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Roger Jackson: The Voice


  • Sydney : [Answering the phone]  Hello?

    Phone Voice : Hello Sydney remember me?

    Sydney : What do you want?

    Phone Voice : I want you, it's showtime!

    Sydney : Then why don't you show your face you fucking coward!

    [Hangs up phone] 

    Phone Voice : My pleasure!

    [Suddenly enters the room and lunges out at her] 

  • Phone Voice : What's your favorite scary movie?

    Randy : Showgirls. Absolutely frightening. What's yours?

  • [answering phone] 

    Sydney : Hello? Hello?

    Phone Voice : Hello Sidney.

    Sydney : Yes?

    Phone Voice : What's your favorite scary movie?

    Sydney : Who is this?

    Phone Voice : You tell me.

    Sydney : [picks up caller ID]  Cory Gillis, 555-0176.

    Phone Voice : Shit!

    Sydney : Hot flash Cory...

    Phone Voice : Shit!

    Sydney : ...prank calls are a criminal offense prosecuted under penal code 653M.

    [caller hangs up] 

    Sydney : Hope you enjoyed the movie.

  • Phone Voice : Why are you even here Randy? You'll never be the leading man.

    Randy : Fuck you!

    Phone Voice : No matter how hard you try you'll never be the hero and you'll never ever get the girl.

  • [to the killer] 

    Cici : Who are you calling for?

    Phone Voice : What if I said you?

    Cici : What if I said goodbye?

    Phone Voice : Why would you want to do that?

    Cici : Why do you always answer a question with a question?

    Phone Voice : I'm inquisitive.

    Cici : Yeah, and I'm impatient. Look, do you wanna leave a message for somebody?

    Phone Voice : Do you want to die tonight, Cici?

  • 'Stab' Casey : [Phone rings; "Casey" picks it up]  Hello?

    Phone Voice : [distorted voice]  Hello.

    'Stab' Casey : [unaffected]  Who is this?

    Phone Voice : Guess.

    'Stab' Casey : No, really. Who is this?

    Phone Voice : Were you expecting somebody?

    'Stab' Casey : [looks over at popping corn]  No...

    Maureen Evans : [frustrated loud voice]  Bitch, hang up that phone and *69 his ass! Damn!

    Phil Stevens : [turns to her; puts finger to lips]  Shhhhh!

    'Stab' Casey : Who is this?

    Phone Voice : [distorted]  Who would you like it to be?

    'Stab' Casey : I don't like games. Who is this?

    [Walks away from stove and above from where she was, a figure appears with music, scaring the moviegoers] 

    Phone Voice : Look out back. Do you see your boyfriend anywhere?

    'Stab' Casey : I don't even have a boyfriend right now.

    [looks visibly more frightened] 

    Phone Voice : [menacing]  Would you like one?

    Maureen Evans : [frustrated whisper]  Damn it all.

    [normal voice] 

    Maureen Evans : Can I - give me some money. I need to get some popcorn.

    Phil Stevens : You got money.

    Maureen Evans : I got my money. I asked fo' your money.

    Phone Voice : What do y'say?

    [Phil, annoyed, gets out the money] 

    Phil Stevens : [Soft mutter]  Cheap ass.

    Maureen Evans : [grabs the money]  Thank you.

    [Phil looks back at her without affection and turns back to the film] 

    Phone Voice : Come on. Cat got your tongue?

    'Stab' Casey : You know, I don't even know you, and I dislike you already.

    Maureen Evans : [Maureen sighs as she closes the doors and goes toward the popcorn stand; gets startled as movie audience screams and walks over to counter amidst comments about the movie]  Hi, um, can I have a medium popcorn, no butter, and a small diet Pepsi?

    Popcorn Boy : [small smile and friendly]  You got it.

  • Cici : Okay Ted, you sound loaded, what's up?

    Phone Voice : Who's Ted?

    Cici : Oh... I'm sorry, my bad, I thought you were someone else.

    Phone Voice : That's okay, I am.

  • Phone Voice : Have you ever felt a knife cut through human flesh and scrape the bone beneath?

  • Derek : Oh thank god Sidney, I thought I was gonna be up there until opening night.

    Sydney : Oh shit, the killer is here. He killed Hallie, he's here. Shit, who tied these?

    Derek : What are you talking about?

    Sydney : The killer! He's here!

    Derek : Where?

    Phone Voice : Right here.

    [pause; heavy, deep breaths] 

    Phone Voice : You're fast, Sid.

    [Sidney resumes trying to untie Derek] 

    Phone Voice : I wouldn't do that if I were you. You really want to trust your boyfriend?

    Mickey : Don't you know, history repeats itself? Hmm, Sid?

    [removes mask to reveal Mickey; uses voice-changer] 

    Phone Voice , Mickey : Surprise, Sidney.

    Derek : What the fuck?

    Mickey : Since Derek here disappeared on my ass, I've been on my own, all fucking night. Thanks a lot, partner.

    Derek : You motherfucker! Sid, you know me better than that. Untie me.

    Sydney : Oh my god, Derek!

    Derek : No, no, no... Sid.

    Mickey : It's okay, Derek. We got her.

    Derek : No, no, Sid, listen to me. You know me better than that. He's lying.

    Mickey : What do you think, Derek? Sidney's experiencing a little deja vu?

    Mickey : Sid, he's lying! The man is lying! Sid, untie me! Untie me!

    Mickey : Hmm. Boyfriend, killer. Boyfriend, killer. Boyfriend, killer.

    Derek : No, I am gonna fucking kill you! You are dead! Dead!...

    [Mickey shoots Derek in the chest, near heart] 

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