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L.A. Weekly
For all its simplicity, however, the film is entertaining, even uplifting, with Lopez giving a stellar, confectionary performance.
Selena succeeds, through Lopez's performance, in evoking the magic of a sweet and talented young woman.
This is a simple story of hope and triumph, of one girl with the drive to succeed defying the odds and following her dream. It's not an original tale -- movies like this abound -- but Nava's point-of-view is fresh.
Selena is in part a completely predictable Latino soap opera that should satisfy those who complain they aren't making movies like they like used to.
The New York Times
On its own good-natured terms, Selena' is both pleasant to watch and instructive in familiarizing a movie audience with the Texan-Mexican borderland music known as Tejano.
Christian Science Monitor
The dialogue swings between platitudes and clichés, but the acting is lively and the music will set even lazy toes tapping.
The new movie of Selena's life ponderously carves each element of the myth in stone, as if this 23-year-old were a bust to be included on Mount Rushmore.
Unfortunately, for all his large soul and exquisite mastery of image, Nava is also one of the worst writers to ever accrue more than two major-movie screenwriting credits.
Missing is a sense of the interior life behind the smiling face that Selena showed the world.
The movie, directed and written by Gregory Nava ("My Family/Mi Familia"), is only so-so but Lopez, who appeared recently in "Jack'' and "Blood and Wine," is so vibrant that you almost forgive the movie's paint-by-numbers script and moldy formula.

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