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  • Amanda Foley has confusing nightmares and flashbacks that lead her to seek professional help. Nothing can shed light on her repressed memories, until she happens to catch her husband a college professor, having sex with one of his students. Then the past becomes dangerously clear.

  • The intimate seductions of a gorgeous, young coed could tempt any man, but the diabolic plot of a woman seeking revenge is more powerful than any husband can withstand. When beautiful Amanda begins a new life and a new family, her heinous history of rage resurfaces when she suspects that her husband has a wandering eyes. Meanwhile, everyone around them is pulled into their web of deceit as the cunning and vengeful temptress resurfaces and wages the fury of a woman scorned.


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  • Amanda Foley (Tane McClure) has weird nightmares. It's all a blur of violence and screaming. She wakes up out of her night fright and her husband Mark Foley (Myles O'Brien) tries to consle her. Her psychiatrist Dr Robert Greenfield (John McCook) tells her that violence in nightmares is a sign of having witnessed or suffrered violence in the past, only that she's repressed that violence.

    Mark is teaching at university. Two of her students, one of them very attractive, (Robey Stevens) ask him for some private tuition time, but he seems to refuse.

    An empty room: it looks like somebody has disappeared. Detective Bender (Seth Jaffe) asks a lady to look around, to see if anything out of the ordinary pops out to her.

    Back home, Mark asks Amanda what's for dinner and about Dr Greenfield.

    The lady calls her husband to tell him that there are no further clues. She asks him to come here, but he's too busy. She cries on the phone.

    Mark and Amanda start making love, but her nightmares give her a headache, up to the point that she thinks she's within her nightmares. She stops him right there, not without showing off her breasts before. He tells her he loves her. They hugh each other.

    Mark and Robert meet. Mark doesn't know a lot about Amanda's life prior meeting him. Greenfield wants to use hypnosis on her. Bender talks to Greenfield about the university student who disappeared from the face of earth just like that. Mark is distracted, so he dismisses his class early. A very cute blonde student invites him to drink something. Cynthia Meadows (Wendy Schumacher) flirts with him in spite of her bad marks on the bad mark she got on his subject. He is much more polite to her than to the first student. Cynthia walks him to his car.

    Mark encourages Amanda to go through hypnosis.

    All students hand in their assignments. Cynthia says that she's sorry about the day before but sets a date with him.

    Alex Weston (Andrew Stevens) finally make it to meet Marisa Weston (Mina Dillard) and Bender. Marisa blames a manipulative woman, without mentioning her name.

    Cynthia undresses in front of Mark in his office. He rejects her but finally gives in. Meanwhile, Amanda thinks that Mark is acting strange. There is a party and a tennis party with a male student. Mark and the male student fight. She may have killed him by stabbing him. Greenfield has problems to wake her up. She alleges she can't remember and storms out of Greenfield's office. She goes to the university and finds the class empty of students. She has pictures of the past when she sees Mark and Cynthia at it. She leaves crying.

    Mark comes back home. Amanda caresses him in her sexy lingerie and makes love to him. The next day, dressed in sexy clad, Amanda tells Greenfield that she is to terminate her treatment. He insists that she should continue therapy, maybe with another therapist. She flirts with him but remains adamant to end therapy. On her way out, Amanda sees Alex, Bender and Marisa. She realises that she shagged Robey Weston (Michael D. Arenz). While arguing, he pushed her out of the window. Alex and Marisa are Robey's parents, and he was the student of Greenfield who disappeared. The parents think that he was having an affair with a woman who made him disappear.

    Amanda overlooks Mark and Cynthia kissing. She bumps onto a cute young student named Tyler Holmes (Thomas R. Martin), who shows her. At the empty class, Mark says that it was a mistake, but Cynthia invites him over to her out-of-town parents' home. Cynthia accuses him of using and discarding her. All students enter.

    Tyler uses the computer system to show Amanda how the web info works. You need a password to do that. He flirts with her. Amanda gives Mark her address; he tells her he doesn't want to see her again, but she insists. Bender distributes photographs of Robey asking for information. Amanda follows Mark and Cynthia by car. She sees Amanda's parents leaving, while Cynthia and Tyler stay home. The young couple start making love. She takes photos of them at it.

    Neither Mark nor Robert think that it's a good idea that Amanda finishes therapy. Amanda tries to enter the student directory, but Amanda refuses to listen to Mark. Cynthia calls Mark home. She threatens to come over there if he doesn't come over to her's. He tells Amanda that he's forgotten some papers at university. She checks over Mark's things and finally gets into the system with Cynthia password, and changes her marks to fail. Later, she drives her flashy red car to follow Mark to Cynthia's. She undresses for him once again. Mark rejects Cynthia this time and leaves. He goes back home and Amanda confronts him with what she saw. Mark says that it was only that one time, and that he's sorry. Amanda looks eager to forgive him and she makes love to him.

    Amanda looks for information about Tyler Holmes. Bender keeps on asking questions about campus. Cynthia's mother gets photographs of Tyler and Cynthia making love in the mail, - those which Amanda had revealed. Amanda comes across Tyler; he joins her for coffee this time. Tyler says that he's got no girlfriend as such. Tyler takes Amanda to his dorm room. Meanwhile, Cynthia is pissed because she has been waiting for somebody who doesn't appear - Tyler, so she comes over to his dorm. She sees Tyler and Amanda making love.

    The secretary tells Robert Greenfield that Amanda will be attending therapy, and that she's leaving. Some students have seen Amanda at Robey's place, and that confirms Marisa's suspicions over her. Robert leaves a message at Bender's answerphone saying that one of his patients looks like the woman they are suspicious about. Amanda arrives and notices photos of her at Robert's desk. Robert tries to calm her down. She takes a high-design letter opener and stabs Robert Greenfield on the back with it. She overhears Marisa and Alex saying that Bender and Greenfield have recognised the mysterious woman. The marriage knock on the door of Robert's office while Amanda is hiding inside. The couple leave a written message for Dr. Greenfield at the empty reception; Amanda takes it and leaves after them.

    Cynthia pesters Mark at his home. Cynthia says that all her grades have been changed and that she'll lose her scholarship. Cynthia thinks that Mark has been the one who made the pictures of her and Tyler. She noticies a photograph on the wall, and tells Mark that she saw that woman with her Tyler, her boyfriend. Mark puts her out of his home; it doesn't look as though he's believe her, because he says that she's a drama queen.

    Cynthia meddles with a car. Amanda phones Alex saying that Bender can't meet them today. Alex leaves and Marisa takes a bubble bath. Alex gets into the car Amanda has meddled with and he dies in the accident. Amanda enters the bathroom where Marisa is. Amanda says that she has shagged both Robey and Alex. She pushes her underwater, and later electrocutes her.

    Mark talks to Amanda, who's preparing breakfast. Bender and the secretary find Greenfield's dead body. Bender interrupts Mark's lesson to accuse Amanda, who dismisses his class early. Amanda punches Cynthia and ties her down to a chair and blindfolds her. Bender tells Mark to sit tight and wait for him, but Mark realises that Cynthia is in danger. Bender can't find Mr Foley at home. Amanda starts cutting Cynthia.

    A police officer called Gentry (William Monroe) meets with Bender. They two and another police officer (Ashok Amritraj) arrives and meets Bender. Mark confronts Amanda, asking her if she's Amanda Cressfield who killed Greenfield and the Westons. She tells him that he's done it. The police arrests Mark, who's find hurt and blamed for Cynthia's murder. As Amanda isn't around, they even think that Mark killed Amanda.

    Meanwhile, Amanda is driving away.

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