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23 Jan. 1998
Darkness Falls
During a visit to New Orleans Alex is attracted to an old college friend and is bitten by a vampire. When she returns to Legacy house the college friend and the vampire follow her and Alex fights the urge to make her first kill.
30 Jan. 1998
Light of Day
Alex chooses Nick as her first human victim. Derek and Rachel try and keep Nick from dying, and Alex from joining Phillipe as a full vampire.
6 Feb. 1998
The Enlightened One
Kristin Adams from the Boston Legacy House comes to San Francisco following a series of church burnings. She hopes to save her younger brother from the cult responsible for the fires.
16 Feb. 1998
Stolen Hearts
Kat is targeted by supernatural sources that use one of their cat's paws to try and seduce Rachel.
20 Feb. 1998
Father to Son
Nick sees his father die, and then his father's ghost asks for Nick's help in solving the mysteries behind the death.
27 Feb. 1998
Fallen Angel
The Legacy team intervenes when a dead woman's spirit returns to earth to rescue her lover's soul from Hell.
6 Mar. 1998
Dream Lover
A deceased Legacy member's fiancée has been possessed by a spirit from an ancient Minoan urn.
13 Mar. 1998
Debt of Honor
A friend's ghost seeks vengeance because of the circumstances behind his death.
20 Mar. 1998
The Light
Rachel gets the Legacy team involved to protect her old family friends who all seem to be dying under mysterious circumstances.
10 Apr. 1998
Hell Hath No Fury
The Legacy team investigates a ritualistic murder of a convicted killer.
17 Apr. 1998
Irish Jug
Derek and his friend are possessed by the spirits of 18th century Irishmen.
24 Apr. 1998
Rachel's patient appears to have passed his murderous compulsions on to her.
29 May 1998
La Belle Dame Sans Merci
Alex finds herself reliving the life of an ancestor who has possessed her.
26 Jun. 1998
The Prodigy
Kristen's old flame, a concert pianist, appears to be oddly under the control of his agent.
3 Jul. 1998
The Human Vessel
An autistic man is turned into a genius by a bolt of lightning.
10 Jul. 1998
The Covenant
The team investigates the death of Covenant novice.
17 Jul. 1998
The Internment
Kristin and Rachel become trapped in a ghost town.
24 Jul. 1998
After discovering an ancient artifact, Alex, Kristin and Rachel find themselves charmed by a mysterious stranger.
31 Jul. 1998
Out of Sight
Professional psychic Jeffrey Starr seeks the Legacy's help when he is threatened by a vengeful spirit.
7 Aug. 1998
The Last Good Knight
Kristin takes off to find her long-missing father after receiving a mysterious ancient map, but Derek and Nick are suspicious and follow her to Istanbul.
14 Aug. 1998
Armies of the Night
When unknown forces besiege the Legacy House while Kristin and Rachel are away, Derek goes over his recollections of past enemies to try to identify who might be returning.
21 Aug. 1998
The Darkside
In the aftermath of the assault by Marcus, a vampire woman from the Darkside tries to turn Alex against the Legacy by pointing out its past failures.

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