Vampire in Brooklyn (1995) Poster

Eddie Murphy: Maximillian, Preacher Pauly, Guido



  • Maximillian : Evil is good and ass is good, and if you find you a piece of evil ass, WOO!

  • Policeman with dog : You people are ought to stay back! Killer here loves to bite!

    Maximillian : So do I!

  • Maximillian : [Julius is afraid that Maximillian wants to feed on him. Max pulls a bit of Tony the gangster out of his teeth]  I already had Italian.

  • Maximillian : [after being shot]  Interesting. I've been stabbed, and I've been hanged, and I've been burned. Even broken on the rack once, but I've never been shot before. Kind of itches a little! You have quite decent aim, though. But next time...

    [Max rips out Tony's beating heart as Anthony and Julius watches in sheer horror; growls] 

    Maximillian : put a little HEART INTO IT!

    Tony the Hitman : Ouch...

    [Tony collapses to his death while Anthony groans in horror. Max growls] 

    Anthony : [screaming]  AAH!

    [Anthony runs to the other side of his Firebird as Max tosses Tony now-dead heart to the side] 

    Anthony : [cries as he tries to reload his gun]  Fuck Tony. Oh, shit!

    Maximillian : [to Julius]  Don't go away.

  • Julius Jones : Hey, man, my pops always said the quickest way to a woman's heart - the church.

    Maximillian : It's actually through the ribcage, but that's a bit messy.

  • [Max and Julius brings a severely weakened Rita back to their apartment so she can feed] 

    Maximillian : Rita, my sweet, you must feed, or you're going to die.

    Det. Rita Veder : [defiant]  I want to die.

    Maximillian : I won't let you. I'll find someone for you.

    Silas Green : [Silas enters the apartment looking for Julius]  Hey, hey, Hey! The Knicks won! Julius, goddamn it, you owe me $50.

    [he then notices the new decor created by Max's casting spells] 

    Silas Green : Good God, he's a bad motherfucker. Julius! Where's my $50, Julius...

    [then notices Rita, weak and hungry, resting] 

    Silas Green : You ain't Julius. You that cop's girl. What wrong, baby? You look sick. Had too much pork today, huh? Bad pig's feet, ate the bay leaf? Want some cod-liver oil, baby? Tell me what you need.

    Maximillian : [sneaks up behind Silas]  What she needs is some fresh blood.

    Silas Green : Blood? Blood? I'll go to the Red Cross, get all you need.

    Maximillian : [yells]  Shut up!

    [Max stabs two holes in Silas' neck as Rita moves closer to her prey] 

    Silas Green : [scared]  Ow! Hey, brother, what the idea?

    Maximillian : The idea is dinner.

    Silas Green : Dinner? I don't see no dinner. What are we having?

    Maximillian : You!

    Silas Green : [frightened]  ME? Don't do it, baby!

    Maximillian : Do it, Rita. You don't have to resist. Do it!

    [Rita is about to feed on Silas' blood... ] 

    Silas Green : [completely frightened]  Don't do it, baby. I got old, tired Grandpa blood! I got high blood pressure, baby! High as the MOTHERFUCKIN' MOON! You suck my blood. I've gotta take three pills a DAY!

    [... but then NYPD Det. Justice and Dr. Zeko intervenes] 

    Detective Justice : [yells]  Rita! NO!

    Silas Green : [relieved]  Police! Police!

    Detective Justice : It's okay.

    Silas Green : Out of my way. POLICE!

    [Silas runs away from the apartment] 

    Detective Justice : [to Rita]  Rita, it's all over. Just walk away.

  • Detective Justice : [about to kill Max with the dagger]  Right through your black heart!

    [Justice opens the casket, only to find Rita lying there instead of Max] 

    Det. Rita Veder : [raspy]  You shouldn't have come.

    [she reaches out to Justice, but frightens him off] 

    Det. Rita Veder : It's too late for me...

    [the door in Max's chamber closes, trapping Det. Justice inside the room with Rita] 

    Detective Justice : Rita...

    [Justice looks at Rita, now a monstrous, hungry vampire; horrified] 

    Detective Justice : Oh, shit! Look at you!

    Det. Rita Veder : Now it's too late for YOU.

    Maximillian : [reappears]  You still don't believe in vampires, Detective?

    Detective Justice : I'm taking Rita with me. It's not too late for her.

    Maximillian : You should be worried about yourself.

    [Justice lunges at Max, but the latter disappears as Rita crawls out of the coffin] 

    Maximillian : Hey, bitch!

    [Max kisses Rita on her forehead] 

    Detective Justice : Rita, get away from him!

    [Justice lunges at Max again to stake him, but Max and Rita disappears] 

    Maximillian : [enraged]  I can give her everything, Justice! Tell me why you deny her that!

    Detective Justice : [yells]  She doesn't belong in your world! She's not a killer!

    Maximillian : It's in her BLOOD!

    Detective Justice : But not in her heart!

    [turns and sees Max and Rita; to Rita] 

    Detective Justice : It's not in your heart, Rita.

    Maximillian : Are you sure about that?

    Detective Justice : I'm sure you're ugly!

  • [Julius is escorting Max around the streets in his limo] 

    Julius Jones : Hey, Max, let me ask you something. Why didn't you just bite this bitch when you had a chance?

    Maximillian : It doesn't work that way. She has to give herself to me voluntarily.

    Julius Jones : [laughs]  Hey, this is Brooklyn, baby. Don't nobody give up shit unless you got some cold cash or a hot slug for their ass.

    Maximillian : In this case, I know a lot more about her than she knows about herself. One dance with me, one dance, and she'll be mine

    Julius Jones : Oh, see now, yeah, yeah. Now you're talking, player. Now you're talking. Take her dancing. I bet you dance that ol' wild Hammer shit.

    [Julius turns on the radio and plays "Pray", performed by MC Hammer] 

    Julius Jones : So I'm gonna put on some music and I want you to show me what you're gonna do when you get in there, you wild vampire self. Show me that old Hammer shit you gonna do.

    [Julius' annoying talking, plus the loud noise from the radio, is beginning to annoy Max] 

    Julius Jones : Throw it to me. Here we go! Yeah, that's some good shit, man. Am I gonna be able to disappear in the mirrors, too?

    [Finally having enough, Max uses mind control to damage the radio, then zaps the back of Julius' neck, giving the latter a burning sensation] 

    Maximillian : [infuriated]  I'm warning you to drive the limo and shut your fucking mouth. Shut up!

    Julius Jones : [in pain]  Hey man. You can't do that shit while I'm driving, B.

    Maximillian : [yells]  SHUT THE FUCK UP!

    Julius Jones : Shit! I'm driving!

    Maximillian : Goddamn it!

    Julius Jones : What the fuck? You giving me a brain emerysm or something? What the fuck was that?

    [Max blows on the blind-spot mirror, shattering it] 

    Julius Jones : Damn, man! You can put somebody's eye out like that.

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