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Marvel revisits Earth X with Marvels X variant covers

Marvel is set to revisit the fascinating future of Earth X this January as comic legends Alex Ross and Jim Krueger teunite for a prequel to their classic epic with Marvels X, and to celebrate the new series the publisher has announced a selection of Marvels X variant covers featuring bold reimaginings of iconic characters […]

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Bts Are Shut Out of 2020 Grammy Nominations

In April, Bts released Map of the Soul: Persona, an instant commercial smash. The seven-piece K-Pop ensemble outsold Beyoncé’s surprise live album, Homecoming, by an enviable margin, and earned their third chart-topping album in less than 11 months. The last group to earn that many number ones as quickly was the Beatles.

But on Wednesday, when the Recording Academy announced the nominations for the 2020 Grammys, Bts were nowhere to be found.

This demonstrates the ongoing challenge for K-pop acts: They consistently outsell — not to mention out dance — their American counterparts,
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New The Rise of Skywalker Footage Has Rey Confronting Darth Vader's Helmet

  • MovieWeb
Disney and Lucasfilm have revealed some more goods for Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker a month out from the movie's official release. Not only did they reveal a brand new poster, which showcases the overwhelming odds the Resistance is coming up against in their fight against the First Order, but we also have a new TV spot, which is jam-packed with new footage. It's still difficult to know what all of it means without any real context, but it's an awful lot to process.

The spot opens with C-3Po's heartbreaking speech from the Star Wars 9 final trailer. We then see Rey getting a look at Darth Vader's helmet, which raises some interesting questions. We also get a look at one of the new First Order land speeders, and another new shot of Kylo Ren in his patched-up mask. We then move onto a big action sequence that sees
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Artist International Group, Korea-Based Saram Entertainment Form Joint Venture

  • Deadline
Exclusive: Artist International Group CEO David Unger and Saram Entertainment CEO Soyoung Lee have launched a full-service, internationally-driven talent representation joint venture where they will rep a diverse set of clients across film and television from their Seoul and Los Angeles based offices. The goal is to produce and package film, television and local language content.

“Together we are uniquely positioned to capitalize on the explosive growth from international opportunities and partnerships,” Unger said. “Today, more than ever, content across film and television must speak to diverse audiences with global appeal.”

Artist International Group clients include Hanee Lee (Extreme Job), Michelle Yeoh (Crazy Rich Asians), Anil Kapoor (Slumdog Millionaire), Gong Li (Memoirs of a Geisha), Tom Welling (Smallville), Mallika Sherawat (Time Raiders), Elsa Zylberstein (I’ve Loved You So Long), Siwon Choi (Dragon Blade) and Saïd Taghmaoui (Wonder Woman) as well as writer and director clients Amanda Sthers (Madame), Tony Kaye
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Patrick Lussier’s Trick Coming to Blu-ray and DVD on December 17th

  • DailyDead
After bringing blood-spattered scares to Cupid's big day with 2009's My Bloody Valentine and raising hell in 2011's Drive Angry, director/co-writer Patrick Lussier and co-writer Todd Farmer tap into Halloween horror with their new film Trick (co-starring the legendary Tom Atkins), and following its theatrical and VOD release in October, Rlje Films will unwrap Trick on Blu-ray and DVD beginning December 17th, just in time for last-minute holiday shopping.

We have the official press release with full release details below, and in case you missed it, read Heather Wixson's review and her "Practical-ly Perfect" article on the film's special effects artist Gary Tunnicliffe, as well as our interviews with Lussier and Atkins.

Press Release: Los Angeles – Rlje Films, a business unit of AMC Networks, will release Trick on December 17, 2019 on DVD and Blu-ray. Trick features Omar Epps ("House"), Ellen Adair (“Homeland”), Kristina Reyes (“Blindspot”), Jamie Kennedy (Scream franchise
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Infinite Earths and Other Worlds: The Best and Worst Alternate Realities

Fans of the Arrowverse were first introduced to the multiverse, the idea of parallel worlds with parallel versions of our beloved characters on, The Flash Season 2 Episode 2.

Since then, our heroes have encountered multiple earths, including but not limited to:

Earth II, where Black Siren, Zoom, Harry Wells, and Jesse Quick came from

Earth III, where Jay Garrick came from

Earth 38 where Supergirl takes place Earth X, where nazis reigned supreme and Kara was involved with Oliver. 

The theory of a multiverse is fascinating, but the Arrowverse is not the first show to go there. Oh, we can give credit to the comics circa 1961 and debate whether Marvel or DC did it first, but we're talking TV here.

And for TV, there is also a long history of parallel worlds.

In some cases, these worlds are fantasies, in others, a true parallel reality. However they came about, these shows gave
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Avengers: Endgame Concept Art Shows Thanos Destroying Cap’s Shield With His Hands

There are so many shocking moments squeezed into the final battle of Avengers: Endgame. One of them comes though when Thanos uses his blade to destroy Captain America’s shield. Not only is it a weapon with much history in the McU, but it’s also made of the most powerful metal on Earth, vibranium. In the movie, the Mad Titan bests the shield with his double-sided blade. But in some newly unveiled concept art, the villain breaks it with his bare hands.

Marvel’s Avengers: Endgame: The Art of the Movie reveals a lot of fascinating, incredible artwork from the Marvel movie event of the year. As for this particular piece, check out the video above at the 10:05 timestamp, as it shows us that originally, the fight between Thanos and Steve Rogers was going to see the tyrant using nothing but his fists against the hero, with him
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I’m With the Band: Nasty Cherry review – move over Simon Cowell, here's Charli Xcx!

Netflix’s new reality show follows a girl group primed for stardom by the pop rebel – and you will be hopelessly sucked in by their spectacular tiffs

Historically, girl bands have been put together and managed by middle-aged men, often resulting in the gruesome situation of young women being told what to do, say and wear by those men in order to make the men as much money as possible. As much as I’m With the Band: Nasty Cherry (Netflix) is a fairly standard X Factor setup – a mentor develops a fledgling act, drawing on their own industry experience – it does, at least, offer a glimmer of a fresh take. The six-part show follows the progress of “alt-pop” group Nasty Cherry, who have been flung together by Charli Xcx and her best friend and the band’s manager, Emmie Lichtenberg, from when they move into a house together to
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The McU's X-Men: 5 Things That Have Been Confirmed (& 5 Fan Theories)

After months of negotiation, Disney finally finished acquiring 21st Century Fox earlier this year. The merger has led to a ton of lucrative movie franchises flooding into the Mouse House’s ever-expanding library of intellectual properties. The many acquisitions includes the rights to the superhero teams of the X-Men and the Fantastic Four, which have now reverted back to Marvel Studios.

Related: 10 Ways Marvel Can Fix The X-Men Franchise

Disney chief Bob Iger has promised that these characters will, in due time, join the Marvel Cinematic Universe, when Kevin Feige has had enough time to figure it out. So, here are 5 things that have been confirmed for the McU’s X-Men and 5 fan theories.
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Watch Cardi B, Lizzo, Billie Eilish Read Mean Tweets on ‘Kimmel’

Watch Cardi B, Lizzo, Billie Eilish Read Mean Tweets on ‘Kimmel’
Jimmy Kimmel has a brand-new edition of his “Mean Tweets” segment, this time featuring all musicians. The late night host tapped everyone from Billie Eilish to Chance the Rapper to Luke Bryan to Lizzo for the clip, which is hilarious.

Eilish goes first, reading a tweet that says “Billie Eilish dresses like she got her clothes stolen at the gym so they gave her what they had in the lost and found bin.” It gets worse for Chance the Rapper, who reads, “Chance the Rapper? More like Chance the worthless
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The ‘Steele Dossier’ and the Wmd Story Came Out the Same Way

This morning, I wrote in Rolling Stone, “Why is Christopher Steele still a thing?” The British ex-spy reappeared as a contributor to a British intelligence report, and I argued his “dossier” tale was a press fiasco similar to the Weapons of Mass Destruction affair.

“The Wmd affair showed what happens when we don’t require sources to show us evidence, when we let political actors use the press to “confirm” their own assertions, when we report on the journey of rumors instead of the rumors themselves…”

Some on social media disputed the characterization.
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Inxs Guitarist Tim Farriss Reflects on the Band's Biggest Moment

Tony Sokol Nov 5, 2019

Inxs guitarist riffs on producers, songwriting, a legendary concert at Wembley Stadium.

Inxs started out as a cover band playing clubs and went on to write international hits "as sexy and funky as any white rock group," according to 1001 Songs: The Great Songs of All Time and the Artists, Stories and Secrets Behind Them.

Mates since childhood, Inxs is second only to AC/DC in selling the most Australian music to the U.S. But it is their July 13, 1991, show at England's Wembley Stadium which made them legends. Inxs's debut headlining show came six years to the day after Live Aid and five years and a day since the band supported Queen at Wembley Stadium. The performance, called "Summer Xs," was recorded for a live album and filmed and released as Live Baby Live, directed by David Mallet. Later this year, Fathom Events will bring indoors what
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Pokemon Black and White: Why the 5th Generation Still Matters

Rob Leane Sep 26, 2019

We replayed Pokémon Black and White and discovered that the 5th Generation is still great! Our analysis...

This article comes from Den of Geek UK.

Looking back, Pokemon Black and White was something of an in-betweeny point in the franchise’s development. Diamond and Pearl had already mastered the move to DS, and we were still three years away from X and Y making the next big leap with the transition onto the 3Ds. Without new hardware to showcase, the 5th Generation of the franchise could have easily felt like a lull. Booting up Black in 2019, though, it is clear that this generation still holds up pretty well.

The big, bold choices from the development team at Game Freak have helped this game retain its freshness. Take the central setting, for instance: the Unova region represents a major departure from all the previous regions. Rather than taking
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InXS’ Monumental 1991 Wembley Concert Film Restored for Theater Run (Exclusive)

  • Variety
InXS’ Monumental 1991 Wembley Concert Film Restored for Theater Run (Exclusive)
Inxs frontman Michael Hutchence’s 1997 death meant many still-coming-of-age fans were unable to see the Australian band’s magnetism live in its original form.

Live Baby Live,” an album of the band’s 1991 sold out Wembley Stadium concert, assuaged some, as did its David Mallet-directed video accompaniment. Then the film disappeared, and longtime manager Chris M. Murphy spent 10 years looking for the original 35mm film cans which were eventually located in Australia.

Now CinEvents is bringing a new widescreen 4K Ultra HD restoration of the film to theaters along with a new Dolby Atmos audio mix by executive music producer Giles Martin and Sam Okell, who worked out of Abbey Road Studios. “Live Baby Live,” which includes a previously unseen “lost” track, will screen in theaters beginning on Nov. 14, starting in Australia and New Zealand then making its way to North and South America on Dec. 9 along with other international territories.
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2019 Creative Arts Emmy winners (Sunday): Full list of nominees and winners in all 49 categories

  • Gold Derby
2019 Creative Arts Emmy winners (Sunday): Full list of nominees and winners in all 49 categories
The 2019 Creative Arts Emmys were held on the weekend of September 14-15, celebrating the best achievements in television crafts, animation, nonfiction and more. This is where the vast majority of awards were handed out (almost 100 over the course of the two days) before the main Emmys telecast on September 22. So who were the big winners on Sunday night? Scroll down for the complete list in all 49 categories, updating live as they’re announced.

SEE2019 Creative Arts Emmy winners (Saturday): Full list of nominees and winners in all 48 categories

Saturday night’s show focused on achievements in animation, documentaries, variety, and reality. Sunday’s kudos were reserved mostly for dramas, comedies, movies and limited series. Among the top nominees in these fields included “Game of Thrones,” which had a record 32 nominations overall, 18 of which were at Creative Arts. Other programs with heaps of craft noms included “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel,
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Marvel’s Avengers Developer Says Dlc Characters Won’t Be Reskins

One of the first solid details we learned about Marvel’s Avengers back in June was that it would contain microtransactions.

In the absence of any gameplay to fawn over, however, audiences on the show floor at E3 and around the world immediately latched onto the revelation and voiced their concerns over how publisher Square Enix would monetize the lucrative license. We’ve since learned, of course, that the superhero adventure’s optional content will be purely cosmetic in nature, and that all meaningful content – new characters, areas, etc – will arrive free of charge.

In an age of hyper-awareness when it comes to loot boxes and other questionable practices, Marvel’s Avengers‘ approach is a refreshing change of pace. The jury’s still out, of course, on whether the price of such luxuries will be of an acceptable level, but at the very least, players won’t have to spend
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Saga of Tanya the Evil Movie Review

Psychotic spitfire Tanya gets thrown back into combat and may finally meet her match in the explosive sequel film to the hit anime series!




“We flip the chess board and change the rules of the game!”

Saga of Tanya the Evil is a creative stew of an anime series that mixes a serious tactical war drama about world domination with fantastical elements like magic powers and God-like entities that hold a grudge. And that’s to say nothing of the fact that the main character, a young girl military leader, actually has the spirit of a grown man from a future alternate reality housed inside of her as some kind of cosmic punishment.

This anime was one of the most unique series to come out in 2017 and it’s because Saga of Tanya the Evil is such an unusual mix of eclectic sensibilities that it warranted a
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Pokémon Detective Pikachu Review

I’ll be the first to admit that I wasn’t particularly excited when Ryan Reynolds was selected to voice the titular character in Pokémon: Detective Pikachu. In my mind, his voice is the ‘X’ factor that brings Deadpool to life on the big screen, a smarmy rasp that’s perfect for R-rated cynicism, but not exactly ideal for the first live-action take on everyone’s favorite electric mouse. So imagine my surprise that in a film full of colorful CGI creatures, Reynold’s Pikachu performance is its sole spark of life; a critical hit in a flurry of misses.

For the first act of the film, I was fully on board. Director Rob Letterman does a great job introducing us to the world of Pokemon, where children are given a pocket-sized monster and expected to travel far and wide, catching and battling other critters to prove who’s best.
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Slamdance’s Greatest Hits

  • Variety
Slamdance’s Greatest Hits
Over the past quarter century, the Slamdance Film Festival has served as a launchpad for a number of now high profile filmmakers at the very start of their careers. Here is a baker’s dozen of some of the festival’s greatest discoveries.

Marc Forster


Forster premiered his $10,000 debut in 1995 and grabbed the Audience Award, and has become one of the most versatile directors working, with other credits including “Monster’s Ball,” “Finding Neverland,” “Stay,” “The Kite Runner,” “Stranger Than Fiction,” “Quantum of Solace,” “World War Z” and “Christopher Robin.”

Rian Johnson

“Evil Demon Golfball from Hell!!!”

Johnson’s irreverent short film played the festival in 1996, launching a career that has dabbled in artistic indies and big-budget franchise blockbusters (“Star Wars: The Last Jedi”).

Greg Mottola

The Daytrippers

The writer-director’s 1996 feature debut was produced by Steven Soderbergh and got Mottola work on cult-classic television series “Undeclared,” “Arrested Development,
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Illusionist Darcy Oake eliminated on ‘America’s Got Talent: The Champions’: Did Superfans get it wrong? [Watch]

  • Gold Derby
World-renowned illusionist Darcy Oake, who made a name for himself as the fifth-place act on “Britain’s Got Talent” Season 8, made his debut in front of American audiences during the third episode of “Agt: The Champions.” Darcy’s performance wowed the judges as he seemingly made Heidi Klum float in midair (watch above). Unfortunately, his stint on the spinoff reality TV show was short-lived as the Superfans, the voters who wield all the power this season, decided to send through opera singer Paul Potts instead. Did the Superfans get it wrong this week? Vote down in our poll below.

SEEHeidi Klum attacks Simon Cowell for X’ing comedian Tom Cotter on ‘Agt: Champions’: ‘That was totally wrong!’ [Watch]

Since judge Howie Mandel used his Golden Buzzer to advance 11-year-old singer Angelica Hale to the Finals, that meant the Superfans had to choose which of the nine remaining acts to send through.
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