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Great Timing and Pace, Full of Twists and a Great Entertainment
claudio_carvalho26 March 2006
The criminals Rock Keats (Damon Wayans) and Archie Moses (Adam Sandler) are best friends and have been stealing cars together for one year. Archie invites Rock to join the gang of the drug lord Frank Colton (James Caan) without knowing that Rock is indeed the undercover detective Jack Carter, assigned to get evidences against Frank. During the police raid against a heroin shipping of Frank, Archie accidentally shoots Jack in his head. Once recovered, Jack declares Archie his enemy, and arrests him. But the former mates have to join forces against Frank's gangsters and many dirty cops.

"Bulletproof" is a very funny police story, with a great timing and pace. There is a great chemistry between Damon Wayans and Adam Sandler, the good story has many twists and jokes, the cast is charming, especially the gorgeous Kristen Wilson and this is the second time that I watch this film and I still like it. This movie seems to be underrated in IMDb, with some very unfair reviews, and it is a great entertainment. My vote is seven.

Title (Brazil): "À Prova de Balas"("Bulletproof")
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Laugh Out Loud!
superboy47822 May 2002
Warning: Spoilers
Bulletproof is one of those movies that the critics are obviously going to give a blow and thumbs down, but in reality, I really had a good time watching Damon Wayans and Adam Sandler dodging bullets, cussing each other out, just basically getting on each others nerves.

An undercover cop named Rock Keates (Damon Wayans) is planning to arrest long time friend Archie Moses (Adam Sandler) on drug accounts. When the bust goes terribly wrong, Keates is ACCIDENTLY shot in the head by Moses. Days later, Moses is arrested by the survived Keates and both are put into a danger situation with an airplane. After the plane crashes in the desert, Keates and Moses annoy each other the whole way down.

Damon Wayans (My Wife and Kids) and Adam Sandler (Big Daddy) star in this hilarious comedy that will have you laughing!
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I thought it was funny
Thornfield218 June 2001
This movie, I think, is one of Sandler's best and I laughed my A off. I've watched it probably 15 times and I still laugh. I think the characters were well formed and the comedic chemistry between Sandler and Wayans was really entertaining! I think Archie Moses was a cute and fun character(especially when he used this Budweiser dog as a hostage and then out of guilt he lets the mutt go).I also love it when he and Keats are at each others throats one minute and then best buds the next. My favorite line in the whole movie is when Keats and Moses are pulled over by the cops and Moses has to pretend he's mentally challenged and while pulling a dopey face he says "Disneylaaaaaaaaahhhhhnd." Hillarious. James Caan made a brief cameo as Sandler's notorious boss, Coulton and that was cool too.This movie is no Academy Award winner, but so what! It made me laugh and dispite other reviews it is my favorite Sandler, tied with The Wedding Singer and Happy Gilmore off course. Very, very humerous.
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Half action, Half comedy, TOTALLY ENTERTAINING!
Lethal_K_MMX23 March 2003
Bulletproof is one of the funniest and action filled movies I have ever seen in a long time, and Damon Wayans and Adam Sandler are a great team, and James Caan is also good as the drug boss Frank Colton. The whole cast kept me laughing, and the action kept the adrenaline running.

4 out of 5
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Wayyyy Underrated
nyhcloyalty16 March 2005
I believe this movie was highly, highly underrated. Sandler and Waynes(spelling?) work amazingly together, in my opinion. It seems that for some reason this year this movie was overlooked, maybe because of Happy Gilmore, which is a possibility.

Definitely one of the better action/comedies of the 90's, as you can see I feel strongly about it. The plot is very interesting, and there definitely are some twists and turns that do keep you guessing. As you can see from this movie Sandlers career went uphill, as Waynes seems to have fallen. This movie reminds me a lot of Nothing to Lose (starring Martin Lawrence) and other movies of the sort. I don't know what it is but I have a soft spot in my heart for the 90's action/comedies.
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Not funny nor exciting.
Mario6414 June 1999
I think Bulletproof may be a better movie than Billy Madison, but outside that it's the worst Adam Sandler movie yet. First there are quite a few scenes of dumb dialogue none of which are funny. And second this movie has some bad action sequences. In the end this movie can't seem to make it's mind if it's an action movie or a comedy and who really cares. *1/2 out of **** for Bulletproof!
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Mix of two genres doesn't come off
Wizard-83 May 1999
Mixing hard, violent action and yuk-yuk humor is very difficult to do successfully, and this movie proves it. Though I like action, and I like comedy, I just don't find the sight of people being bloodily blown away hilarious, as this movie seems to think. The action scenes are bland. There is some humor, but it's pretty spotty. Bottom line: only watch if you have nothing else to do and no other choice.
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Underrated for sure
clairamarie26 March 2019
I thought it was pretty good. It had good action, decent story and there was some really funny parts. I bought it cheap at Walmart and I'm glad I did. I will watch it again for sure.
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funny and thrilling
ShortCuteBlonde1 October 2002
i liked this movie a lot, it was probably one of my favorite adam sandler movies of all time, it was funny and exciting, the acting wasn't the best but it was still a good movie and i hope anyone who hasn't seen it watches it,its a great movie for everyone i give it a 9/10
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Wayans and Sandler are funny and talented - but not in this movie
AlsExGal27 March 2013
This has to be one of the worst movies I ever saw. I should have known by it's release date - September - I was in for less than a treat. That's after all of the summer blockbusters have been released and before the academy award possibilities start cropping up in October/November. And remember, 1996 was the year that the word "blockbuster" was defined by unwatchable schlock such as Independence Day and Twister.

Jack Keats (Damon Wayons) is an undercover cop posing as a car thief in order to get information from a real car thief, Archie Moses (Adam Sandler). The two have actually developed a kind of friendship during the time they are working together. After gaining his trust, Moses offers to introduce Keats to his boss, drug kingpin Frank Colton (James Caan). Keats jumps at the chance to home in on bigger criminal game. Thus as Keats is meeting Colton for the first time, the police appear on the scene to make their arrests in the case. In the resulting chaos, Keats is shot in the head. Keats has a slow but sure recovery. On the bright side, he falls in love with the woman who helps him recover. On the negative side, he now has a metal plate in his head. Afterwards, when he is back on duty, Keats is assigned to escort Moses back to testify against his former employer Colton, a situation neither one is looking forward to. Keats is angry because thanks to Moses he has a metal plate in his head, and Moses is angry because Keats lied to him over the entire year that he thought they were friends and colleagues. This movie seems to be going for the buddy/road film angle, with the exception of the fact that Keats and Moses run into a series of attempts on their lives since Colton, the big drug kingpin, is out to kill them both. This forces them to work together to figure out why their every move seems to be known by Colton before they even make it.

Both Wayans and Sandler can be very funny if given the right material, but neither has anything particularly funny to do or say here, since the material they are working with is totally lacking in the imagination and genuine humor that could have exploited the talents of the two leading men. Avoid at all cost. The only reason I remember this movie over ten years later is (a) it is incredibly bad even for a "man movie" and (b) my husband insisted we go see it.
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Not one of Adam Sandler's best movies
david-sarkies5 November 2011
Warning: Spoilers
This movie is about friendship and betrayal. Both of the major characters in this movie are betrayed by their closest friends, and come to understand what it is really like to be betrayed. One of them is an undercover cop while the other is a criminal, but also quite timid, but has joined forces, and then earned the emnity, of a major drug lord.

The movie opens with the cop and Archie Moses as best friends stealing a car, but we quickly learn that the cop is an undercover cop who is trying to bust a drug dealer who owns a huge car dealership. Moses then brings the cop to the factory and it is discovered that he is a cop and the police raid the place. The cop wants to protected Archie, but due to an accident, Archie shoots him in the head. Months later, the cop has fallen in love with his therapist and Archie is running from the drug lord. He is found by the police but requests that this cop return and escort him back.

There isn't much to say about this movie other than how they begin as best friends, but after the truth is revealed, Archie cannot trust him anymore. The cop in upset because Archie shot him, but does not want to believe that it was an accident. We also know that somebody else is tipping them off, but we do not know who, but the movie is about the friend's betrayal, and is summed up in Archie's comment to the cop, "now you know how it feels to be betrayed by a friend." The drug lord is interesting because he also owns a used car yard and we always see his advertisement on television. It is as if this guy is flaunting himself in front of everybody, and those who know the truth about him are frustrated because they cannot get at him. Archie has the evidence, but the guy wants Archie dead because of his relationship with the cop.

This is not a bad movie, but Adam Sandler has done far better. It is not really a comedy, more of an action movie, and though Sandler does act weirdly, this movie does not stand out in my opinion.
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a good buddy movie
barb-71 April 2000
I didn't think I would like the movie. but I found it pretty good. Damon Wayans and Adam Sandler were pretty good buddies. It reminded me of the buddy movies of the 70' and 80'. There were some stupid parts like the gunman hiding in the sunflowers in the desert. Come on. How did those flowres get there. I like the dog. neat pit bull. The ending was good. I would recomend renting it. forget buying it.
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I'm not sure
Quinoa198430 April 2000
Damon Wayans and Adam Sandler team up in this film about betrayal, loyalty, friendship, and getting a gun in your a**. I actually found some scenes funny, but this type of film isn't really made for Sandler (or Wayans for that matter). But, they try, and they succeed, sort of. James Caan is good as a villain boss. B+
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Bad action sequences, mediocre acting, GOOD PLOT!
Sheen-221 June 1999
Stuck somewhere in-between action, comedy, and drama, Wayans and Sandler seem awkward delivering more "seriously- based lines" instead of their usual off-beat quips. The action scenes are TERRIBLE, very unbelievable and EXTREMELY FAKE. There are also several minor actors who can't deliver a line worth a damn. Otherwise, the movie is VERY enjoyable, and includes several plot twists to keep things interesting. The duo, although a bit dry and out-of-place for this sort of thing do manage to pull things together and keep the movie memorable. Worth at least one renting.... :)
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Awesome movie
joedude150410 April 2003
This is definetly Adam Sandler and Damoin Wayan's best movie yet. There is a perfect amount of comedy and action. This is about two friends, Rock Keates(Damon) and Archie Moses(Adam). Archie, who works for a drug dealer named Frank Colten(James Caan), finds out that His friend, Rock, is a cop. They hate each other after that. Archie escapes and gets caught buy the police in the desert. Rock, who's real name is Jack Carter, goes out into the desert to bring Archie in. Colten's men attack though, leaving Jack and Archie alone. They get on the plane. Archie fortunatly knows how to fly a plane, but they still crash because of lack of gas. They're now stuck in the desert. After that, it's just a huge "bag of laughs" while they try to get along with eachother, while trying to take down Colten. This movie is my FAVORITE movie. I'd give it 9 out of 10 stars. It's excellent, you won't be disappointed.
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A mindnumbing waste of time
MovieAlien29 June 1999
Not only was this a bad action movie, but it was a bad Adam Sandler movie (Hey, that's a little bit redundant, isn't it?) But what I really wondered is why James Caan wasted his time in it. Why would a great actor who played in the Godfather movies want to embarrass himself in such trash?

Sandler plays a conman who unknowingly befriends a cop, played by Damon Waynes. When Sandler reveals that he knows the kingpin behind a massive heroin ring, he leads Waynes to the location, Sandler finds out that Waynes is going undercover as a cop, and shoots him in the head (by accident). Nevertheless, he recovers. To make it so the movie's plot goes on par with the title, they put a metal plate on the wound. "Bulletproof" Get it? Ooh, that's so clever and funny! My sides are splitting.

I won't tell what happens from there. If you're brave enough to tolerate mental pain from sheer stupidity, you'd see it for yourself. This movie wasn't only a rip-off of several other action movies, but the jokes were unfunny and offensive, many of them being sexist, homophobic, or racist.
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SpackerMatt9 December 2000
As a fan of Adam Sandler, I was expecting something a little funnier. I wont waste time going through the plot, but it was pretty good for an action movie. The movie in my opinion couldnt decide whether to be a comedy or a drama. The film starts off great, but slowly dies in the middle where it becomes serious. It jumps alive in the "sandwich action" sequence, and becomes funny again. The rest of the movie is randomly funny, sometimes going for long stretches without laughs. Now, seeing as I barely saw it, when it compares to other Adam Sandler movies made after it, its not that great. But as a follow-up to Billy Madison, its okay. 6.5/10
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Weird film
count_skogg25 June 2006
Warning: Spoilers
This film has a really weird mixture of genres - toilet humour and action in one. It doesn't really pull it off - it should have stuck to one genre. The best thing I can say about the movie is that the dog in it is cute.

The most disturbing sequence is in the middle of the film when Moses (Sandler) and Carter (Wayans) decide to stop off at a hunting lodge/motel. I'm not quite sure what the point of this sequence is - it just seems gratuitous in the extreme. The proprietor of the hunting lodge ("Charlie") is a very nerdy looking guy. For some reason, Moses starts a conversation with Charlie about porno, jacking off, homosexual sex, sex in a threesome... Charlie's photo of his "wife" appears to be Charlie dressed in drag. There is no reason for this really juvenile dialogue and scene. Anyway, the whole scene seems to be directed to the moment when a naked Moses ends up with Carter's gun up his butt and Charlie sees them through the window. It all reeks of school boy humour about homosexuality - horrified and titillated all at the same time - which I don't find funny at all.

I have a friend who is always raving about Adam Sandler movies. This is the first one I've seen - after this, I'm not sure I want to see any more.

BTW, this is my husband's account - he's seen Happy Gilmore, and he tells me it's quite good - maybe I should give Sandler just one more chance.

Countess Skogg
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Not original, but not the worst movie in the genre either.
philip_vanderveken30 October 2004
I'm not a big fan of Adam Sandler and I normally don't appreciate all those buddy / action comedies. But I have to admit that this movie wasn't even the worst in the genre. Yes from time to time it can even be quite enjoyable. However, there's already a huge list of this kind of movies and "Bulletproof" certainly isn't the best of them either.

Damon Wayans is an undercover cop who works with an unsuspecting criminal, played by Adam Sandler, to catch the big boss of a drug cartel. What happens next is a mix of a lot of action and some fun parts. The action sequences are nice to watch, but not every joke in this movie works very well. Still, in the end it isn't too bad, but like many action comedies, this one is very predictable and sometimes also very much over-the-top.

I guess this movie will be loved most by the people who like the genre or by the great fans of Sandler's work. Since I don't belong to any of these two groups, I give it only a 5.5/10.
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Very Underrated Action Buddy Film !
BloodyPredator23 March 2019
Bulletproof is a Fun Movie with nice Action Scenes ,Funny Jokes and a Great Buddy Duo with Adam Sandler and Damon Wayans. They are tons of funny Jokes and both Actors played very well. I don't get the low rating for this very Underrated Action Comedy Gem from the 90s. It's a Fun Movie and clearly one of the best Roles from Adam Sandler. I can Recommend it !
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"Mom, are you high again?"
pzivojinovic12 May 2016
Adam Sandler does it again, with another fun movie! This one is action-packed, and a great buddy movie. Damon Wayans is excellent in this film as well, and the two together make for a fun memorable show. Bulletproof is a silly comedy with some pretty bad acting over all. Despite that, this will go down in history as one of my favorites. This was Adam Sandler's first attempt at making a more serious role.

But it's a really fun easy going movie at a running time that couldn't offend anybody. It a load of old cobblers plot wise, and the buddy buddy thing was dying a death, but the two leads are amiable enough and Caan wasn't too bad as the villain. It's not very memorable though, and it's full of clichés, but for Sandler fans and Wayans fans, this will suffice.

Overall rating: 7 out of 10.
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widzhit12 April 2002
I haven't for a long time seen such a horrible film. I hoped that at least Adam Sandler could be funny... hopeless. Seems, like some teenager have written it's script and he's daddy pushed this so far, that someone agreed to shoot it. (Movie)World could be better place without this, whatever it is.
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Sharp and affective advice about this film.
robbo-2429 December 1999
For anyone looking for an amazingly brilliant comedy starring adam sandler then this is one for you. Everyone has heard of the wedding singer, the waterboy and big daddy but this film will make you hoot with laughter just as much as those. If you are an Adam Sandler fan then this is one for you. This film is fantastic and if Adam Sandler had released it now when he is a superstar then it would be a major hit.
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I don't like your God. Your God scares me.
Spikeopath27 December 2016
Starring Adam Sandler and Damon Wayans, the former a criminal, the latter a cop, plot sees the mismatched pair thrust together to bring down a criminal kingpin (James Caan). So it's all set up nicely for a high energy action comedy from the realm of buddy buddy bonanza. Sadly it has energy to burn but the execution of the comedy is weak to the point the makers have to resort to the base level of comedy writing to try and get laughs.

The odd line raises a chuckle, but quite often this is followed by a period of inanity, which in turn is followed by a ballsy action sequence (the makers very aware they quickly need to keep the demographic genre fans back on the clock). All this while a budding bromance - that's coupled with some lame homophobic undertones (a revolver up the butt gag? Seriously?) - threatens to turn it into the Brokeback Mountain of the buddy buddy action genre of film. Hell! the screenplay even has the whiff of misogyny about it.

The stars are badly served by poor writing and direction, but they themselves are guilty of offering up a chemistry free movie that dulls the senses during all the interim talking sequences. It's hard to believe this is the same pair of actors who have The Wedding Singer and The Last Boy Scout on their respective curricula vitae. This is a waste of talent and a wasted opportunity for something fun and exciting. A pic only marginally saved by its shoot-outs and fisticuffs (for the so inclined of course). Oh and what was James Caan thinking? Working for food or what? 5/10
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defbest10 June 2007
This movie was hilarious. i don't know how come it's got such a low rating. It's a comedy, it's not supposed to make you think about the meaning of life, but to make you laugh. And if you didn't laugh watching it..you have some serious problems..Or you are more than 75 and shouldn't watch it cuz u might get a heart attack . Anyway, besides Adam Sandler, the dog does an excellent job, especially at playing drunk when Adam Sandler gets busted by the cops on the highway. It's not as stupid as waterboy, Sandler doesn't act that stupid. It might actually be my favorite Adam Sandler movie, but it still has to compete with Anger Management and Happy Gilmore. And if we can rule out Happy Gilmore, Anger Management is another freaking hilarious movie.. Difficult choice. But i recommend it to every Adam Sandler fan who hasn't seen it yet. And to everybody else that enjoys a good laugh. If you can't laugh, don't bother to register and vote. You'll ruin it.
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