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Season 1

18 May 1997
Part I
Odysseus, the king of the ancient Greek kingdom of Ithaca, is called to service in the Trojan War after the birth of his son Telemachus, much to the dismay of his wife Queen Penelope. Odysseus is worried that he may not return, and tells Penelope that she should remarry by the time Telemachus is a man if he does not return. The war lasts ten years, during which Greece's best soldier, Achilles, is killed and the Greeks avenge him by using a giant horse to sneak inside and destroy the city of Troy.
19 May 1997
Part II
The greatest epic of the ancient world, Homer's Odyssey, is now magnificently recreated for television. Homer's tale recounts the journey of Odysseus, king of Ithaca & mastermind of the Greek victory in the Trojan war. Odysseus, known as a man of exceptional cunning & ingenuity, leaves his wife, Penelope & infant son, Telemachus, for what becomes a ten-year siege of the distant city of Troy. Odysseus forms the famous plan to infiltrate the city with a giant wooden horse filled with Greek soldiers & Troy is taken. That night, in the drunken revelry of victory, Odysseus...

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