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  • Two young people meet in the 60's as a result of their devotion to John Lennon, and have a recurring relationship during the next thirty years at the oddest of moments, in the most diverse places, and during very important moments that defined several decades. Pay attention as one couple of younger actors alternate with the other couple of older actors to recreate this 30 year span in this Spanish-French comedy.



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  • Diana Balaguer (Penélope Cruz in a minor role) meets Santi García (Gabino Diego), the bellboy in a luxurious hotel in Madrid. She wants to meet John Lennon in the Beatles' only visit to Spain. Santi hides Diana under the bedroom, while John tries to shag an unknown girl who can't speak a word of English. Both Santi and Diana leave the room after John is called to leave for an interview.

    Diana comes from a wealthy family well-related with the powers-to-be during Franco's dictatorship in Spain. Santi comes from a poorer family without connections. Santi and Diana start a love affair, but Diana is very pragmatic, she won't ever marry somebody from a poor family.

    Santi will make a pass to María José (Laura Conejero), a neighbour with the same social status as him. However, he'll dream with Diana all the time. Diana refuses to have a scheduled affair with him, so Santi threatens her with dumping her for ever. Santi has already married María José, and her unfaithfulness is bringing him a lot of trouble. Diana (Ana Belén) will help him: she gives him a million pesetas (around 6,000 euros nowadays). With that money, Santi (Juanjo Puigcorbé) can pay for his training as a pilot and have a better life.

    Diana will marry a rich man, she will divorce him and marry an Italian tenor, Vittorio Raimondi (Carles Sans) who is very jealous. Once, Santi passes off as a waiter only to be able to be with Diana for a few minutes. The Italin goes after him threatening to kill him.

    Time goes by. Both lovers have become older. They meet by chance at a luxurious restaurant, each of their with their official spouse. Santi and María José are celebrating their anniversary. María José is angry, she knows that Diana wold like to be with her husband and she is proud that the wealthy Diana can have everything, but she can't have her husband. Each of the couple dance with their spouse, but they imagine they are dancing together. That night there is some terrible news: John Lennon has just been assessinated. A pianist plays one of Lennon's tunes, and that brings melancholy for both Santi and Diana because of the memories they share.

    Santi will see one of Diana's twin daughters (a role played by Penélope Cruz), and she will feel much tenderness when she sees the daughter looking exactly like her mother when Santi met her.

    They will meet on another occasion at an airport. Diana has just divorced Raimondi, and Diana and Santi decide to give love an apportunity. They want to run away together, leaving everything behind. However, life is against them. Santi needs to fly King Juan Carlos of Spain's plane back to Madrid. Diana comes across an American millionaire she had known some time before at one of her second husband's party.

    So each of them will do something else: Diana will go with that wealthy man and Santi will perform a prestigious task, the summit of his career. Their affair will have to wait once again.

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