Kindred: The Embraced Poster

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Season 1

2 Apr. 1996
The Original Saga
A sizzling affair and macabre death with a vampire leads detective Frank Kohanek (C.Thomas Howell) to the violent world of the undead ruled by the Prince of the Vampires, Julian Luna (Mark Frankel).
3 Apr. 1996
Prince of the City
Julian prepares to defend his throne against the vicious Kindred mobster Eddie Fiori. But a beautiful and captivating reporter,named Caitlin Byrne, distracts Julian. Frank gets way too close to the secret of the "Masquerade".
While Julian's interest in Caitlin intensifies, a psychotic vampire leaves a grisly trail throughout the city. Daedalus, unknowingly leads Frank and Julian to a vicious showdown with a newly embraced killer named "Starkweather".
10 Apr. 1996
Romeo and Juliet
Caitlin is getting closer to learning Julian's secret identity while the passion between Cash and Sasha explodes into violence when she is embraced by an enemy clan, igniting an ancient blood bath and potential deadly feud.
17 Apr. 1996
Live Hard, Die Young, and Leave a Good Looking Corpse
Lillie must deal with Zane, the rebellious newly-embraced young rocker she sired. Zane's insatiable desires threatens the Kindred's secrecy when he becomes involved with Caitlin and Sasha.
24 Apr. 1996
The Rise and Fall of Eddie Fiori
As Eddie plots Julian's death and a jealous Lillie plots her revenge against Julian and Caitlin, a mysterious assassin known as a "Shape-changer" uses Cash and Sasha to get to Julian also.
1 May 1996
Bad Moon Rising
Caitlin's own secret past is revealed when she falls into a trap set by jealous Lillie. Meanwhile the Kindred must deal with a evil Nosferatu who is terrorizing the city.
8 May 1996
Cabin in the Woods
Caitlin takes Julian to a cabin in the woods for some romance but the Bruja clan attacks. Frank is warned not to investigate the vampires. In order to prevent a vampire civil war, Archon takes responsibility for a crime from his past.

 Season 1 

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