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18 Sep. 1997
Proofs for the Existence of God
Fr. Ray, pastor of the troubled inner city Catholic parish, St. Thomas has too much on his plate. The parish soup kitchen is being threatened by the rich people coming into gentrify the area. The bishop needs him to have a homily on St. Thomas Aquinas' Proofs of the Existence of God when he, himself is having his doubts. An old flame (of before his ordination) comes back in his life and awakens some of the old yearnings. She is a stepmother to one of the students at the parish school and the boy is very troubled. Add on top of that someone has been recording his ...
25 Sep. 1997
Song of Songs
The parish of St. Thomas has another very busy day on its plate. A rich man wants to inspect the soup kitchen with designs for shutting it down and on the worst day possible as the Confirmation students are serving that day as required by their service hours and the cook is the parish drunk. Also the parish's Youth Minister is getting married and has just lost the hall.
2 Oct. 1997
Mixed Blessings
In one plot line, Fr. Ray has to placate a husband of a very recently deceased member of the Parish. The husband however does not want anything to do with Ray and his modern ways. If only Ray could find a letter the lady sent to him. In another plot, the parish receives a lotto ticket in the collection plate. It's a winner. The staff dreams of what to buy. Leo wants a new boiler. Eric a new parish car. And No wants to restore the statues.

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