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Brad Pitt grown more emotional despite never crying for years

Hollywood star Brad Pitt has said he "hadn't cried in 20 years", before he started to get more emotional as he grew older.

The 55-year-old actor was joined by co-star Anthony Hopkins, whom he starred opposite in "Legends of the Fall" and "Meet Joe Black", for the wide-ranging chat for Interview magazine, reports

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At one point, the pair touched upon how their emotional state has altered as they've aged, with Brad stating that he's "quite famously not a crier."

He said: "I hadn't cried in like, 20 years. Now, I find myself at this latter stage, much more moved. Moved by my kids, moved by my friends, moved by the news. Just moved."

Pitt also got candid about his battle with alcoholism, and how he has tried to see the struggle as simply a chapter in his
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What’s Coming to Hulu in December 2019

  • Variety
Hulu is providing some action-packed options next month for those looking for a switch-up on holiday cheer.

The streaming service will debut “Reprisal,” a hyper-noir story that follows a relentless femme fatale (Abigail Spencer) who, after being left for dead, sets out to take revenge against her brother and his bombastic gang of gearheads. It also launches Season 3 of “Marvel’s Runaways” on Dec. 13. If that wasn’t enough, several movies from the “Fast & Furious” franchise are hitting Hulu, plus both “Kill Bill: Volume 1” and “Kill Bill: Volume 2.”

Those dedicated to consuming holiday-only content can watch NBC’s “Holidays With the Houghs” with Julianne and Derek Hough, a song-and-dance performance show featuring special guest artist performances. Ellen DeGeneres will also be giving gifts with the help of celebrity friends on her “Ellen’s Greatest Night of Giveaways” special.

See more movies and TV shows coming to Hulu on December 2019 below.
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Hulu in December: Here’s Everything Coming and Going

  • The Wrap
Hulu is out with its monthly list of everything coming and going. This December, new additions include Season 6 of “Younger,” two new episodes of “Into the Dark,” and Season 3 of “Marvel’s Runaways.”

According to Hulu’s description, here’s what’s going on in the the new season of “Younger”: “After Liza lands her dream job by posing as a millennial, she realizes that the truth is much better than fiction.” That’s out Dec. 3.

Season 3 of “Marvel’s Runaways,” in which the Runaways search for their captured friends, is out Dec. 13.

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On Dec. 6, “Into The Dark: A Nasty Piece of Work” finds a mid-level employee at a big company faced with a challenge: in order to climb the corporate ladder, he must beat his co-worker in a violent competition.

On Dec. 27 comes “Into The Dark: Midnight Kiss,
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‘Black Beauty’: Claire Forlani & Iain Glen Join Mackenzie Foy & Kate Winslet In Constantin Classic Redo, Shoot Underway

  • Deadline
‘Black Beauty’: Claire Forlani & Iain Glen Join Mackenzie Foy & Kate Winslet In Constantin Classic Redo, Shoot Underway
Exclusive: Claire Forlani (Meet Joe Black) and Iain Glen (Game Of Thrones) have joined Mackenzie Foy (Interstellar) and Oscar-winner Kate Winslet in Constantin and Jb Pictures’ movie Black Beauty.

Ashley Avis (Adolescence) has written the screenplay and will direct the contemporary adaptation of English author Anna Sewell’s classic 19th century novel. Cameras roll this week in and around Cape Town, South Africa.

Mister Smith Entertainment is handling international sales on the modern-day reimagining of the story in which Black Beauty (voiced by Winslet) is a wild horse born free in the American west. As she is rounded up and taken away from her family, her story intertwines with that of a teenager, ‘Jo Green’ (Foy), similarly grieving over the loss of her parents. The two develop a bond crafted in love, trust and healing.

Pic is a Constantin Film production, produced by Jeremy Bolt (Resident Evil franchise) from Jb Pictures,
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Brad Pitt Debuts New Tattoo of Man and His Shadow Near His Matching Ink with Angelina Jolie

Brad Pitt Debuts New Tattoo of Man and His Shadow Near His Matching Ink with Angelina Jolie
Brad Pitt appears to have added a new tattoo to his collection — and it’s located near other very meaningful ink.

On Tuesday, the actor, 55, was photographed arriving in Italy ahead of the Venice International Film Festival. Keeping things casual, Pitt wore a T-shirt, jacket and newsboy cap.

Beneath his T-shirt’s sleeve, Pitt debuted his new inner bicep tattoo of a man’s silhouette standing over his shadow.

The new mysterious design is positioned next to a quote from a poem by Rumi that reads, “There exists a field, beyond all notions of right and wrong. I will meet
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‘Meet Joe Black’ Goes Viral After 21 Years Thanks to Brad Pitt’s Insane Car Accident Scene

‘Meet Joe Black’ Goes Viral After 21 Years Thanks to Brad Pitt’s Insane Car Accident Scene
Martin Brest’s 1998 drama “Meet Joe Black” was a box office bomb in the U.S. with a $44 million gross on a $90 million production budget, but 21 years later it’s officially become a viral sensation. A clip from the movie resurfaced on Twitter this week featuring the film’s most ludicrous moment, a car accident scene in which Brad Pitt’s character gets bounced in the air between two moving vehicles, and it’s currently earned over 23,000 shares and nearly 90,000 likes. Only in the age of social media would “Meet Joe Black” find relevancy over two decades after its release.

Meet Joe Black” was distributed by Universal Pictures and was loosely based on the 1934 classic “Death Takes a Holiday.” The scene in question occurs after the first encounter between Claire Forlani’s Dr. Susan Parrish and Pitt’s unnamed man. The two characters meet in a coffee shop and have instant chemistry,
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‘Fight Club’: David Fincher on Clashing With Ed Norton, Battling Fox Over Marketing, and Bad Box Office

‘Fight Club’: David Fincher on Clashing With Ed Norton, Battling Fox Over Marketing, and Bad Box Office
David Fincher’s “Fight Club” has become one of his most iconic and quotable movies, but that was hardly the case when the film opened in theaters 20 years ago. Author Brian Raftery takes a behind-the-scenes look at the tumultuous making of the Chuck Palahniuk adaptation in the new book “How 1999 Blew Up the Screen,” an excerpt from which is now available to read on The Ringer. Fox 2000 executive Laura Ziskin optioned Palahniuk’s novel for $10,000 and originally courted David O. Russell to direct. Russell read “Fight Club” and passed because he just didn’t understand it. Fincher, meanwhile, was instantly attracted to the story.

“I was in my late thirties, and I saw that book as a rallying cry,” Fincher told Raftery. “Chuck was talking about a very specific kind of anger that was engendered by a kind of malaise: ‘We’ve been inert so long, we need to sprint
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The B-Side – Brad Pitt

Welcome to The B-Side, a new podcast from The Film Stage where we explore movies starring established stars that flopped at the box office, have been forgotten by time, or remain hidden gems. These aren’t the films that made them famous or kept them famous. These are the other ones. So strap in and listen close as we dive into the big swings and big misses from some of biggest names in the business. In the latest episode, Dan Mecca is joined by Conor O’Donnell to discuss the early b-sides of Brad Pitt’s career, namely Meet Joe Black and Spy Game.

Enter our giveaways, get access to our private Slack channel, and support new episodes by becoming a Patreon contributor. We are also now on Spotify and Stitcher!

The Film Stage is supported by Mubi, a curated online cinema streaming a selection of exceptional independent, classic, and
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Netflix schedule: Here’s what is coming and leaving in December 2018

Netflix has confirmed that 64 new original series, movies and specials will be debuting on the streaming service in December, including the red-hot Oscar contender “Roma.” Among the returning shows are the second half of season 3 of “The Ranch” and season 4 of “Fuller House.”

Available December 1

8 Mile

Astro Boy

Battle” (Netflix original)

Bride of Chucky


Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs

Crossroads: One Two Jaga” (Netflix original)


Friday After Next


“Man vs Wild with Sunny Leone,” Season 1

Meet Joe Black

Memories of the Alhambra” (Netflix original)

My Bloody Valentine

“Next Friday”

Reindeer Games

Seven Pounds

Shaun of the Dead

Terminator Salvation

The Big Lebowski

“The Great British Baking Show: Masterclass,” Season 5 Masterclasses

The Last Dragon

The Man Who Knew Too Little

Available December 2

The Lobster

Available December 3

Blue Planet II,” Season 1

Hero Mask” (Netflix original)

“The Sound of Your Heart: Reboot,” Season 2 (Netflix original)

Available December 4

District 9

Available December 6

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The 7 Best Movies New to Netflix in December 2018

  • Indiewire
Netflix’s December lineup has a handful of gems — including some films (e.g. “8 Mile”) that have been on the service before, and are now resurfacing after a brief absence — but there’s no avoiding the elephant in the room: “Roma.” The most important film that Netflix has ever released (and arguably also the best), Alfonso Cuarón’s stunning love letter to his childhood nanny is the company’s first legitimate Best Picture contender, and a game-changing moment in its history as a distributor; “Roma” even inspired the streaming giant to flip its usual script upside down and open the film theatrically in advance of its online premiere. After winning the Golden Lion at the Venice Film Festival, and sweeping the New York Film Critics Circle’s top awards, “Roma” will finally be available to Netflix subscribers around the globe. Whether people have the patience to watch the meditative
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High Octane Picks Up Claire Forlani-Jamie Bamber Thriller ‘Skyscraper Escape’ — Cannes

  • Deadline
High Octane Picks Up Claire Forlani-Jamie Bamber Thriller ‘Skyscraper Escape’ — Cannes
Exclusive: High Octane Pictures has picked up North American rights to thriller Skyscraper Escape (previously known as Crystal Inferno), starring Claire Forlani (Meet Joe Black) and Jamie Bamber (Battlestar Galactica).

After striking a deal with French seller Free Dolphin International, High Octane plans to release Skyscraper Escape later this summer. In the film, directed by Eric Summer (Leap!), disaster strikes a downtown high-rise when a gas leak causes a ferocious explosion, setting ablaze the towering mass of metal and glass. On the 20th floor, Brianna (Forlani) and Tom (Bamber), a couple in the middle of a divorce settlement, are forced to work together to help save their two children.

“High Octane Pictures is excited to bring this very exciting film to Us and Canadian audiences,” said Galen Christy, founder of High Octane Pictures. “This is a film that has it all – first-rate performances, terrific action, a thrilling, high-concept storyline and state-of-the-art visual effects.
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50 Shades of Grey to Brokeback Mountain: are these really the most boring films ever?

Showgirls? The Blair Witch Project? And not a Bertolucci film in sight? The public’s judgment has hit a new low with this list of cinematic snorefests

The British public, wrong as they are about everything, have just outdone themselves. A survey has been published – a survey to promote a new type of washing machine, but still – listing the 20 most boring films of all time. And, lord, it is a mess. Let’s begin by showing you which films the public chose:

1. 50 Shades of Grey

2. The Blair Witch Project

3. Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace

4. Brokeback Mountain

5. Transformers

6. The Postman

7. The Artist

8. Australia

9. Vanilla Sky

10. Seven Years in Tibet

11. Batman and Robin

12. 2001: A Space Odyssey

13. The Matrix Revolutions

14. Showgirls

15. Far and Away

16. The Tree of Life

17. Noah

18. Meet Joe Black

19. Lincoln

20. Cleopatra

Continue reading...
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Meet Joe Link

good morning!

• /Film amazing story behind that funny "he's a friend from work" line in the forthcoming Thor: Ragnarok

• Variety talks to five members of the HFPA, aka the foreign press who vote on the Golden Globes

• Interview fun Q&A with Kathy Bates using ol' Andy Warhol questions. She reveals that she's a huge fan of Asghar Farhadi (yes!) and, uh, Meet Joe Black (noooo!)

• BuzzFeed Charlize Theron is a "broad" - how the actress charted her own course, while cashing in on her considerable beauty

• Financial Time amazing sit down with Isabelle Huppert who gives great quote over a 12 course meal

• Vanity Fair Lindsay Lohan's new publicist and how he's changing the conversation about her (as she works towards a comeback)

• Variety Broad Green Pictures, which started off strong with the hit A Walk In the Woods, is laying employees off. Uhoh

• Head Over Feels has a
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Daria Turns 20: 11 Things You Never Knew About the Iconic Show

Daria Turns 20: 11 Things You Never Knew About the Iconic Show
Ask a certain crowd of people what the defining MTV show of their childhood was, and it’s not Trl, or Real World or Jersey Shore. It’s Daria. Though Ms. Morgendorffer had been seen on Beavis and Butt-Head before, the March 3, 1997, premiere of Daria proved that the two shows couldn’t be more different. Let’s take a fond trip back to Lawndale for a closer look at the best animated misanthrope of the ‘90s.

1. B&B-h creator Mike Judge had no involvement in Daria

Judge agreed to release the character, but that’s where his involvement with the show ended.
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Star Wars 8 Trailer Won't Arrive Until Early 2017?

Star Wars 8 Trailer Won't Arrive Until Early 2017?
Star Wars fandom has once again hit truly feverish levels, since the release of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story is just around the corner and pre-sale tickets recently became available. Despite the tremendous excitement surrounding the very first ever Star Wars spinoff, fans can't help but look ahead to Star Wars Episode VIII. So the question is, when will we see the first trailer for Star Wars 8? Fans had hoped it would maybe be attached to Star Wars: Rogue One upon release and that almost certainly won't be the case. But the Star Wars Episode VIII trailer may still land in front of Rogue One in the near future. Allow us to explain.

Mike Zeroh recently published a video to his Youtube channel and claims that the first teaser for Star Wars 8 will drop sometime in the first quarter of 2017. That timeline would seem to make sense. It
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Newswire: Here’s what’s coming to Amazon Prime in November

Yesterday, Hulu announced the new films and TV shows that it will have for streaming in November, including nearly every Rocky movie (including Creed), a ton of James Bonds, both Rollerball and its remake, and the two Addams Family movies. Today, Amazon has announced the new stuff coming to Prime in November, and—believe it or not—the list includes nearly every Rocky movie (including Creed), a ton of James Bonds, both Rollerball and its remake, and the two Addams Family movies. We can’t say for sure, but it looks like a couple of streaming services might be meeting each other in the parking lot for a fight after school.

Anyway, Amazon isn’t just getting some of the same stuff as Hulu: Its list of new titles also includes Prime exclusives like Erin Brockovich, Fletch, and Meet Joe Black. You’ll also be able to stream Green Room
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New poster and clip for Precious Cargo starring Bruce Willis

Arriving in cinemas and on demand on next month from Signature Entertainment is Precious Cargo. This action-packed, thriller stars Bruce Willis (The Die Hard series, Red 2) as Eddie, Mark-Paul Gosselaar (Heist, TV’s Franklin & Bash) and Claire Forlani (Meet Joe Black, TV’s NCIS: Los Angeles), and we’ve got a new poster and clip from the film for you here…

After a botched heist, Eddie, a murderous crime boss, hunts down Karen, the seductive thief who failed him. In order to win back Eddie’s trust, Karen recruits her ex-lover and premier thief Jack to steal a cargo of rare precious gems. But when the job goes down, allegiances are betrayed and lines are crossed as Jack, Karen, and Eddie face off in a fateful showdown.

Precious Cargo is released on July 15th, check out the official trailer here.

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New to Streaming: ’10 Cloverfield Lane,’ Wim Wenders Road Trilogy, ‘Eternal Sunshine,’ and More

With a seemingly endless amount of streaming options — not only the titles at our disposal, but services themselves — we’ve taken it upon ourselves to highlight the titles that have recently hit the interwebs. Every week, one will be able to see the cream of the crop (or perhaps some simply interesting picks) of streaming titles (new and old) across platforms such as Netflix, iTunes, Amazon Instant Video, and more (note: U.S. only). Check out our rundown for this week’s selections below.

10 Cloverfield Lane (Dan Trachtenberg)

Forget the Cloverfield connection. The actors who were in this film didn’t even know what the title was until moments before the first trailer dropped. Producer J.J. Abrams used that branding as part of the wrapping for its promotional mystery box, but the movie stands perfectly alone from 2008’s found-footage monster picture. Hell, 10 Cloverfield Lane perhaps doesn’t even take place
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25 great music scores composed for not very good movies




Some brilliant scores accompany movies that don't always deserve them. Here are 25 examples...

Can a film soundtrack rescue a movie that is otherwise a lost cause? One thing’s for sure: throughout the history of cinema, music has often been the redeeming feature of many an underwhelming movie. Here are 25 amazing film scores composed for films that, frankly, didn’t deserve them.

25) Meet Joe Black (Thomas Newman, 1998)

This somnambulistic three hour romantic drama should really feature an extra screen credit for star Brad Pitt’s fetishised blonde locks. Rising way above the torpid melodrama of the plot is one of Thomas Newman’s most hauntingly melodic and attractive scores, one that leaves his characteristic quirkiness at the door to paint a portrait of death that is both melancholy and hopeful. The spectacular 10-minute finale That Next Place remains one of Newman’s towering musical achievements.

24) Timeline (Brian Tyler,
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The 25 most underrated film scores of the 2000s




Diverse, awe-inspiring and memorable treasures that have sadly fallen off the radar

The noughties were a tough decade for film music fans. Not only was there the unprecedented loss of four great masters in the form of Jerry Goldsmith, Elmer Bernstein, Michael Kamen and Basil Poledouris; the nature of the industry itself began to go through some seismic changes, not all of them for the better.

With the art of film scoring becoming ever more processed, driven increasingly by ghost writers, electronic augmentation and temp tracks, prospects looked bleak. However, this shouldn’t shield the fact that there were some blindingly brilliant scores composed during this period. Here’s but a small sampling of them.

25. The Departed (Howard Shore, 2006)

When it came to the sound of his Oscar-winning crime thriller, director Martin Scorsese hit on the inspired notion of having composer Howard Shore base it around a tango,
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