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Season 1

7 Sep. 1996
Art Intimidates Life
After Fitz buys a sketch pad from a weird street peddler, his drawings seem to take on a life all their own...especially a hideous monster on rollerblades!
14 Sep. 1996
Teacher Creature
Mr. Batrachian, a substitute teacher, would never dream of dissecting a frog...after all he may have a little more in common with them than most people!
21 Sep. 1996
Back to School
A new lunch lady - sweet Miss Larva Webb - cooks up delicious grub that the kids go buggy over. But there's a whole lotta squirming going the food!
28 Sep. 1996
Fitz, Brian, Sarah and Lexi try to save a doomed thanksgiving turkey by building a fake one, but when it gets struck by lighting...see everyone turn chicken!
5 Oct. 1996
Mummy Dearest
The school production of Antony And Cleopatra is cursed with disappearing actors and props that come to life...including a real mummy looking for a bride!
12 Oct. 1996
Charlotte's Revenge
A giant spider terrorizes the students and staff
19 Oct. 1996
Romeo and Ghouliette
Lexi realizes that something is not right with Julie, the new girl at Edgar Allen Poe High School, when she sees Julie eat worm in biology, and when Julie starts chasing Lexi's best friend Fitz, Lexi fears for his life.
26 Oct. 1996
Gorilla My Dreams
After Brian Inadvertently Turns Off The Power To The School Lunch Room Walk In Freezer, A Gorilla Emerges From Being Frozen In The Ice And Continues To Stalk Brian...Eliminating Anyone Who Gets In The Way!
26 Oct. 1996
Mr. Fitz and Dr. Hyde
Having to Do a Second Research Paper for Science Class, Fitz Convinces Arnie to Let Him Into the Old Chemistry Lab Where He Finds a Bottle of Substances That Transform Him Into the Insane Dr. Hyde, a Chemistry Teacher Who Went Mad!
9 Nov. 1996
Root of All Evil
The heroes battle monstrous plants which are taking over the High School.
16 Nov. 1996
Edgar Allan Poe-Session
Edgar Allan Poe High School is haunted by Edgar Allan Poe himself after the principal removes the writer's bust from the school's lobby.
30 Nov. 1996
Shmendel's Comet
The return of Shmendel's Comet unleashes strange powers. Meanwhile, the heroes try to steal the answers to a test to help Kirk.
7 Dec. 1996
Full Moon Goon
A new boy at school, Lobo, catches Sarah's eye, and she falls under his spell. Fitz, Brian, and Lexi have to keep Lobo from turning her into a werewolf before its too late.

 Season 1 

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