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Chicago Sun-Times
The movie contains elements that make it very good, and a lot of other elements besides. Less is more.
Entertainment Weekly
Sometimes clever and enjoyable, even touching, yet too often the film makes you feel as if you're in Sunday school.
Meet Joe Black flows nicely, and the whole of the film is bathed in some of the most sumptuous cinematography (courtesy of "Like Water for Chocolate's" Emmanuel Lubezki) of the year.
The Globe and Mail (Toronto)
Ultimately, the movie is a perfect mirror of its star -- looks great, seems empty.
L.A. Weekly
Meet Joe Black is a hefty three hours long, and just so you know, it is at least two before Claire Forlani, as the Parrish daughter, Susan, unbuttons Pitt's shirt.
Washington Post
Meet Joe Black is Hopkins's movie and, despite the film's unnecessary length, his quiet and dignified performance almost carries the ball across the finish line.
TV Guide Magazine
It doesn't pay to look too closely at this sumptuous fantasy, but if you're in the right mood to let it wash over you it's very warm and fizzy indeed.
What might have been an effective fantasy if handled with sophistication and insouciance is instead weighed down by ponderous pacing, overstuffed production values and an instance of miscasting.
Dallas Observer
Meet Joe Black takes an interesting idea--Death assumes human form and comes to earth to learn about human existence--and reduces it to a flat, uninspired, interminably slow movie.
Every once in a while a film comes along that's so inexplicably ghastly that there's just no point in making nice about it.

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