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Clifton Powell: Mason



  • Canton : [Captain Atherton has just been eaten by one of the monsters]  I'm beginning to fear that our friends here may be some kind of strange off-shoot of the Archaea Ottoia family.

    Pantucci : The Ottoia family? To think I was startin' to worry.

    Canton : These creatures are actually part of a larger body... something we haven's seen yet. They live deep under the surface of any ocean. At 4,000 feet the Ottoia are only as long as a pencil, with bodies about the size of a golf ball. But those at 20,000 feet have been known to eat full grown sharks! At 30,000 or 40,000 feet...

    [to Pantucci] 

    Canton : Well... you do the math.

    Trillian St. James : This is not good.

    Pantucci : Are we talkin' some kind of mutated sea monsters here?

    Mason : Who gives a shit what they are? Just tell us how to kill these motherfuckers.

    Canton : The Ottoia are very crafty. They hide in burrows. They catch their victims with spiny living tentacles. Then they crush them between massive jaws.

    Trillian St. James : Then they eat you, right?

    Canton : No, they drink you. They drink you alive. Sucking all the fluids out of the body before excreting the skeletal remains.

  • Finnegan : Like a fine wine, I'm aging gracefully, thank you.

    Mason : Like a fine wine my ass. You look more like a keg of beer to me.

  • Mason : Shut your fucking whining weasel! Don't forget that you're expendable!

    Pantucci : Yeah! Don't remind me!

  • Finnegan : [Hanover's goons are beating up Pantucci]  We got a contract: 20 hours out and back. You beat my engine man to death, it's gonna take a hell of a lot longer - which is ok by me since overtime'll cost you double rate!

    Hanover : He was nosing around in my cargo!

    Finnegan : Ok, so he's nosy.

    Hanover : Contract was "no questions asked."

    Mason : Yo, fellas, I vote we kick this lil' piece of shit overboard!

    Mamooli : Well, I vote we kill him!

    Mulligan : I vote we kill him, then throw him overboard!

    Finnegan : Well, we don't vote here, it's NOT a democracy.

    [one of the goons hits Pantucci] 

    Finnegan : Ok, I'll say it one more time for the hearing impaired...

    [hits one of them, points his harpoon gun at Mamooli, a standoff ensues] 

    Finnegan : [long pause]  This could be messy...

  • Mason : I don't mean to sound like a pussy, but this shit is startin' to freak me out, man!

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