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Season 1

7 Sep. 1996
The Journey
While struggling to gain human acceptance, in the world, Goliath & Elisa are ambushed, by their latest threat, "The Quarrymen", determined to do "whatever it takes", to rid the world, of the "monsters" - once, and for all...!
14 Sep. 1996
A mayoral candidate vows to eliminate the gargoyle menace and to prove it, he vows to capture a gargoyle before election day. A group invades the Xanatoses' home and kidnaps Alex. The group, not knowing the Xanatoses', connection with the gargoyles, say they will release the baby in exchange for a gargoyle.
21 Sep. 1996
Feeling unappreciated, or unwanted, Brooklyn takes off (on his own), only to find a couple of children who'd ran away from home living out on the streets; Brooklyn bonds to them instantly after saving them from a couple of thugs that work for a man who calls himself "Radar" that deals in stolen property - that Elisa and the "Manhattan Clan" are investigating...
28 Sep. 1996
Broadway Goes to Hollywood
The "Manhattan Clan" is left completely speechless, when they discover Broadway has left, with Fox to go to Hollywood in an attempt to establish "public relations", between humans & Gargoyles... but Jackal and Hyena, have other plans in store for "the Lone Gargoyle"...!
5 Oct. 1996
A Bronx Tail
Bronx's love for trains separates him from Lexington as the train that Bronx is on speeds down the tracks - towards Pennsylvania. There, Bronx saves the life of Matthew: a young, Amish boy that befriends him... but a couple of local "locos" and the Highway Patrol take an interest in the misplaced Gargoyle...
26 Oct. 1996
The Dying of the Light
Hudson's losing sight in his good eye. His warrior's pride won't allow him to admit it to the clan. So where will he turn in his time of need?
2 Nov. 1996
And Justice for All
The gargoyles stop a criminal. But he escapes when Goliath is captured. He is charged with the crime the real thief committed. Goliath tells the clan not to break him out. He wants to go through the Judicial process.
9 Nov. 1996
Genesis Undone
Hollywood and Talon come to the castle. The clones are dying. Dr. Sevarius promises them a cure, but he needs DNA from the original sources, the gargoyles.
16 Nov. 1996
Goliath, Angela and Brooklyn are lead into a trap. Demona arrives and saves them. A new menace appears, a warrior who seems to vanish at-will. Angela wants the clan to work with Demona to defeat the menace.
23 Nov. 1996
For It May Come True
In the middle of a battle with the Quarrymen, Goliath blacks out for a moment. When he awakens. He's human, married to Elisa and has 2 children. But all is not well. As he tries to discover what happened, he finds the clan doesn't know him at all. Bronx is dead, Angela never existed, and Xanatos isn't the only one hunting down the Gargoyles. The police are also after them as well, and they're being led by his wife.
30 Nov. 1996
To Serve Mankind
The clan gets word of some gargoyles in the city. They discover it's a trap, and the clan is captured. While the rest of the clan endures cruel experiments, Goliath is brainwashed for a mission.
14 Dec. 1996
Seeing Isn't Believing
A helicopter is attacked and a surveillance tape shows Goliath was the culprit. He claims he was on patrol by himself at the time of the attack, but Elisa has trouble given the evidence against him. The truth leads to a reunion with some people they met on their world travel.
15 Feb. 1997
Angels in the Night
Most of the clan end up in a trap when a building explodes. Angela and Bronx, the apparent last surviving gargoyles, are blamed for the explosion and must face prosecution. But not before the Quarryman launch one last attack on them.

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