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Forest Whitaker And Vince Vaughn Cast In Roland Joffe's 'The Archbishop And The Antichrist'

Forest Whitaker and Vince Vaughn are set to star in Roland Joffe's The Archbishop and the Antichrist. The film will be based on the play of the same name by Michael Ashton, which follows a fictionalized account of Archbishop Desmond Tutu's (Whitaker) meetings with brutal murderer Piet Blomfield (Vaughn).

Joffé has been nominated for an Oscar for his films The Killing Fields and The Mission. He also directed films like The Scarlett Letter and Goodbye Lover.

The Archbishop And the Antichrist will be produced by Emmy Award nominated producer Craig Baumgarten (Hook, Never Back Down). Kim Aston will serve as executive producer.

In the film, Vaughn's character Piet Blomfield seeks redemption for the atrocities he’s committed while he serves a life sentence in prison in post-apartheid South Africa.

Forest Whitaker brings a great sense of depth and power to all his performances and he is the perfect
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How Jennifer Aniston Is Connected to Every Golden Globe Nominee in 6 Degrees or Less

How Jennifer Aniston Is Connected to Every Golden Globe Nominee in 6 Degrees or Less
Move over Kevin Bacon! When it comes to working with everyone in Hollywood, Jennifer Aniston may be the actor to beat.

While Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon -- an idea that came from the actor himself when, in 1994, he told Premiere magazine that he’s worked with everybody -- has become the ultimate trivia game, it may be time to re-think who’s actually at the nexus.

Thanks in large part to Friends -- the former NBC sitcom now streaming on Netflix -- Aniston worked with a number of stars well before they were famous. And in the years since the series ended, Aniston has shared the screen with a few but key number of A-listers. But it wasn’t until she earned a 2015 Golden Globe nomination for her role in Cake that we realized she’s practically worked with everyone in Hollywood.

Look: 2015 Golden Globe Nominees in Photos

Ahead of this year’s Golden Globes, we played
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Ameesha Patel’s modern take on Seeta Aur Geeta?

As some of you may have heard, actress Ameesha Patel has launched her production company Ameesha Patel Productions (App) on 23rd April last year and she announced her line up a couple of months later; two untitled projects with David Dhawan and Priyadarshan respectively. However, it appears that Ameesha and her business partner Kuunal Goomer had a change of plans and will now begin a film titled Same 2 Same first, featuring Ameesha in a double role. According to sources, Goomer came up with the idea of a modern take on Seeta Aur Geeta and ChaalBaaz in which Patel will be donning both Indian and Western avatars. Goomer, however denied any similarity between the films but did say that they will pay homage to a popular 90′s number in this film. They are currently in the scripting stages and will announce the director and the principal cast this month itself and
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Speedy Gonzales Movie Starring George Lopez. Kill Me Now.

This is just...just read it. The whole thing is mind boggling:thr: ¡Andale! ¡Andale! ¡Arriba! ¡Arriba! Speedy Gonzales is taking his folk hero status, incredible speed and signature red kerchief to the big screen, courtesy of New Line. "Garfield" scribes Alec Sokolow and Joel Cohen will adapt the classic animated Looney Tunes character into a live-action/CG hybrid feature, with George Lopez attached to voice Speedy. Lopez, Anne Lopez and Lynette Ramirez are producing for George Lopez Presents, along with "Ocean's Eleven" producer Jerry Weintraub, Tracy Ryerson and Jill Arthur. New Line execs Michele Weiss and Sam Brown are shepherding for the studio. Known as the fastest mouse in all of Mexico, Speedy debuted in the 1950s as a regular nemesis of Sylvester the Cat. Friz Freleng and Hawley Pratt's 1955 Warner Bros. short about the tiny hero, "Speedy Gonzales," won the Academy Award for best short subject, cartoons that year.
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