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Rebecca McFarland: Theater Girl #2



  • Theater Girl #1 : [walking to Maureen's backside to stand behind her in popcorn line]  That's it. I am not going back in there.

    Theater Girl #2 : Come on, you chickenshit. It's just a movie.

    Theater Girl #1 : No, it's not just a movie. It's a true story. All these kids got killed a couple years ago in California.

    [Maureen gets her order] 

    Popcorn Boy : [background]  Here's the popcorn.

    Maureen Evans : [barely audible]  Thanks.

    Girl in theater lobby : [Maureen begins walking back with her food; 2 girls walk by]  I was so scared, I almost had a heart attack!

    Crazy costumed guy in lobby : Hah! Stab you, man!

    [begins "stabbing" pedestrians and then another costumed movegoer] 

    Crazy costumed guy in lobby : Get yo'self.

    [laughter behind Maureen and then just her footsteps as she approaches the door. She slowly begins to open the door. Phil jumps from a door in his mask and yells to scare her] 

    Phil Stevens : WHOA!

    Maureen Evans : [screams, and audience screams inside; Phil laughs and removes his mask]  You ass!

    [hits him hard on the arm] 

    Phil Stevens : I'm sorry. I had to, Baby.

    Maureen Evans : What are you playing?

    Phil Stevens : [takes her closer]  Would you relax? God! What's wrong wit' you?

    Maureen Evans : [more calm closer to him]  I don't like being scared. I don't like that.

    Phil Stevens : [looks down at her]  Baby, its just a movie.

    [sighs softly] 

    Phil Stevens : Besides, scary movies are great foreplay.

    [kisses the side of her face and grins] 

    Maureen Evans : Excuse me?

    Phil Stevens : [resigning]  Let's go see Sandra Bullock.

    Maureen Evans : [resigning]  Oh, no. Sandra started already. We can stay.

    [puts her arm around his back] 

    Maureen Evans : Just stop playin' so much.

    [gives smooch to lips and cheek and smiles at him] 

    Phil Stevens : All right. I gotta go to the bathroom.

    [turns to walk and nicks her cheek with his hand] 

    Phil Stevens : See ya inside.

    [Maureen gives him a crafty smile and sighs again as she turns to go in to a cheering audience that then screams. Phil waits for urinals, taken up by costumed theatergoers. He gives up and goes to a stall, locked and taken up by the killer] 

    Phil Stevens : Sorry.

    [goes to an ajar stall hesitantly] 

    Phil Stevens : Hello?

    [opens it fully and goes in, unzipping his fly] 

    Mrs.Loomis : [presumably Mrs. Loomis in a high-pitched, sotto voice in stall]  I don't - I didn't mean it. I didn't mean it; I swear. I swear, I-I'll be good. Please don't, Mommy. No, I'll - I'll be good.

    [Phil meanwhile looks at stall separator, puzzled then bursts out in soft laughter] 

    Mrs.Loomis : Mommy, I'll tell you. Really. I'll tell you, Mommy; I'll tell you, Mommy. Really. I'll tell you why I did it, Mommy. Listen, Mommy. Listen, Mommy.

    [Phil is putting ear right to stall to listen, amused and interested. Killer can tell his ear is there and the knife is put straight into Phil's ear. He groans; falls to floor, eventually presumably dead] 

    Maureen Evans : [in theater, Maureen is frustrated with "Casey"]  N-n-n-n-n-n-n-n-n-no! No! No! No! No! No! No! Don't do that!

    [starts making hand motions to "Casey"] 

    Maureen Evans : Move! Move! Go! Run! Go!

    [meanwhile, killer sits next to her] 

    Maureen Evans : Baby, give it up. You came back just in time; it looks like she's about to get it. Want some popcorn?

    [killer shakes head] 

    Maureen Evans : Uh-uh. See, if that was me, I would be outta there.

    [screams and hides face near killer's shoulder] 

    Maureen Evans : Oh, here it comes! Here it comes! Here it comes!

    [screams and looks back and forth. She is then gutted by the killer, and makes it to the movie screen, walking around in pain, whimpering and seething, making unintelligible noises and dies, synchronized with "Casey's" death] 

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