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  • Unlike the original film in which the potion created by Dr. Klemp is designed directly to alter his personality. Sherman uses his latest discovery, a weight-loss serum that rewrites the subject's genes, to lose weight in order to spend time with Carla, creating the ever-increasingly-arrogant individual known as Buddy Love due to excessive testosterone levels caused by the transformation causing Buddy to manifest as an independent personality rather than simply being a thin Sherman. The reason being that the testosterone imbalance influences him to be overly confident and assertive. When confronted by Jason about the danger of the serum, Sherman tells him that he hasn't been himself lately but that Jason doesn't not know what it is "like" to be Buddy Love. This suggest that in the earlier stages of the transformation, while never completely in control, Sherman is still semi-conscious when Buddy becomes the dominant personalty. But later on Sherman loses total control of Buddy and Buddy becomes a completely independent being. Edit (Coming Soon)


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