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25 Sep. 2001
Intensive Caring
Just after Greg and Dharma made up, they had a car accident which lands her in hospital. Greg is concerned more with her medical treatment than is she, Dr. Coleman or physiotherapist Nancy, whom she matches with Pete. When the Finkelsteins arrange an alternative 'therapy' with a loon in Santa Fé, that crosses the top surgeon Gower which Greg got to operate on her. Meanwhile jealous Kitty refuses to let the hippie couple take care of Greg and his place.
25 Sep. 2001
With a Little Help from My Friend
Even during her rehabilitation and still in a wheelchair, Dharma keeps meddling with everybody else's love - and other lives, but none of them accepts or appreciates it, and even matchmaking Pete with her physiotherapist turns sour. She also pretends to need no help and ignores doctors orders and other warnings to take it easy, pending full recovery, but Greg finds her flat on her face and in tears as physical reality catches up with loony arrogance.
2 Oct. 2001
Papa Was Almost a Rolling Stone
When Dharma starts a very amateuristic radio station in the living room, Greg jumps in opposing callers' conspiracies and other loony theories, yet finds the right tone to handle the audience, but is ignorant of one technical kink. Surprisingly the most requests are for a good song by - Larry, so Dharma wants him to perform at an open night. Kitty panics when Greg finds an old-fashioned suit which Edward insists on wearing publicly.
9 Oct. 2001
Sexual Healing
Shameless Dharma enjoys making prudish Kitty hear how she tells Greg she's ready to have sex again. After discussing the total loss car with insurance official Ed, Greg first takes her to Dr. Coleman, to check what exactly they are allowed in her recovering state, then is terribly worried not to hurt her. Meanwhile Larry refuses to return Edward's favorite chair, which Kitty gave away, but promises to gamble for it.
16 Oct. 2001
Without Reservations
The British tourist couple Henry and Lorraine Cooper accidentally phones Dharma and Greg, looking for a B&B to celebrate their anniversary. They can't find any vacancies elsewhere because the fleet is in San Fransisco, so Dharma decides to volunteer Greg as their waiter and footman at home. Alas Henry proves too picky for such a perfectionist's pride. Kitty is furious the zoo named a hippo facility after her and demands Greg's help to get better value for 'charity' in the ongoing rivalry with another socialite couple, Porter and Teensy. When the Brits leave without a ...
23 Oct. 2001
Try to Remember This Kind of September
Greg was surprised when Dharma stole his PJ pants while he slept, and startled when he meets a self-invited house-guest wearing only his boxers. The guest turns out to be Dharma's commune youth friend, September, a radical hippie who even puts bugs in salad. While they visit the Finkelstein parents, with the intent of meeting Larry and finding out if he's September's biological father, Greg is left alone wrestling with Dharma's claim he can't live without his electronic friends, such as radio and TV.
30 Oct. 2001
Used Karma
Greg finds out that Dharma actually bought the sports-car he only dreams about. After Abby declares the car is haunted, Pete shows them a file about its previous owner who was a gangster called Shorty Green. Meanwhile Edward tells 'security professional' Larry to mount a camera to find out which Halloween vandal always throws eggs at his house.
13 Nov. 2001
Home Is Where the Art Is
When Dharma finds her friend Terry the performance artist is in Frisco, she immediately accepts an invitation to participate in his latest 'play': being live exhibits in a gallery for a week, which gets extended to a month. Greg didn't see the point in it but let her go. Larry, who is thrown out by Abby for feeding the baby meat, moves in and drives Greg nuts, even climbing in his bed stark-naked. Even Dharma slowly starts to realize she should give priority to her marriage.
20 Nov. 2001
Wish We Weren't Here
Greg had planned to escape their rowing parents by spending Thanskiving on the Bahamas, but bad weather got them stuck in Fort Wayne, Indiana. While he eagerly tries to rebook, however complicated, despite incompetence or ill will from airline staff, even to another tropical destination, Dharma gets involved in a couple on its way to a romantic wedding, if they don't break up.
27 Nov. 2001
Dream a Little Dream of Her
When Kitty offers Greg and Dharma a cruise but fails to mention she and Edward are also coming, for once Greg abandons his excuse and even insists he would prefer to be able to tell the truth. This deeply unsettles the balance of pretense in the Montgomery Senior household. Dharma bugs Greg till he admits his sexual fantasy girl is a famous violist he once shared winks and a cab with. She wrecks it for Greg by contacting her and decides to 'provide' him a new fantasy, which delivers only stunting.
4 Dec. 2001
A Fish Tale
Dharma refuses even a white lie against her parents, so she makes Greg tell Abby he and Edward are going fishing, a rare habit- to her, plain murder and cause for divorce. After Dharma's desperate attempts to stop him Greg confides in her the men in fact don't fish but go to Las Vegas; maid Celia tells them what Kitty does. Now Dharma tries to learn from Pete what they do in Vegas...
11 Dec. 2001
Previously on Dharma and Greg
Dharma & Greg find that they nearly met quite a few times before they really met. But the universe wasn't ready for them.
8 Jan. 2002
Protecting the Ego-System
Dharma makes Greg have sex with her in his parent's country club's coat check, but the real embarrassment comes when everybody wriggles out of attending Kitty's socialite rival Teensy Manhart's theatre opening. That turns out to be on an ecologically valuable wetland (marsh), so the Finkelsteins lead the protest, or was that Kitty's devious plan to eliminate her 'charity' competition?
5 Mar. 2002
Near-Death of a Salesman
Tasting the vegetarian' chili con carne that Larry wants to sell lands Ed in hospital. He's is soon released but forbidden to work, so Greg must fill in for him. Dharma takes Ed shoe shopping to the store that Montgomery Industries owns at the mall, so he shows Vaughn's sales team how much better an enthusiastic talent does it. Kitty pulls Ed up for his image, then tells Dharma he's putting off retirement until Greg takes over.
12 Mar. 2002
It's a Bird, It's a Plane, It's... My Wife
To Ed's delight Greg starts working at Montgomery Industries, where Kitty and her interior decorator Lorenzo try -mostly absurd- office themes. Donald shows his new comic creation, superhero Blond Tornado, modeled on Dharma, so she insists on helping him promote it at a convention, in costume. Pete consults Greg about his legal problems, but jealous VP Howard spreads the word that Pete is the brain behind the heir. When Dharma, in costume, attacks a store-robber, Greg saves her by disarming the fiend and makes her sit on him- she makes the newspaper, Greg is passed ...
19 Mar. 2002
I Think, Therefore I Am in Trouble
Greg finds his German new legal colleague too sexy not to fantasize about, and her European ways too seductive, so he absurdly feels guilty and spoils Dharma with diamonds. She really is guilty - of tricking Lalit, the guru who took over her yoga classes at the hippie coop and is so good at it nobody wants her back, into returning to India.
26 Mar. 2002
She's with the Band
At a business drink with conservative Mongomery Industries client Kevin Kincaid, Dharma meets his rebellious daughter, Kelly, and stirs her plans to quit a college education for Jared's band. Dharma even joins it and encourages embarrassing acts, such as a naked performance on the roof. When Kelly's father kicks her out, Dharma takes the whole gang -who lived in her student flat- in, again without consulting Greg, who is mortified. Even his father, Ed, offers to take over. Kelly's applause for her comment 'not even trying to explain what suits can't understand', makes...
2 Apr. 2002
Mission: Implausible
Greg is delighted by an office visit from a very polite Harvard Law School student, Rick Sanderson. But to his horror discovers afterward he's been had at a hair-brain game they apparently still play there, involving an Eisenhower bust as a trophy. However an elaborate plot is devised to take revenge under the crazy rules with Pete, Dharma and Susan. Things don't go to plan but still work out. Meanwhile ever incompetent Larry finally gets fired from his security desk job.
2 Apr. 2002
This Diamond Ring
Dharma stupidly forgot to renew her license, passes the drivers exam only because it's a shamble, and manages to loose an heirloom ring Kitty gave her. Pete begs Greg to save him from his girlfriend Gretchen's nymphomaniac appetite, since Dharma gave him a book on sensitive wooing. Dharma discovers Kitty actually gave her fake ring, and proves again that was very wise, yet refuses to acknowledge so.
9 Apr. 2002
The Tooth Is Out There
Seeing how Larry, already depressed by his dismissal as Mongomery Industries security guard, mourns the impending closing of Frisco's conspiracy books shop, Greg sees red. All that pseudo-scientific lies about UFO's need to be put right. Dharma only sees an alternative occupation for her dad, except he won't take the capital required for a takeover from anyone. Larry's estranged brother Herb, a dentist, is somehow persuaded by Dharma to offer the money. When the bookshop seems to be sabotaged, Dharma thinks Larry was right all the time Herb wanted to see his brother ...
16 Apr. 2002
The Parent Trap
Seeing Marlena Hoffman, who until recently was working in a clothes shop, Greg wants her to leave but Dharma insists on helping her. Greg fired Marlena as she was a lazy mean secretary, and it appeared that she lost her subsequent job in the clothes shop because she was just as rude. Dharma takes in Marlene's ill cat, but Marlena's parents are far worse to handle and she takes them to the Finkelstein's home. Meanwhile Edward refuses to play along with Kitty's fashionably planned wedding vows renewal, as nobody asked him, and later gives the vows an artistic twist.
23 Apr. 2002
Tuesday's Child
Greg notices young Gracie stays behind after a performance by Rodney the clown. Dharma insists to take elaborate care of Gracie, dragging the brat along to everyone's nuisance at Montgomery Industries. Kitty's alleged abuse of a perfume saleslady got her convicted to community service. She expected Abby to sign her hours slip at the recycling shop, but when that is denied as cheating turns the place into a fashionable elite boutique against every hippie grain, with the desired result.
30 Apr. 2002
The Mamas and the Papas: Part 1
Greg planned a nice anniversary holiday with Dharma, but she can't help promising to her parents to join their hippie celebration of Abby's 'spiritual birthday' and to Kitty to spend equal quality time with the Montgomerys. Thus Greg and both elderly couples find themselves lumped together in Ed's country retreat, a sure recipe for almost instant bickering. It gets so bad, as the Finkelsteins mount a tent camp with ludicrous demands against the 'hypocrits', that Dharma finally admits Greg is right, five years of reconciliation attempt achieved nothing. Meanwhile Greg ...
30 Apr. 2002
The Mamas and the Papas: Part 2
Giving up on their parents, Greg and Dharma drive off and she gets them stuck in the snow. They compare frustrations about dubious parents and systematically disagree how to do better when they'll have kids. Meanwhile the oldies got along great with drinks in the jacuzzi, until Abby screams murder(ers) because of hunting trophies and forces Larry to mount another protest while it snows. Meanwhile Pete panics in the office, having spilled the fictitious beans to get in bed with Laura from the SEC.

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