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Overall a disappointment
lth2520 December 2004
I liked seeing the cast return: Michele Lee, Kevin Dobson, Donna Mills, Joan Van Ark, William Devane, Michelle Phillips, Ted Shackelford. What I didn't like was their feeling it necessary to bring back one of the most annoying characters Kate Whitaker (Stacy Galina) and come back with Gary's toddler in tow (apparently she and Gary threw caution to the wind). She was really aggravating and was pushing Gary to be a family with her and little Molly despite having a hunk Brian Austin Green (Brian Cunningham) waiting in the wings, pining for her. The writers should have not had her return at all. If they had to have a grating character and wanted to go all the way, why didn't they have Vanessa Hunt return? The producers should have looked elsewhere notably Doug Sheehan and Lisa Hartman to return (Ben and Cathy could have found each other and returned to the cul de sac a married couple).

Anne Matheson (Michelle Phillips) didn't have much to do and Nicholette Sheridan (Paige) only returned for what amounted to a cameo appearance. Big disappointment--it would have been great to see her married to Greg, settled down and with a couple of children. I was hoping that more airtime would have been given to Tonya Crowe, Abby's daughter. We didn't get any explanation about why her marriage to Harold broke up.

It was good though to see Val, Gary, Mac, Karen and Greg back and Abby was back to her scheming ways. If I had written this I never would have included Kate and given the "old timers" more of an opportunity to shine.
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A disappointing and mis-guided reunion movie...
floydsmoot0116 July 2002
Watching the disappointing 1997 reunion movie, `Knots Landing: Back to the Cul-De-Sac' was strangely reminiscent of Peter Bogdanovich's totally misguided `Last Picture Show' sequel, `Texasville.' In both instances, short shrift was paid to many of the characters which made the original versions strong. (ie: Where WAS the Ellen Burstyn character from "Picture Show" in `Texasville'?)

The failure of the `Knots' reunion movie to bring back original cast members like John Pleshette, James Houghton and Julie Harris (along with the under-utilization of Kim Lankford, Claudia Lonow, Tonya Crowe and Patrick Petersen who did indeed return for confined cameos), was particularly irksome because so much screentime was given to `Knots Landing' cast members like Michelle Phillips and Stacey Galina who appeared in the show's later, waning years. (At least they had the sense not to invite back Kathleen Noone, who was an annoying, rather than compelling, villainess during the 1990-1993 seasons.)

It was like going to a high school reunion where the only people who attended were the ones you never bothered or wanted to know. Unfortunately, the storylines in this reunion (Mack's mid-life crisis, Val's relationship with the screenwriter, etc.) were incredibly lame and did not warrant the movie being stretched to two nights. I would like to believe that this reunion `was all a dream' and that a better one will be issued in a few years.
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A Show with Class
fanofeighties129 April 2001
I loved "Knots Landing" as so many others did. I really miss watching this classy program. I would refuse to leave my house on Thursday nights, afraid I'd miss my show!! It was addicting!!!It's to bad it isn't still on the air. None of today's programs even come close to being as Great as "Knots Landing".
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Knots was and is the Best!
PiinkBabiix1925 June 2005
Warning: Spoilers
SPOILERS>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> There are a few things that I did not like about this movie and they are: About 2 minutes of Nicolette! What was that about? She was such an important character to the show and she got a cameo.

Stacy Galina (Kate Whittaker) was not needed. She wasn't with Gary anymore why would we need to see her? Tonya Crowe (Olivia Cunningham Dyer) and Pat Petersen (Michael Fairgate) had a little part in the party scene. It was very disappointing.

Francesca Smith "stole" the role of Meg MacKenzie! She Looked nothing like the Meg they left the show with. I felt like there was a stranger in the MacKenzie house.

Good Parts were as follows: The fact that they made a reunion movie.

Getting to see our beloved characters reprising their roles.

Of course Donna Mills. If she was not in this it would have been the worse thing they could have done.

The overall movie was great.
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Knots Landing Reunion
travistime25 February 2005
The reunion was great. Reflecting on the series, the best ever television series i might add, the first four seasons were the least entertaining. Pleshette, Haughton etc. made the series much better---actually by leaving it. Then we had several seasons of the best television ever made, from 84-90, and the show was actually great until it ended-----barring a few episodes at the first of the final season. Michelle Lee, Joan Van Ark, Ted Shackelford, Kevin Dobson, Donna Mills, Nicholette Sheridan, William Devane Michelle Phillips and Constance McCashin were the main players in the show. Julie Harris definitely was also, but she might not have wanted to come back. I do love all the child actors that grew up on the show, but they were supporting and most of all I LOVED Kathleen No one. She was GREAT. Lisa Hartman was great too.
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Bobby Ewing?
Jon-1711 June 2003
How strange that in the Knots Landing universe, Gary's brother Bobby from Dallas is still dead-as there is another Bobby Ewing, Gary's son was named after his "late" uncle. Or is all of Knots Landing still part of Pam Ewing from Dallas' dream?
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