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  • The new Extended Cut is not DVD exclusive or a DVD premiere. (Almost) the same version had already been shown on the US TV channel ABC. Almost, because two lines had to be censored (Quote Imdb: The Mall Santa's line of "That's not my bag" was deleted from television because of its sexual innuendo; Myron's line of "a woman who slept with everybody at the post office but me" was changed to "a woman, you don't even know where she lives any more!"), while on the DVD those lines have not been edited. Apart from that the changes are the same so one can assume that the version aired on TV is the same as on the DVD

    The new scenes are quite nice, especially James Belushi getting more screen time should please many viewers. Also, the closing gag (Schwarzenegger noticing that because of all the ordeals he had went through he forgot to buy his wife a present as well) has been put behind the last scene at the parade instead of after the credits like in the old version, providing a somewhat rounder experience.

    In Britain the movie was originally released in a slightly censored version. It is missing a scene where Nunchakus are used. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Howard Langston (Arnold Schwarzenegger) an overworked mattress salesman fails to attend his son Jamie's (Jake Lloyd) karate class, when he is stuck in a traffic jam and is pulled over by a policeman for speeding. Howard decides to make it up to his disappointed son by buying him a doll of the popular TV superhero Turbo Man for Christmas. After his wife Liz (Rita Wilson) asks him if he bought the Turbo Man doll and that she had told him to do it months ago, Howard goes off to the toy store to buy one for Jamie for Christmas. But, Howard becomes frustrated when he finds all the toy stores are sold out and it turns into a madcap, non stop adventure as Howard desperately searches for a Turbo Man doll. But, a ranting mailman Myron (Sinbad) is also after a Turbo Man doll for his own son and competes against Howard and Howard soon learns his neighbor and divorcee Ted Maltin (Phil Hartman) is bent on stealing Liz for himself. Will Howard be able to find a Turbo Man doll in time for Christmas? Edit (Coming Soon)


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