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Hilarious!! Original!!
bisz18 September 2003
Dharma & Greg has changed how I view sitcoms. Having seen all of D&G I don't find anything else to be as funny as it used to be. Frasier, Home Improvement, Drew Carey, According to Jim, Sports Night, all used to be my favorites but now none of them make me bellow out in laughter as hard and as often as Dharma & Greg does.

This show has everything! Intelligent humour which requires the viewer to pay attention and of course the plethora of silly humour for which Dharma is famous. It's hilarious, but also very touching at times, both sides of the coin are written superbly and acted with great skill. Unrealistic things such as dead Indian ghosts and the general craziness of Dharma go side by side with the common realisms of life, characters munching on something as they talk, brushing their teeth, paying their bills. The show covers all types of humour, all types of emotion, all types of situations, it has everything.

The writing and acting in this show are superb. The perfect timing and tremendous skill of Jennal Elfman and Thomas Gibson translate into one of the most memorable relationships on television, Dharma and Greg are as real a TV couple as you can get. The other cast members are also all very talented and play their roles perfectly. With such a high quality of actors, the writers and producers were able to pull off some amazing shows.

Where Dharma & Greg stands apart from all other shows is in how you laugh at it. you don't! You laugh WITH it. In Raymond you laugh at the characters when they get in one of their many arguments. In Frasier you laugh when he and Niles do something snobbish. There is a general trend in sitcom humour, akin to the newspaper saying of 'it bleeds, it leads', that trend is making us laugh by making the characters miserable, making them argue, in general, we laugh at their misfortune. On the other hand Dharma is at its best when we are laughing with the characters, at their happiness, because unlike most other shows, the characters in D&G do laugh. They laugh at themselves, at each other, at the situations they encounter, and when they are laughing and having a good time I find it much more funny, much more real, then when I'm asked to laugh at Ray's pathetic brother or Jim's flimsy excuses to his angry wife. Life is funny, why do none of the characters in other sitcoms realize it?

In short, I find Dharma & Greg to be a very funny, uplifting show, the best I've ever seen. It's sappy to say, but watching D&G makes me feel good, and that's amazing seeing as its only a television show, but I guess that's what makes it such a good one.
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Sadly Missed
sminkydink25 April 2003
"Dharma & Greg" is one of my favourite shows of recent years. It's cute and smart and I'm missing it already! I absolutely adore Jenna Elfman and I thought that the chemistry between herself and Thomas Gibson was absolutely infalliable. For the most part, the supporting cast were strong too, particularly the continuous bickering between Kitty and Edward (Susan Sullivan and Mitch Ryan) In the last series I missed my other favourite character, Jane (Shae D'Lyn), very much.
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Jenna and Thomas are the couple of the century!!
canto-320 November 1999
I really love Dharma & Greg. It shows the life of a young couple, in a very funny way. The episodes were hilarious and the actors were great! All the characters are great! There isn't that "I Hate Him" character. Dharma is hilarious and Greg is very cool, too. I think Jenna and Thomas are the couple of the century!!

I wish I could tape the episodes and watch them again. I laugh a lot watching it. The jokes are great. And I always wanted to freeze-frame the episodes in the final credits to read that LONG texts. I love this show.
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It. Is. Funny.
Nicola-J-B30 December 2001
Sometimes there is no need to deeply analyse television. Whatever Dharma and Greg is saying about free spirited living isn't really the issue. This programme is a comedy. It makes people laugh. And, in my opinion, it does this well. The relationship between Dharma and Greg is admirable, an example of a strong, love-filled and happy marital life, which is what we need more of. So no matter what some people say about it, my advice is to watch it and laugh.
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This show inspired me in real life
melissa-26417 November 2005
Dharma & Greg is my all-time favorite TV show, and I was in hog heaven with the re-runs. I wish they were still on regularly. I always considered the character of "Dharma" as "my idol" and really loved the idealistic marriage portrayed on the show, peppered with real issues that happen with real relationships. I yearned to have such a loving, happy marriage. Then, last year, on the first date with my now-husband, we discussed the show and it turned out he loved it and felt the same way about it. We are now in a wonderful, Dharma&Greg-esquire marriage filled with surprises, kookiness, hot, adventurous sex and lots of communication and love. Thanks for the inspiration!
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There's more depth to the parents
jeffreykopp13 May 2005
Yes, there are parallels to "I Love Lucy," but with a degree of introspection which was impossible for TV in those days. I regard this show as one of the last of the US broadcast networks' "second golden age," which emerged at the end of the seventies.

The actors use their voices extremely well; their timing, phrasing and range of modulation are expertly refined and restrained, and amazingly accomplished for TV. There are very few essential sight gags; when replaying the (excellent quality) audio track alone, I am intrigued by how well it would have worked on radio.

I notice some don't seem to "get" the parents, seeing them as shallow stereotypes. But their roles were written and played with the winking insight that the characters have become quite well aware their lifestyles, values and belief systems were folly. With evident embarrassment, they pragmatically and self-consciously stick to their pretensions, as they provide the only structure they dare trust enough to hold their fragile self-identities and relationships together.

This is gently revealed in the dynamic between and among the folks. The kids may seem to be center stage, but having themselves already caught on, essentially play "straight man" together to the poignant unfolding of their parents' subdued realizations as they sail into the fading expectations of middle age.
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Great Television
cobain4ever49424 November 2003
The show is great, plain and simple. Absolutely funny, mixing a nice balance of silliness and humor, with wit and drama. The show at times can really pull at you and make you think. The culture clash--social clash is more accurate--is eye opening and brings out real ideas and social issues. But never strays from the comedy. It's been nearly two years since the show ended, but I still watch and love the show. To be honest I barely had seen the show when it still produced new episodes, but I still love it and find that it still relates to what's going on in society now. Like I said, the show is great. Plain and simple.
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High quality viewing.
ziolon2 January 2000
You see sitcoms coming through that just aren't funny (ala Suddenly Susan, Jesse), but Dharma and Greg is hilarious. Dharma's free-spirited antics are hysterical, and both Greg's and Dharma's parents add something so special that no other shows have. In New Zealand, we are in our second season, and it rates very highly. In my opinion, the best sitcom on today. 9/10
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The Straight "Will and Grace"
flex62186 December 2002
Let's face it Dharma and Greg is a wonderful show, funny,poignant, cute.......and on point. But the best single description of Dharma & Greg is "The Straight Will & Grace". I am sorry that D & G was taken off the air before it reached it's full potential
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Jenna Elfman is absolutely hillarious
CELLIOTT1029 November 2001
In this excellent comedy series Dharma (Elfman) and Greg (Gibson) are a married couple and it's basically about what happens to them each week (a bit like "Friends" (1994). I would reccomend this TV Series to anyone who loves humour. The supporting characters are also a smash. Especially Susan Sullivan who plays the snobby rich housewife in the role of Gregs mother. She's fabulous. Watch Dharma and Greg. You'll love it.
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Some annoying scientologist pretends to act..
athene92518 November 2006
This show is what gives sitcoms their stigma. It's not funny, not clever...if you beg to disagree, look at the "Memorable Quotes" section of IMDb for this monstrosity. They're not very memorable, but they're somewhat painful.

When this show comes on, I literally wince. A friend of mine loved it, so I've tried watching it a couple times. I didn't laugh, but I did cringe. Jenna Elfman just isn't funny. Her on-screen husband is bland. Jokes fall flat, although the poor writing never gave them any boost off the ground to begin with.

If you spent your childhood eating lead paint chips, this show will crack you up. Otherwise, you'll search for the humor and fail - just as this show has failed to create any sort of unique style or hilarity.

If you want clever and funny, check out Arrested Development. Don't let this train wreck of a show, Dharma and Greg, sit on your screen for more than a minute.
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The Sickly Sweet Sentimentality Of This Show Turned Me Off
wchngliu3 July 2007
I am not a fan of Dharma and Greg myself and neither was I keen on the jokes and the humour in the show. The plot sounded promising at first but the sickly sweet sentimentality of the romance theme, eventually grated on me. I didn't warm to the humour, having said that the show wasn't entirely funny itself. I don't mind the romantic element in sitcoms but I much prefer it as a sub-plot where the show also focuses on the coming together of the male and female couple. Likewise, they start out as friends, or as workmates, who then become friends and then as eventual lovers. Much better that way I suppose as opposed to it functioning as the main plot. Dharma and Greg was an almost cutesy-like sitcom, but the fact that with those two already together as a couple, it felt like that it was because of this that there wasn't much else to offer to the story. I do think that unlike other sitcom couples, there will never be a real-life couple like Dharma and Greg; well, I very much doubt that a relationship of their type would work as it did in real life, just like in the series. As a dramedy- type of show, Dharma and Greg may fare better in this sense but as a sitcom and with the premise of this show, the result is disappointing and thus, it just doesn't pay off effectively. The whole hippies /yuppies concept in the context of the relationships in D&G, was one I found nauseating and cumbersome.

Especially as the syrupy and somewhat predictable nature of Dharma and Greg's relationship deterred me from watching the entire series.

Overall, Dharma and Greg was not for me- it was and is very silly and yet not that humorous, so much so that it just didn't work as a sitcom.
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Stereotyped characters, good acting, some inane dialog
aemmering26 August 2006
Warning: Spoilers
This is a potentially clever idea completely wasted: young, wild hippie chick marries nice, staid, young Republican lawyer. Their styles clash, their parents clash. Dharma's kooky parents, as written, are a ridiculous insult to freethinkers everywhere-why are hippies always shown as goofy vegans who build their own furniture and recite mantras every hour of the day? Why is Dharma, the hippie kook, so incredibly impractical and air-headed? Oh-I forgot, she's the hippieeeeeee! Why is her stuffy hubby so very stuffy (and so good looking--an odd combination-only in Hollywood, friends!) And, last but not least, why are Greg's stuffy (and very rich) parents so selfish, and in her mother's case, so evil. I know, it's because rich people are evil and stuffy-that's how they got to be rich, of course (plus, having a creepy fake British accent does't hurt either-only in some grade Z hack writer's dreams.) It's all a terrible shame, for all its faults, its still a watchable show-the acting (especially by the older players) is more than good, the ideas are interesting, if not terribly original. If it weren't for that ghastly writing........

My scores (10 is best) Acting 8 Idea 6 Writing 1 (I'm still thinking about this one).
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Elfman's 15 minutes of fame
caspian19788 August 2004
Dharma & Greg hit the American television audience like an atomic bomb. It soon became a favorite to many viewers and hit hard at award shows and top ten lists. Then, the show had its moments and quickly disappeared. In 1997, Jenna Elfman entered the spotlight and took everyone's attention. Being as clever and funny as her name, Jenna Elfman seemed to be climbing the comedic charts as the next "Lucy." Then....it all ended. Much like the popularity of the show, Elfman's high profile career slowly went away. The show had a great premise and the cast was very like-able as the series went on. However, it came and went so quickly, the show never had its chance, like Elfman to be block buster material. A great romantic comedy series.
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jacksonc3 March 1999
I admit to never having watched a whole episode mainly because of the suffocating puerile silliness of the overall show. Yes, Elfman is attractive. However, that is not enough. As talented as she may be, she is no Lucille Ball. I think that is what she perceives herself as being. Sight gags and pratfalls do not make up for writing. I believe this show will beach itself and die in two or three seasons.
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I love this show!!
monsterb-7249820 May 2015
I absolutely adore this show! I can't find anything else that quite compares. It's romantic, it's funny, it's witty, it's silly and it's fun. It's brilliantly written and acted perfectly with characters that actually make me laugh, unlike other sitcoms. It's the perfect example of how opposites attract and the comedy that ensues as the characters react to lifestyles or situations they wouldn't otherwise encounter. Above all, it's a show about love, respect and open communication. Dharma and Greg epitomize the perfectly imperfect fun loving relationship. I love watching re-runs (I bought the whole series) in my kitchen while I make dinner. It's light hearted, makes me feel good and entertains me while I cook. I only wish there were more episodes!
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How everyone would like their lives to be.
Bronco4621 March 2013
I guess real men aren't supposed to like a show like this. It's a rom-com to the max; but it's so well written and casted it draws you in. Besides I'm a real man and I like it. There's not just one or two really good characters; there's at least six of the regulars that so much fun, you can't imagine the show cast with anyone else. You really come to like these people, care for them, worry about them. I found the show in re-runs and thank goodness they're running all the episodes one after the other; I'm more then two thirds of the way thru, and I'm sorry to see it coming to and end. It's hard to rate these episodes they're all quite good; the lowest I've down rated one to a 7. Most are 8's and 9's with several 10's. Excellent show.
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Go Dharma!
heathbar92821 January 2003
"Dharma" is a wonderful example of what a person should be like. She's optimistic, intelligent, bold, honest, environmentally compassionate and she isn't afraid to talk about sex! She is who many people are on the inside, but afraid to express externally. The way she handles Greg is an expression of an open mindedness that everyone should possess. Jenna Elfman should be honored to have influenced the world to be themselves and accept differences.
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Charmed Out of My Mind
brownsteve-357772 November 2018
Loved the show. See below:

I, wearing a double breasted brown business suit, sitting on a park bench overlooking San Francisco Bay and reading a copy of The Wall Street Journal, was accosted by a beautiful young blonde in long Gypsy skirt and low-cut blouse, who pulled me into a wild dance that that had me supporting her on my upraised hands and feet while lying on my back on the grass and then she doing the same for me.

It was real, but part of a duet we improvised as part of a summer workshop led by the dancer, Anna Halprin -- where members self-selected partners and then improvised ways to "dance" with aspects of San Francisco, and thus, all of us combined amounted to a collective dance "with" the city as added "partner." Larger groups than our twosome came about, but it was just my bad luck to be saddled, alone, with a beautiful blonde).

We also tried playing SF sophisticates while having coffee and cake at the Embarcadero Hilton. Then we, and other groups, reported our experiences back to the larger group.

However, my best female friend and a former girlfriend was a real-life version of Dharma (albeit with a German accent), who wound up marrying a true "Greg" (then a "planetary engineer" at Cal Tech) and helped to "reform" him. The three of us remain good friends many years later.
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aruna nanda13 March 2002
Hi, My name is Aruna and I recently started to watch this TV series. I think it is the most funny one I have ever seen (except maybe for Perfect Stranger with Balkie Bartokomous, but I'm not sure) I love Dharma and Greg and the parents of Greg are also funny. Dharma's parents are not that funny. Since I saw this serie I try not to miss any. When I do, I watch the rerun at night. Whoever commented that they feel this isn't even a bit funny have to have their head examined. Everyone likes something else for hundred of reasons, but funny is funny. And I think this is hilarious.
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New Fan
B Laterno7 February 2002
I had never seen the show until a few months ago when I heard one of my favorite actresses "Bobbie Phillips" was making an appearance. It was very funny. I watched again to see if it was a fluke but I have to say it's quite a funny show. I don't catch it every week but every show I've seen has been funny and the actors are very entertaining.
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A puerile show masquerading as a liberal statement
12345-24 January 1999
As a fairly liberal free spirited individual, I find this show most offensive in its interpretation of what is considered liberal. The show's lead female character sets your teeth on edge every time she pulls off one of her 'free spirited antics'. The constant sexual overtones of anything she does or say has reduced this show to being a joke on the air.
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One of the best
rpzowie7 April 2008
To my regret, I didn't discover Dharma and Greg until it was in syndication after it had ended as a series. I have since become a big fan and hope someday they do a reunion of sorts. From listening to Chuck Lorre, Jenna Elfman, Mimi Kennedy, Alan Rachins, Susan Sullivan and Mitchell Ryan comment about it on the DVDs, the show was perfectly cast.

Yes, I know there are conservatives out there who might not have liked the show because of Dharma's family's liberal ways. Well, I'm a Reagan-loving conservative and absolutely enjoyed the show. To me, the show was very balanced in its humor: Dharma and her family were made fun of just as Greg and his family were.

I think one of the funniest episodes was when Teller guest starred as Jane's cat Mr. Boots. I envision Jane paid Teller's character to act like a cat--just to mess with Greg.

I wish this show had gone on longer...it would've been great to explore D&G having children and trying to raise them despite their differences. In the meantime, I hope Jenna Elfman is able to get back into doing sitcoms again. She's far too talented as a comedic actress not to.

A year or so ago, I received an e-mail from an actor who had a brief guest starring role on D&G. He told me that Jenna, Thomas and Susan couldn't have been nicer.
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Dharma! Not Greg!
-53 February 1999
If I see one more "happy young couple" TV show, I swear to God I'm going to shoot myself in the face. Jenna Elfman is rather attractive, though. Guys, I would recommend watching this show with the TV on mute, as to avoid any inane dialogue or fake laughter that might assail your already-pummelled eardrums, and allow your eyes to be gratified. Ac..cennn.. tuate the positive, e.. limmmm.. inate the negative...
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Rather offensive
chromesthesia-113 June 2004
Too stereotypical, ridiculous characters and situations. The only good thing about the show is the acting but the writing is just.. terrible. It portrays liberals and conservatives in the most narrow light. I dislike the how DIPPY the liberals are. How they are shown as free spirited, yet not very intelligent or respectful. Why do the conservative rich people in shows ALWAYS have to be stiff and repressed? Couldn't they show rich people without making them sticks in the mud? And why does the conservative part of a couple ALWAYS have to be the guy? It would have been much more interesting if the woman was conservative and the guy was the free spirit. At least it would be unique. Both sets of parents are extremely annoying. Why do so many rich people on television talk in FAKE British ACCENTS? I really wish they'd stop showing reruns of this show and show something more interesting....
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