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(I) (1996)

Philip Seymour Hoffman: Dustin Davis



  • Melissa : [at Meg's home at her dining table, eating steak and eggs]  Why do you call Billy "The Extreme?"

    Dusty : Because Billy *is* "The Extreme."

    Jason 'Preacher' Rowe : Bill is the most outta control son of a bitch in the game!

    Bill : [looking at Jo]  No, I think I came in second.

    Dusty : So we get this one near Daleton, right?

    Rabbit : Oh, God.

    Jo : You guys have got to get some new stories. I'm gonna go wash up.

    Dusty : And we are way too close. And Jo's got the vid on it right, she's filming it. And all of the sudden outta nowhere, this shitty lookin' green Valiant comes pulling up right in the way.

    Beltzer : [points to Bill]  And this loser stumbles out of the car, he's got like a bottle of Jack Daniel's in his hand...

    Dusty : He's naked!

    Rabbit : He is *butt* naked!

    Beltzer : Naked!

    Bill : NOT naked! I was NOT naked!

    Beltzer : [whispering & laughing in Melissa's ear]  He was without apparel.

    Bill : Half naked.

    Dusty : Naked. Ok, so Jo's yelling at him to get out of the way, right?

    [all laugh] 

    Dusty : And he just strolls up to the twister, says 'have a drink', and he chucks the bottle into the twister, and it NEVER hits the ground.

    Jason 'Preacher' Rowe : The twister caught it, and sucked it right up!

    Bill : [directing towards Melissa]  Honey, this is a tissue of lies. See, there was another Bill, an evil Bill, and I killed him.

  • Dusty : [after a pair of tornadoes spun Bill's truck around a few times]  Red meat. We crave sustenance.

    Jo : No, guys. We are not invading my aunt.

    Dusty : Food.

    Dusty , Rabbit : [others join in]  Food.

    Dusty , Rabbit , Beltzer : [the rest join in]  FOOOOOOOOD!

    Jo : Hey! We are absolutely not going.

  • Dusty : [seductively to Melissa]  "The Suck Zone". It's the point basically when the twister... sucks you up. That's not the technical term for it, obviously.

  • Beltzer : [over the radio]  Normal man spends his life avoiding tense situations.

    Dusty : [over the radio]  Repo Man spends his life getting into tense situations, Beltzer!

  • Rabbit : [at her home at the dining table, eating steak and eggs]  God, Meg, you've got a lot of beef. Where did you get all this beef?

    Meg Greene : Did you see my cows out front?

    Rabbit : No.

    Meg Greene : Oh!

    Dusty : You slaughter your own cows, Meg, nice.

  • Dusty : Jo! Bill! Did you see that explosion?

    Jo : [having just driven through the exploding petroleum truck with Bill]  Yeah, we saw it.

  • Dusty : [to Mellissa, at Meg's home at her dining table, eating steak and eggs while pouring gravy onto her mashed ] 


    Dusty : ] Meg's gravy is famous. It's practically a food group.

  • Dusty : Jo, Bill, it's coming! It's headed right for us!

    Bill : It's already here!

  • Dusty : Ha Ha! It's the wonder of nature, baby!

  • [to a terrified Melissa] 

    Dusty : Did you just miss that truck? That's awesome! That's AWESOME!

  • Dusty : He's gonna rue the day he came up against The Extreme, baby. Bill, I'm talkin' imminent rueage.

  • Dusty : He strolls up to the twister, and he says, *have a drink*. And he chucks the bottle into the twister, and it never hits the ground.

  • Dusty : [holding onto the drivers side window]  Fashionably late again, eh Jonas? Fashionably late. Gimme kiss baby!

    [kisses Eddies cheek] 

    Eddie : Get outta here!

    Dusty : [laughing; points at Eddie as they drive by]  Loser! Move on!

  • Dusty : [while watching Jonas on television at Meg's home at her dining table, eating steak and eggs]  Oh God, he sucks.

    Rabbit : Oh, shut up. Get him off.

    [Bill turns off the televsion] 

    Jo : [about Jonas]  He is so in love with himself. I thought it was just a summer thing.

  • Dusty : [seeing Bill for the first time in a long time]  The extreme! IT'S THE EXTREME!

    Bill : Oh, man. Don't start that shit.

  • Dusty : [to Melissa]  Jo's gonna flip when she sees he's back!

    Bill : [while walking away to find Jo]  I'm not back!

  • Dusty : [after first tornado, Dusty walks over to Joe's crashed truck while she's grabbing things out of it, laughing and noticing DOROTHY I still strapped in the bed, damaged]  Well there's some good news, it *did* fly. What was it like?

    Jo : It was windy.

    Dusty : Windy.


    Dusty : That's intense.

    Jo : [before breaking one of the windows in her truck by kicking it]  All right, move it, Dusty!

    Dusty : [jokingly, raises his arms defensively]  That's intense!

  • [Watching Jo and Bill approaching a tornado on a video camera] 

    Dusty : They're in the bear cage!

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