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One of the Best Children's Series Ever
Agr016 January 2007
This is one of my favorite children's series of all time. The locations, sets, special effects are excellent. This second series of Spellbinders is even better than the first. A teenage girl from the Northern Beaches of Sydney, Australia and her family trip between parallel worlds having incredible adventures.

The worlds include that of the Dragon Lord, The Mechanicals and a parallel Sydney Australia.

Excellent locations in Sydney, China and Poland. Great cast of Australian and international actors. Sydney looks beautiful with such locations as Manly and what appears to be Narrabeen.

I enjoyed watching this series with my children and eventually watched the first series when it was repeated. I would like to get the second series on DVD when it is available.

If you like Spellbinders you will also like the Australian/New Zealand series of "Mirror Mirror"
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One of if not my favourite children's show
benjamin-ryan22 February 2006
Every Saturday morning I couldn't wait to wake up and watch Spellbinders 2. Spellbinders 2 screened on TV before the original and because it was the first one to show I thought it was more original than the first one and I enjoyed it more even though at times that spend too much time in one world/realm or another. I thought the story was original and kept me eagerly waiting for more. All I remember the story being about is a young Australian girl and her older brother who somehow travel to different worlds/realms and have adventures. Spellbinders are people who while wearing some suit have powers. Each episode was another amazing adventure some worlds they went to were Ancient China, An opposite world where everything was opposite eg:In the 'real world' there neighbour was a plumber and in the other he was a celebrity and a place where there were these spooky robots with no faces that looked like humans which use to scare me. If you are looking for a great children's show then watch this it is rare but they came out with the first one on DVD so them should be coming out with this one soon hopefully.
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Those Golden Days
sakibkus7 September 2018
I had seen this series when I was about 10 years old. I could not remember all the plots, but this is one of my favorite show. The boat-like device which was used to travel between dimension was just awesome. Did not seen the original one before this, so it looked more better. It may not deserve all 10 stars (deserve 8 stars), but as it was my favorite show in childhood, I gave it perfect score. Graphics and sounds may be questionable for today's viewers, but that time it was enough.
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