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The Most Underrated Film of the '90s
boognish-64 April 2006
The reviews for "The Devil's Advocate" were not too kind, to say the least. But what did the critics refuse to see in this? With movies nowadays being nothing but flashy, over-the-top, masturbatory, CG-fests, "The Devil's Advocate" holds up like osmium.

The cinematography is good because it's quite understated and that's a virtue in today's cinema. The acting, while containing pretty lame Southern accents, is still pretty good. Even from Keanu, dude.

Sorely forgotten in it's day, the script tells a very deep, original and interesting story, with lots of development, respect for the characters, delicate pacing, and a head-spinning ending. The movie is solely about the people and their struggles. Fear takes hold of the audience through the dialogue.

Think of "The Devil's Advocate" as Woody Allen trying his hand at a horror/thriller and succeeding. This movie never makes you jump, but it puts you in a general state of discomfort through it's atmosphere. As with all memorable supernatural dramas, this one handles its spectacle with discretion and grace.

Isn't that what we hope to see when we watch any movie? 10/10
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All Quality Elements of a Magnificent Movie!!!
EdwardsMovieKit2 July 2006
I watched this movie on DVD. It will be enough for me to mention that there had been no other movie where I'd had to pause the play in mere awe at the magnificence of the storyline! At a point, It was as if I could see my jaw on the floor praising in thorough amusement the brilliance, relevance-to-our-daily-lives, deepness of message, sophistication, great portrayal, top-of-the-class creativity, marvelous acting/directing/screen writing all having come together in a movie, which called for a rating of 9 out of 10 and no less, certainly, undoubtedly.

Al-Pacino's acting is to no surprise as brilliant as ever, exuding confidence, proficiency and clarity as always. Keanu Reaves leaves a great master-play in his work, meeting up to the acting skills required in displaying a character of wisdom, success, love and perhaps, of vanity. Charize Theron too puts up a play of passion in its right.

But what amused me more than all were the great and fantastic script-lines thrown around. All very meaningful and interesting indeed. The whole movie got me stunned and fixed at the edge of my desk seat, but the favorite part for me has to come at the end, where the theme of the movie comes to words and finds a chance as of clarifying itself in one the most brilliant ways I as one have ever seen possible! Recommended for everybody willing to enjoin on a meaningful story and a blend of excellent plays... surely a 9/10.
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this is how you make a thriller
Special-K8812 April 2002
Stylish, sexy, suspenseful thriller stars Reeves as an accomplished southern lawyer who's never been beaten; he travels to New York City to take a job with powerful legal mogul Pacino, but his once ideal life is soon turned upside down as he's plunged into a surreal, demonic world of lust, temptation, and vanity. Slick writing, direction, and an array of startling scenes, breathtaking effects, and dazzling performances make this an imaginative thriller quite unlike any other. Reeves gives one of his finest performances to date, aided immeasurably by a wild, wickedly over-the-top performance from Pacino and a first-rate supporting cast. Not for all tastes, but highly watchable indeed. ***½
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A beguiling experience
ereinion1 April 2005
This is one of the most intensely dark and beguiling movies I have seen. The purpose behind it is to create a moral drama about the fight between good and evil in a man, or the devil's everlasting quest to conquer man's soul. In retrospective, there are few movies I've seen that bring out such strong feelings in me. Specially the first hour. We follow a young couple, played by Reeves and Theron in her first big picture, who move to New York from the south when he is given a job as attorney in one of the biggest firms in the country. We see the change come in Kevin as he is introduced to a world of luxury and pleasure by his boss, THE DEVIL, played by old master Al Pacino.

The ending brings a new, unpredictable and great twist to the story. I will not give it away. The supporting cast is pretty strong, specially Jeffrey Jones who plays a senior partner in Lucifer Pacino's firm and who first arises the suspicion in Kevin/Keanu with his mysterious behaviour, and Connie Nielsen as Cristabella, an extremely hot Italian colleague who is the very symbol of temptation. Nielsen looked even better here than in "Gladiator" and her performance is also more interesting. Charlize Theron displayed her range here for the first time, showing she had a great potential to become a star with her mix of ethereal beauty and acting talent. Reeves was also very good as the hotshot attorney and his looks elevated his macho hero potential. Al Pacino didn't disappoint, but his performance here counts as one of his least spectacular.

This is a dark movie with elements of horror and some gore and sex thrown in for good measure. I think Taylor Hackford never did it better. He gave us something to ponder on while entertaining and scaring us at the same time. It is a film one can't forget.9/10
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What makes this movie very disturbing at the same time makes it amazing
DVR_Brale29 July 2016
Evil promises everything but gives away nothing. This quote, which I like very much, sums up the point of The Devil's Advocate.

In this movie skillful lawyer goes to New York to pursue career of his dreams. He makes many compromises with his conscience on the way and even starts to neglect his romantic relationship.

It's really unbelievable that this movie isn't more popular than it is. It's got all the elements of a serious, adult thriller. It is true, however, that this is a very disturbing portrayal of someones life going down the spiral. What makes this movie great, makes this movie disturbing and vice versa.

We've all seen many movies devoting to much time to unnecessary violence only to disturb you, not to utilize it so that story line actually benefits from it.

However, all the violence, nudity and disturbing material in The Devil's Advocate fit nicely with the plot. I don't remember anything disturbing not being in concordance with moral of the story - that is to point out to viewer how the Evil actually operates.

Now recall the book of Genesis chapter 3, verse 1: "Now the serpent was more subtil than any beast of the field which the LORD God had made."

Many movies have portrayed Satan as an ugly, violent monster often not intelligent enough. This movie portrays the Evil one as it actually is: intelligent, subtil, patient, taunting, masquerading as the angel of light. And one more thing: He hates God. His true call is to convince people loving God does not exist.

If you're looking for a movie which provocatively raises philosophical and theological questions in a way a book never could, look no further.
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Prepare to be gobsmacked!
ringbearer8717 December 2003
What a surprisingly rewarding film. I have not watched a film that is so engaging for a long while. I had never even heard of the film before and only saw it by chance on the shelf at the video store. I am glad I picked it up as I enjoyed every minute of it. The Devil's advocate is heavy viewing, it is not a light cinema experience, yet it is rewarding in it's heaviness. It is very clever depicting the devil realistically and giving a totally truthful example of how people can un-knowingly be sucked in by evil. The film though dealing with a unrealistic concept is totally believable due the the fantastic acting by all involved. Keanu Reeves gives the performance of a life time, he is perfectly cast opposite Charliez Theron who is also very impressive. The two posses an obvious chemistry. I recommend you see this movie ASAP!
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I saw the Devil!
v_haritha_in11 August 2014
This movie addresses the old question; is a lawyer doing the right thing by defending a criminal. However, it finds a novel way of presenting its idea. Kevin Lomax (Keanu Reeves)is a young and successful attorney, in fact so successful that, as we are reminded time and again in the movie, he has never lost a case. He takes up the case of a man who is accused of molesting a child, thinking that he is innocent. Midway through the case, Lomax discovers that the man is in fact guilty and though he is a little disturbed, he helps secure the man's acquittal. Thus, he begins selling his soul to the Devil, both figuratively and literally.

He is immediately offered a much better opportunity at a mysterious organization owned by John Milton (Al Pacino). His job becomes increasingly stressful and he has to defend some shady people. Determined to maintain his record, he abandons his scruples and neglects his wife (Charlize Theron). Can Lomax ultimately redeem himself?

Keanu Reeves does a decent job as the title character but, it is Al Pacino who steals the show. He is a brilliant Devil. His real identity is not kept secret from the audience for long; the movie title and certain incidents give it away. Charlize Theron is spot as a woman descending into madness. Connie Neilson and Tamara Tunie are good supporting villains.

The atmosphere for the movie has been carefully created. The sets are rich but seem to symbolize vanity and are somehow depressing. Most of the cast are pleasing to the eye yet the character they portray are either unhappy or evil. And New York is a perfect location for this tale
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Vanity, my favorite sin
bsamdahl21 February 2002
Warning: Spoilers
The Devil's advocate is one of those movies you watch the first time just to see the climax, then with repeated viewing you pick up on the message of humanity and sin. Al Pacino plays the role of Satan in a very powerful and believable manner. The exchange between Keanu Reeves and Al Pacino towards the end of the film may upset a few people's religious beliefs. Al Pacino as Satan really makes you think and nod your head in agreement. Warning....Al Pacino is so convincing he may make some people start questioning their own beliefs. Keanu Reeves is at his best when confronting Satan as if he is playing poker with him. In the end he succumbs to vanity as all humans do from time to time. I think that Keanu portrayed the stages of Kevin Lomax well. He goes from a small town southern lawyer who never questions why he never loses a case, to a big city attorney who hears revelations from his mother about his father and sees his wife commit suicide. In the end, Kevin Lomax uses one of Satan's lines, "free will", against him. This is an excellent film worth seeing again and again.
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forever_dream_chaser22 April 2002
this movie received many many bad reviews, including personal opinions of friends of mine ... however, the premise, script (although thin at times) and finished product were all amazing ... keanu reeves gives an extremely surprising performance ... when it starts off he is every character he has played, not a bad character actor, but not over the top, just a regular guy... but as the story progresses his ability takes on a transformation and he really astonishes ... of course, al pacino's performance goes without saying; he is a genius in any and all of his movies ... and charlize theron is at her best as she often is in her films ... however, despite both pacino's and theron's talented performances reeves is the one to watch ... look out for the change in him ... it is completely awe-inspiring...
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One of Favourite Movies
mjw230519 January 2005
Warning: Spoilers
Kevin Lomax (Reeves), a hot shot lawyer who's never lost a case. A master at getting the guilty acquitted, despite his belief in their guilt.

Mary Ann Lomax (Theron), Kevin's wife who dreams of a family and languishes in her husbands success.

And of course John Milton (Pacino), the head of the most powerful law firm in the world.

Milton recruits Lomax to his law firm and rewards him with the mega wages and the standard of life he and his wife have been longing for. An instant success Lomax becomes the hot property of the legal world, while Mary Ann continues to only dream of the family she so desires. Ill at ease and suspicious of everyone and everything, she begins her decent into madness, while Kevin continues to dominate the courtroom, with the aid of the brilliantly manipulative Milton. As the story unfolds, Kevin becomes seduced by the power Milton affords him, and Mary Ann becomes increasingly insane; or so it appears.

In a truly fantastic climatic sequence, Lomax learns the truth about himself and his family, and he tries one final shot at redemption (an attempt to spit in the Devils Face) that doesn't quite work out as he had hoped.

The secret to the appeal of this movie is the subtle visuals that project you into Mary Ann's state of mind, the seductive and manipulative methods used by the superbly cast John Milton, and the climax that is revolutionary to say the least.

An absolute masterpiece 10/10
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Very Good
oneflewovertheapocalypse8 September 2004
When I first saw The Devils advocate I was in amazement of how good it was. I was thinking about it for a long time after and when I got to catch it recently on TV it made me think about it all over again and it this time raises some questions and.

I didn't find it as good the second time round. I have watched it many times since I first saw but the recent viewing I was paying more attention than ever. I still think Keanu Reeves was maybe not right as Kevin Lomax. He has great moments but I think he has to many moments where he is trying to act is ass off and making it look obvious. Is it me or in some scenes where Keanu is talking he sounds like Elvis with his accent. Just a thought. Al Pacino was perfect as John Milton but again he was a bit over the top but makes up for it in his charm and charisma which he tackles head on easily through the movie. The best acting we get here is from Charlize Theron which is no surprise to me considering how well she has done since in films like Monster. The story doesn't really kick off till the very end where everything unfolds very fast to a massive climax which without this film would have failed badly. I don't know much about Taylor Hackford's previous work but I am impressed with how he handled The Devils Advocate and if he directs an y others films of this caliber then he might be poised to win an huge award of sort. The film is just not about paranormal goings on with Satan, it is also a law film which actually makes being a lawyer look like a lot of fun with a lot of tension thrown in. If any adrenaline junkie wanted to go for a mainstream job then a lawyer would be his cup of tea as Kevin Lomax will show you.

The direction, music, cinematography and nearly everything about this film is perfect. The story is quite close but towards the end there is just to many revelations that happen all to quick and it gives you this feeling that the film is getting a bit silly and that's how I feel about it now. If you haven't seen it before and you are wanting to see it for yourself then you should see it without a doubt. Don't let any review including mine put you off as this as the movie is one hell of a ride but it may raise questions of how much they tried to cram inside the movie in the time it had. It does run for nearly two and a half hours but they run quicker than you can imagine and as soon as the film finishes you will be wanting to watch it all over again so you can see where everything makes sense.

Al Pacino does pack a punching performance to the very end and is as crazy as ever if a little over the top at times but without him we wouldn't be talking about this film as much.
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one of the greatest movies to come along in the last ten years
antoniotierno8 November 2004
Warning: Spoilers
I can hardly find words to express how grand this film is; superb acting and story, with lot of action, drama and emotion. Director certainly mounted a gorgeous movie, displaying great talent to deal with the theme of men making a terrible deal with devil (though involuntarily)in exchange for money, success and all that stuff. Extremely realistic, never slowing down with one twist after another. Serious, scary and witty all in one, it captures the essence of degrading social values and overrated success of nowadays society. In terms of acting, Al Pacino's rendition of Satana is simply awesome, over the top, a role played to near perfection. Charlize Theron, wonderful, does a good job in playing the forever loving wife, breaking down as soon she starts discovering the truth; the only one a bit disappointing is Keanu Reeves, not that much realistic and believable.
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Keanu's deal with the devil
Wild-212 August 1998
I don't think you could put this movies in a particular catagory. It's not quite a drama and it's not quite a thriller but a bit of both. Both the movie is good, for instead of making the devil just a blood thirsty killer, it's based on temptation. Al Pacino lives in a world of beautiful women, money, power, and no guilt. There is a lot of nudity and extreme violence in this movie, but if it wasn't there the movies purpose and story wouldn't work. The final half of this movie put me in more suspense then any movie has in a long time. In conclusion, don't miss this film.
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You mean, Keanu Reeves can act?
Smells_Like_Cheese16 May 2004
Warning: Spoilers
Wow, I am amazed. He actually has some talent. No offense, Keanu. Very rarely do I see a great performance by him.

"The Devil's Advocate" is a great movie. I was a little surprised that the rating wasn't a little higher. After all, it has a great all star cast that gave their best in the movie. The effects are awesome; and the plot is beyond incredable. Except, I always had an idea that lawyers work for the devil. :D Just kidding!

I would recommend this movie to anyone. It has great acting and it's just a kick @ss movie to watch.

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Keanu gets a devil of a job.
BA_Harrison18 February 2012
Hot-shot Floridian defense attorney Kevin Lomax (Keanu Reeves) is head-hunted by New York's most powerful law firm, unaware that his new boss (Al Pacino) is The Devil.

For The Devil's Advocate, director Taylor Hackford breathes fresh life into several well-worn satanic horror themes, skillfully weaving them into a slick, big-budget horror/thriller that delivers on many levels: it's smartly written, sexy, intelligent, and well-acted, with a particularly fine, lip-smacking performance from Pacino, who owns every scene he is in. Above all else, though, The Devil's Advocate is thoroughly entertaining throughout.

The film is perhaps a little light on scares and gore for some horror fans, but there is a genuinely creepy atmosphere to compensate, the script is gripping and imaginative enough that one soon forgets about the lack of stuff like bowel-loosening jumps and exploding heads, and to top it all, Charlize Theron and Connie Nielsen both get completely starkers. Great stuff!
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Vanity, definitely my favorite sin.
Al_The_Strange22 October 2012
I was initially dismissive of this film; it was only the ending I truly enjoyed, thanks to Al Pacino's epic speech, Keanu Reeve's epic solution, and all the epic special effects that came out of the woodwork (or stonework as the case may be). While those few things jumped out at me, I regarded the rest of the film as a rather dry and boring procedure, bogged down by all kinds of dialogue and drama.

Upon repeat viewings, I learned to appreciate the film more. It does break up the monotony with the occasional fright scene, the occasional bit of sex and violence, and some interesting stylistic flourishes.

Above all, the story is very interesting. It does a terrific job of tying together courtroom drama with theology, drawing parallels with universal morality and cosmic justice. Thanks to the film's fantastic conclusion, it pulls it all off sublimely, and leaves enough room for thought and interpretation. The plot is well-developed, characters are decent, and the occasional subplot helps reinforce the overall story and drama.

The film has solid photography and editing, even if it does seem a little plain at times. Acting is fantastic: Al Pacino easily steals the show as the title character, while Keanu Reeves does his best to be earnest, and Charlize Theron flexes some impressive acting muscle. Writing is quite smart. This production has fine-looking sets, props, costumes, and special effects. Music is not bad.

4/5 (Entertainment: Pretty Good | Story: Very Good | Film: Good)
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Be careful what you wish for
Snoopymichele21 July 2006
Warning: Spoilers
When Kevin Lomax (Keanu Reeves in a very good turn) is lured to New York City to work for the powerful and persuasive John Milton (Al Pacino in one of the best performances of his career), the world is his oyster. He has a dream job (given to him because as a defense lawyer he has never lost a case), a beautiful wife (Charlize Theron in head-turning performance), and a luxury apartment (which his wife nearly drives herself crazy trying to decorate).

But the longer he is in New York, the more life is not as it seems. His wife is going crazy, he has to defend a wealthy man accused of murder who appears to be guilty, and his boss is the Devil Himself.

The movie has a tension to it that begins with the first scene, and crescendos to the confrontation between Lomax and Milton-and the ending is one of the best in recent cinema history.

Pacino, who is as over-the-top as he's ever been seems to be having great fun with this role-he roars onto the screen and is mesmerizing throughout the film. His Milton is seductive, persuasive, powerful and he draws you in. His monologue at the end of the film is unforgettable and thought-provoking. Reeves gives one of the best performances of his career and his Kevin Lomax is a classic example of a little fish trying to swim in a big ocean with the gigantic sharks. He is vulnerable, but blind to this fact. His values and morals are challenged, and he struggles to keep control of his life.

This is a film that I have seen time and again, and it just keeps getting better. The music and cinematography are simply amazing. This film is a keeper.
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Pacino, Reeves and Theron in a movie well worth seeing.
triple815 April 2006
Warning: Spoilers

At first I thought I was watching "The Firm" meets "Rosemary's Baby" and gradually realized it was something else entirely. The Devil's Advocate is a really good, quality film that manages to be both highly thought provoking and tremendously entertaining at the same time. I really enjoyed this a lot.

The three main performers are all at their best. This film was made before Theron became such a big name and she is as good in this as everything else she's in. She actually steals the movie a few times and more then holds her own with the likes of AL Pacino.

Then there's Keanu Reeves. Although his performance has received some not so good reviews, I liked him in this role and thought he does his best work here. Keanu is suited to a certain type of role and he was perfect for the role of Kevin. As mentioned, this movie reminded me, at first, a little of "The Firm" and I certainly thought Reeves was better in his role then Cruise was as Mitchelle Mc.Deer in "The Firm". Just my opinion but I thought it was great casting.

And then there's Pacino. Absolutely and completely superb. This is one of the best roles, if not the best, I have ever seen him play and could anyone else really have been as perfect for the role as Pacino? This was a movie where the casting definitely helped make it what it was.

One thing I enjoyed so much about The Devil's Advocate is how one doesn't know what will happen moment to moment. In the world of movies, it seems the majority are at least somewhat predictable. Not so in Advocate. It was so very nice to actually be surprised. And not surprised once either. The movie has several zingers which I never saw coming and that's a great challenge in movie land. Advocate was definitely up to that challenge.

Then there's the cinematography which was excellent and the story itself which is provocative and thought provoking in it's tale of vanity and human corruption. And though it has a long running time it seems much shorter then it actually is. And the movie has humor as well and that humor makes for some great moments, the conversation between Pacino and the two knife wielding men on the train for example.

Devil's Advocate comes close to a 10 for me, though not quite. There were some plot holes and things I didn't understand. Also, though the humor in Advocate was usually outstanding, it was weakened when the film got a little to campy at times which didn't go with the rest of the movie, especially since so much of Advocate was genuinely creepy. This is probably a film best seen more then once and there are several things that are open to interpretation.

Then there's the ending. Althoughh this is not the type of ending I like In most films AT ALL, for some reason it fit here. And by the time the film ends, one is in such a high state of anticipation to see what's gonna happen, and so into the movie, that it's ending is almost OK. I say almost because I still think the ending could have been a little stronger but that's just a minor complaint. I'd give this a 9 of 10 and really recommend it.
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An excellent work of two special actors
reikidrake23 December 2004
Warning: Spoilers
The chemistry of the two male lead actors in this show was incredible. The movie line done very well, as the characters were developed with tremendous care. What a couple of actors to put together, Reeves and Paccino. A remarkable work on the vice of vanity. Purely and enjoyment only movie, it is one to sit back relax let it twist your mind around the plot. As we see the plot of good versus evil taking place in the bible belt south, and the avarice life of the north where the two cultures meet, in their diversity and grow together as partners. The main role characters do well on their own, but we must not forget the bible banging mother, the wife who gets bored with success, then the father who ends up being Lucifer himself. Quality acting, and am grateful to have watched it.
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Pretty good
phd_travel15 June 2013
Warning: Spoilers
This is a stylish supernatural thriller about the temptation of evil for a young lawyer from the South. When he is offered a big time job in New York by big time lawyer played by Al Pacino, he finds there is a price to pay.

The cast is good. Al Pacino before he got really devilish looking is good except for the silly dance at the end. Connie Nielsen is sophisticated and elegant. Charlize Theron is moving and convincing as the young wife sacrificing her looks for a standout performance. Even Keanu acts quite well as the young lawyer and you can't say that about too many of his movies.

They didn't make it over the top horror - it's clever and frightening without much gore or in your face violence. Along with Rosemary's Baby this is the best NYC supernatural horror movie.
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John Grisham Mixed With Exorcist Stuff
Desertman8415 October 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Supernatural forces hover over the courtroom in this devilish drama adapted from the novel by Andrew Neiderman entitled,The Devil's Advocate.It features Keanu Reeves,Al Pacino and Charlize Theron together with Jeffrey Jones,Judith Ivey,Connie Nielsen and Craig T. Nelson.It is directed by Taylor Hackford.

Attorney Kevin Lomax doesn't heed the Bible-based warnings of his mother ,who views New York City as "the dwelling place of demons." Instead, he leaves Gainesville, Florida, with his wife Mary Ann to put his legalistic skills to the test at a leading Manhattan law firm run by John Milton. It all goes smoothly with Milton urging them to stay, putting Kevin on a $400-per-hour salary, and moving the couple into a luxurious apartment in his own building on Fifth Avenue where Mary Ann falls under the influence of neighbor Jackie. After Kevin defends a weird animal sacrificer, he moves up to an important case with an apparent murderer, real-estate tycoon Alexander Cullen. Ignored by Kevin, the troubled Mary Ann has some disturbing experiences, verging on the occult, while Kevin, at work, becomes attracted to redhead Christabella. Dazzled by his entrance into paradise, Kevin doesn't grasp who handed him this Big-Apple success.

This is a highly enjoyable motion picture that's part character study, part supernatural thriller, and part morality play.Or it could be classified as film that is a John Grisham stuff clashed with the Exorcist stuff.The picture's most superlative turn comes from Charlize Theron, who's a revelation in the first role to really show off her talents.But nevertheless,it well-acted by Al Pacino and Keanu Reeves.Its greatest strength is that it becomes more complex and rewarding as it goes along.
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If you are watching it for the first time you will be blown away....
nini_inauri26 April 2010
I really enjoyed watching this movie. When I started watching it I was expecting anything but this. It looked like a normal Hollywood comedy. But when I watched it till the end I was really amazed. The movie really starts 30 minutes before it's ending. And you just can't keep being surprised by everything that happens there. Of course Al pacino is great. I especially like the part when he talks about the god. Charlize Theron is also very charming. She manages to look like a depressed woman. And makes us feel sorry for her. Maybe it isn't the greatest movie ever, but it is worth seeing. When I first saw it I was blown away. Next time I watched it I didn't find it as good as the last time, but it was still good. I would say it is a must see movie.
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It's All A Matter Of Free Will
bkoganbing7 July 2007
You will never hear the devil's viewpoint argued better than in and by The Devil's Advocate. Although Keanu Reeves holds his own in this film, this piece of cinema is an Al Pacino show.

Pacino must have loved playing the devil, it shows in every word, in every gesture in his performance. Since Marlowe and Goethe cooked up Faust, the devil has had a great group of players taking on the part. People like Ray Milland, Ray Walston, Walter Huston have all done well with old Scratch, but no one ever tops Pacino in this.

That's probably because through cultural and religious restraints, the devil HAS to lose in the end. In this film, it's not necessarily the case. Keanu argues the Bible says he loses in the end, but Pacino says quite properly, consider the source.

Keanu Reeves is a hotshot trial lawyer from Florida who has rung up sixty three acquittals of various folks arrested. He's come to the attention of a very powerful law firm, headquartered in New York and they want to take him in. The senior partner is Al Pacino, a most mysterious fellow who moves among the rich and mighty with ease.

Just how powerful Reeves has no idea and why Pacino is so interested in him particularly is also a puzzle. The reasons are quite shocking when he finds out.

Although a talented supporting cast was gathered for this film, Pacino just overpowers this group with his performance. Even Reeves who actually has more screen time can barely keep pace.

And the ending has to be seen to be believed. Let's just say that old Scratch has more tricks in him than Harry Houdini, David Blaine, David Copperfield and all the rest of that magician crowd put together.

As he says, vanity is his favorite sin, it apparently is what trips mankind up every time, individually and collectively.
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bulleetz3723514 October 2005
Warning: Spoilers
The Devil's Advocate is a great film.

It is full of depth and intriguing story lines, that are impossible to ignore. Even a strict atheist like myself cannot ignore the themes presented, and most of all I can not ignore the interesting way in which it is presented.

Beginning with Kevin Lomax (Keanu Reeves) as a lawyer living in Florida. A prodigy, a man who has never lost a case, and now after his current case, in which he gets a sadistic paedophile off for rape, he's given the opportunity of a lifetime. To go to New York and work for one of the top law firms in the country, perhaps the world. With his wife Mary-Anne (Charlize Theron) in toe, they travel to New York so that Kevin can see what it would be like.

He loves it. A bustling metropolis full of hard cases, and great rewards. Mary-Anne is also in love with the high lifestyle they are set to lead, and the prospect of being able to bring up a family.

Even Kevin's boss seems too good to be true. The charismatic John Milton (The amazing Al Pacino) a slick, philosophical man of sly charms.

At first, Kevin is given a few small potato cases. And he's quite happy with it. In fact he's enthralled, getting deep into his cases, and creating a strong relationship between himself and his boss.

But all is not plain-sailing and peach blossom. Kevin starts to work more and more, and begins to neglect his new wife, who begins to freak out in her new surroundings, and her new home. Of which she becomes to be convinced is haunted with demons, and such beings...

Poppycock? Not quite. Kevin is assigned a murder case, and after a couple of banters between Milton and himself, it seems that he still isn't willing to drop his work for his wife. He continues on, unaware of just how bad things can get, if you allow yourself to be overcome by your own, selfish desires. Even, Kevin's mother tries to make him see sense, and look after his wife, of whom before she had no liking for.He still doesn't listen...

Kevin finally does win his case, and manages to get the murderer off the hook... but it's gone too far. His wife snaps. She claims that Milton had raped her, and in a particularly tense, distressing scene of confession in a church, in which she uncovers her scarred body. She is taken to a hospital for the insane, to try and regain her rationality. But before that can happen she kills herself. A final shattering blow for Kevin.

And now, he begins to believe things are not as they seem. His mother addresses him about Milton - He is his father... and not who he seems, in the slightest. Enraged, Kevin goes after Milton, even at his mother's plea not to---

"Behold I send you out a sheep amidst the wolves..."

---She cries. He leaves the hospital... The New York streets suddenly deserted, in a surreal shocking moment - (28 Days Later Anyone?)

He gets to Milton's penthouse suite. And the talk begins... Who really is Milton... And what does he want?

Well, I think I've spoiled enough... I won't spoil this. Just take my word for it when I say that the following conversation, is controversial, quotable, and extremely moving. Great dialogue, crisp acting and fantastic direction... An eerie mix of fire-soaked settings and dragon-tongued discourse.

Yet you may ask, why not spoil this bit. I've spoiled everything else. Well, the thing is, the film as a whole, from my conversations about it etc. Seems to be rather underrated. It lacks recognition in some respects, or so I feel. And so why bother advocate more for it when I want you to see it for yourself, and understand why the film is great. It is this ending that is the great thing about this film. Everything that leads to it is almost trivial. Necessary to the plot, and the outrageously good shock at the end, but still trivial. It is this scene that makes me think - why is it underrated?

To be honest, I can't think of a reason -

Some claim Reeves can't act his way out of a paper bag. And that Theron is just too overly weird. And that Pacino hams it up by going over the top...

Well, personally I don't think so. I think each character has their own dimension, and that the overall film - (but especially the ending) - is most exciting.

So I highly recommend this - I advocate for it, and give it it's recognition, before thinking about downgrading this magnificent work for such menial drawbacks---

The film ends. Milton is chuckling... The credits role, to the sound of The Rolling Stones: Paint it Black.

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Keanu Reeves as a bad-ass lawyer from hell.
tessvanbrummelen15 June 2013
The acting (Keanu Reeves, Al Pacino and Charlize Theron) was brilliant.

This film is scary as hell.

Favorite quotes:

"It's not a dream if it's true."

"Your belly's too full, your dick is sore, your eyes are bloodshot, and you're screaming for someone to help!"

"It's the goof of all time. Look but don't touch. Touch, but don't taste. Taste, don't swallow. Ahaha."

"Diaboli virtus in lumbis est. Diaboli virtus in lumbis est. The virtue of the devil is in his loins."

"Vanity, definitely my favorite sin."
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