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  • There are a total of six returning cast members from the first Scream, four of which are survivors of Ghost Face's attacks: David Arquette (Dewey Riley), Neve Campbell (Sidney Prescott), Courtney Cox (Gale Weathers) and Jamie Kennedy (Randy Meeks). Liev Schreiber (Cotton Weary) also appears briefly in Scream (1996), and because of his importance in the sequels, he is honored in a screen-credit at the end. In addition, Matthew Lillard appears as an extra in one of the party scenes. He is not reprising his role, as his character, Stu, died in the first film. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • The line in Aliens is "Get away from her, you bitch." So, yes, in the movie, Randy Meeks is wrong. However, it was scripted that Joshua Jackson's character, a film student, was supposed to say, "Stay away from her, you bitch", and Randy would correct him. When Joshua Jackson said the line right (instead of wrong, like in the script), Jamie Kennedy (Randy Meeks) switched the lines to keep the flow of the scene going. Why the film's director, Wes Craven, kept this take is unknown. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Phil and Maureen: This one was Mickey, when Phil goes to the bathroom you can hear a male voice quietly muttering nonsensical nothings. That was Mickey's voice and it was his way of luring Phil to the stall wall so he could get him in the head, then right after he killed Phil he stole his clothes but kept the mask on then he sat down next to Maureen and then stabbed her.

    Sidney prank call: Corey Gillis, a student playing a dumb prank.

    Cici: Both killers were there. Mrs. Loomis called, and Mickey attacked. You clearly see the killer coming through the door when the other killer on the line said, "It's Ted". The killer coming through the door had no phone visible on him. And Mrs. Loomis isn't strong enough to throw Cici from the balcony.

    Sidney attack at the party: This one was little obvious, after Mrs. Loomis writes down reports she tells Gale she has a "deadline" and disappears into the shadows. You can tell when she had a frantic look on her face, she probably saw Sidney and that was a perfect time to strike.

    Randy: Mrs. Loomis clearly admits at the end that she killed him when she says, "Randy spoke poorly of Billy so I got a little knife happy".

    Library scare: This one was Mickey, Mrs. Loomis obviously didn't have access to the computers.

    Two cops: This one was Mickey, Mrs. Loomis was back at the college waiting for Mickey.

    Hallie: Same as the cops, it was Mickey.

    Derek: Mickey, obviously.

    Mickey: Sidney and Gale.

    Mrs. Loomis: Sidney and Cotton. Edit (Coming Soon)


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