "roosters do it... with dueling cocks". There's more.
  • Live human nudity includes a frontal view of a man whose hands cover his groin, and a brief view of his butt cheeks when two kids discover the man and a woman role-playing in preparation for sex. In another scene, several women posing as automatons are shown in panties, with breasts exposed; these are not shown close up or dwelled upon. During a lengthy segment at a strip joint, numerous women are seen in attire ranging from short skirts and regular bras, to buttock-revealing thongs and barely-covering pasties.
  • In art and artifacts: a nude blow-up doll's breasts and vagina are visible. A painting of a nude woman shows exaggerated breasts; her groin is obscured by a leg. In comic-book type drawings, there are split second views of a nude woman and a nude man, too quick to discern much detail. A woman sends a phone-pic of her panties.
  • No sex actually occurs in this moderately sexualized film, except once as very vaguely implied in a comic-book drawing montage. On a couple of occasions, men use threats to try to coerce sex acts from women prisoners; in one instance a man unzips in front of a sitting woman but neither private parts nor contact are shown.
  • The madam of a strip joint/brothel discusses offering a ten-year-old female prisoner to a customer. Joking about first sexual experiences, a woman says she asked "Daddy, are you sure this is alright?"

Violence & Gore

  • One person's arm is blown off, we see a little blood on the arm, and bandages covering the head. A man with large pincers prepares to cut off a man's head. A man walking barefoot on shattered glass is depicted in pain.
  • Extended military type gun violence occurs several times. People are shot and killed; this is almost always depicted unrealistically without blood or gore, and suffering isn't shown. A man explodes, but we only see a cloud of debris. A man is run over by a heavy vehicle, but flattened legs without gore quickly disappear from view. A cow is shot but there's no blood.
  • Several people are murdered by quick dehydration, faces aren't shown and it doesn't look gory or disgusting.
  • A person held prisoner in a freezer is shown suffering and shivering. Another prisoner is held so that she may drown.
  • A dehydrated corpse is shown for a few seconds. Some bleached white human skulls are shown on the ground, but they look fake rather than scary.
  • Threats of violence are prolific.
  • Several dismembered bodies are seen briefly, with blood but not excessively gory. Cannibalism is mentioned once but then apparently forgotten. Dried blood is seen on a face after a character is pistol-whipped. There's a quick view of a person's hand lacerated by a device, with some blood.


  • Sex talk is frequent, but profanity is rare: a couple of uses of "ass" and "asshole," several exclamations of "sh*t", and one of "mother f*cker" and one of "F*ck me!" A woman tells a ten-year-old character that calling someone "asshole" or "dickwad" is preferable to "butt smear."

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • A main character smokes dark cigarettes three or four times in live action; it's shown more frequently as comic-book drawings but those are brief. A couple of beers are consumed. No other drugs.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Younger viewers might be scared by shadowy monsters attacking people a couple of time, although those scenes are dark and brief. A person is shown about to drown.

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