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  • Will Spanner is at it again battling sex starved beautiful demon vampires in the seventh installment of this series. Will enlists the help of cops Lutz and Garner to bring down the evil vampire Martin and his beautiful erotic demonic slaves.


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  • Prologue: Two prostitutes, Rachel and Sally, have been hired to service the crowd at a party being thrown by the Polytechnic Institute to celebrate an upcoming merger. When Rachel is approached by Mr Tall, Blonde, and Handsome, she is only too happy to accomodate him...until he sinks his teeth into her neck.

    Attorney Will Spanner (David Byrnes) has been called to the Hospital emergency room by his friends Jack and Emily Hart because their little boy was hit by a drunk driver. While there, Will sees a girl being brought in by her hysterical roommate. Sally says that Rachel was found lying on a table during a party at the Polytechnic Institute and that she doesn't know what happened to her. Shortly after being brought in, Rachel goes into cardiac arrest and dies. When the hospital priest attempts to perform last rites on her, his cross mysteriously bursts into flames. Will takes a look at the body and notices two fang marks in her neck, so he calls his LAPD friends, Detectives Lutz (Alisa Christensen) and Garner (John Cragen), to come view the body. Lutz thinks that the bites may have been made by a snake; Garner suggests killer bees. As Garner is examining the bites, Rachel's eyes suddenly snap open. She knocks out Will and Lutz, kicks Garner in the balls, and runs out of the room.

    Will, Lutz, and Garner drive around looking for Rachel, figuring that she couldn't get very far dressed only in a backless hospital gown. Assuming that she will avoid the main roads, they decide to check out Echo Park. Indeed, they come across Rachel feeding on a jogger that she enticed into the bushes. When Lutz orders her to freeze, Rachel rises off the body, blood dripping from her mouth, and leaps at Lutz. Lutz fires two bullets, knocking her to the ground, but when Will bends over to look at the jogger's body, Rachel rises again, knocks him to the ground, and lunges at Lutz. Will picks up a tree branch and rams it into her chest.

    The next day, Will calls his friend Jack, who works at the INS (Immigration and Naturalization Service) for information about the Romanian-based Polytechnic Institute. Then he, Lutz, and Garner pay a visit to the Institute, which has been roped off as a crime scene. Because the scene has already been gone over by Forensics, there isn't much to see until Garner notices the security camera focused on the table where Rachel was found. They ask for the videotape and take it back to headquarters to watch. On the tape, they see Rachel writhing on the table, but she is alone. Will realizes that what they are seeing is Rachel being ravaged by an unphotographable vampire.

    The vampire is Martin Hassa (Loren Schmalle), born in 1581. Hassa is head of Polytech and is planning a merger with Cobal Corporation, an insurance company that is the major insurer of the U.S. blood supply. Cobal's merger with Polytech will give Hassa that control, and tonight is the corporate signing that will seal the deal. When Hassa finds out about Lutz, Garner, and Will snooping around the premises and confiscating the security tape, he has Costanza, his assistant, phone the mayor and order that the investigation of Rachel's "murder" at Polytech be stopped. Then he beheads the guard that gave away the videotape. He excuses himself from the merger talks and, in the form of a bat, flies to Will's house. Will is on the phone with Jack, so Hassa bites Will's girlfriend Keli while she sleeps. When Will comes to bed, Keli suddenly wakes up and tries to bite his neck. Will knocks her out and ties her to the bedposts.

    Meanwhile, Lutz and Garner have picked up Rachel's roommate Sally for questioning. At first, Sally is mum, but she eventually reveals that she and Rachel were hired to prostitute the party. Unfortunately, she can't remember the name of the guy that Rachel was with...Marty something. The bites on Sally's neck reveal that Sally has also been bitten. Suddenly, Sally begins to convulse and passes out on the floor. She is taken to the hospital, and Lutz and Garner head over to Polytech to talk with "Marty". They don't know it, but Will is also on his way to Polytech, armed with a big pointy stake.

    Snooping around the yard, Lutz and Garner meet up with Will. Will convinces them to wait outside (to catch anyone who tries to escape) while he goes inside to take care of Martin Hassa. As Will sneaks his way into the building, Garner calls out through a megaphone announcing the LAPD and telling everyone inside to come out with their hands up. This causes Kent, Polytech's public relations manager, to panic, and he begins ranting about "not getting away with it" and "killing all those women." Hassa tries to convince the merger committee that Kent is having a nervous breakdown, but the committee calls off the merger.

    Hassa suddenly perceives Will's presence in the building and goes looking for him. When they finally meet, Hassa changes himself into a demonbat and goes after Will. In the fight that ensues, Will manages to pierce Hassa's chest with the stake, but Hassa pulls Will on to the stake, too. By the time Lutz and Garner reach him, Will is dead and Hassa has disappeared. [Not to worry. Will Spanner returns in "Witchcraft 9".] Hassa hightails it to Will's bedroom and cuts the bindings from Keli's wrist. He orders Keli to remove the stake from his chest, promising her eternal life. Instead, Keli pushes the stake in further, sending Hassa reeling backwards and out the window where he falls into a whirling vertex of fire (hell). [Original synopsis by BJ Kuehl]

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