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Live Life To The Fullest Like Selena Did
Chrysanthepop5 June 2008
'Selena' tells the fascinating story of the late Selena Quintanilla, the first famous female tejano singer. In her short life, with the support of her parents and husband, the vivacious young Selena lived the dream of every girl. Nava does a fine job of telling the story. He shows us how happy Selena was with her life (even though there were ups and downs) and she lived it to the fullest. In her short 23 years she achieved what would take a lifetime for some. This was a life that wasn't a waste because Selena knew hot to live life.

But the best thing about 'Selena' is Jennifer Lopez. Those were the days when Lopez acted her heart out on screen as has also been apparent in 'Out of Sight' and 'Blood and Wine'. Not only that, but Lopez looks stunning. Many prefer the way she looks today but in 'Selena' there's an innocence and honesty about her beauty and this coupled with her natural and spirited performance is a delight to watch. The supporting cast that includes Edward James Olmos, Jon Seda and Constance Marie are all very good too.

I loved the way the soundtrack was used in the film and it brings a lot of energy to the story. The cinematography is quite good but I did not like the 3 split screen.

Even though we know the tragic fate of Selena, this film reminds us that it's more important to live a big life than a long life. Make full use of what you have and take your chance. That's what Selena did. She was loved by her friends and family and won the hearts of millions. Strongly recommended.
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What a lovely biopic
smatysia2 May 2000
What a lovely biopic. I had barely heard of Selena when she was killed, and I'm no fan of Tejano music. But this picture was a wonderful tribute to the young talent. The movie is a celebration of her life, rather than fixating on her death, as one would expect with her family so involved (controlling) with the film. This approach also just felt right. I'm sure that Hollywood, if it had had its way, would have sensationalized this aspect to the max. I don't know how much of the film is factual, and how much is apocryphal. A local reviewer wrote that a true biography of Selena would have to wait a few years, and be done without a Quintanilla looking over both shoulders.

All I can do is rave about Jennifer Lopez. Her beauty, her talent, her sheer magnetism flows right out of the screen. She was amazing. Since her biography subject died so young, she was able to avoid the problems, inherent in the genre, of trying to age the actress to match the aging of the subject. Constance Marie, who I'm not familiar with, was quite good as Selena's mother, although she did have to deal with the question of appearing to age 15 years. Every cast member seemed right for their part, and everyone did very well. The film seemed well-directed, in that I never thought about the director at any time during the film.

Overall, the movie was very sweet, with obvious tragic overtones. Highly recommended.
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~Selena Quintanilla-Perez~
famousgir127 December 2001
Selena is the true-story of Selena Quintanilla-Perez, a talented young Mexican singer, who was discovered by her own father at the age of 10. Selena had everything going for her, a good family, whom she was very close with, a great husband, loads of fans and of course her music career that kept getting stronger. Selena had even won a prestigious Grammy award for Best Mexican/American Singer and was the most popular Latin singer at that time. Until, all that was taken away from her, when at the age of 23 in 1995, Selena's 'friend' and fan club manager, Yolanda Saldivar murdered her, after Selena had confronted Yolanda about money, she had stolen.

I'm one of the many people out there who only heard about Selena in the last couple of years. I can't remember where I first heard of her. The internet, maybe, but the things I did hear were all good and she sounded like a very talented and popular young singer and of course I was really shocked to hear about how she died.

I was really interested to watch the movie Selena and when I finally got to watch it, I thought it was really great. It tells you the whole story of Selena's life, from when she was just a young girl, to her meeting guitarist Chis Perez and secretly getting married to him, we see her singing at sold-out concerts, all the wonderful fans she had and not only that but we find out that Selena was planning to have kids and she was just about to release her first English language album, all until she was she was terribly murdered. I thought the end of the movie, where there was real footage of the real Selena, was beautifully done and it was great to see clips of the real Selena singing at her concerts, meeting her fans and just having fun with her family, friends and husband.

I thought the whole cast in the movie were great, Jennifer Lopez played Selena really well and deserved any award she received or got nominated for. The rest of the cast including, Edward James Olmos, who played Selena's father and Jon Seda, who played Selena's husband Chris Perez did really well too.

After watching the movie and hearing Selena, (Jennifer Lopez was lip-synching to Selena's voice. I thought that was good too.) I am going to get hold of some of Selena's music. I hope her memory will live on forever. Selena, the movie is highly recommended. Whether you're fan or not, see it.
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A Moving Tribute
tfrizzell25 November 2000
Jennifer Lopez proved that she was a high-class actress with this true story of the Tejano Superstar whose life was cut short by a disgruntled employee. Lopez shines and Edward James Olmos is super (as usual) as her tough-nosed father. The rest of the cast is adequate, but the show is shared between Lopez and Olmos. The screenplay is a little sappy, but fine overall. Director Gregory Nava is always focused and this keeps the film interesting throughout. A fine film all the way. 4 stars out of 5.
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Great movie and so so sad
Monika-53 March 2000
I don't know much about the real Selena, so I don't know how much of the movie was fact and what was fiction. But even if this movie wasn't based on a real singing superstar, it would have been great to watch anyway.

Jennifer Lopez is stunning in every way as Selena. She hits all the right chords as a teenager, a woman in love, a dutiful daughter and sister, and a singer adored by legions of fans. And she loved everyone of them right back. The actors playing her family are all great, too (especially her father). Ms. Lopez also has a sweet, natural chemistry with Jon Seda as Chris. Their relationship is so real because they were friends first...friends who fell in love.

Ms. Lopez also does a great job lip-synching Selena's songs, and the ending will bring tears to your eyes. A must see!
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Superb job done - 10 out of 10
Pelrad24 February 1999
IMDb's 1,000 words max. limit seemed quite generous until I was faced with reviewing this one. For how could a mere thousand words adequately express the thoughts and feelings generated by sitting through two hours of watching a Lennon or McCartney, a Dion or a Jackson gradually taking hold of her God-given talents and rising to super-stardom only to have it cut short by what must be one of the most vile acts of murder the planet has ever witnessed. What if the first few hit singles or the first couple of albums of ABBA were all we ever got to hear because Agnetha or Frida was murdered at that point? It even goes so far as to make you wonder about the Beatles, even Bach, Mozart, or Beethoven.

I admit I was a bit nervous when I rented the movie because I was worried that a sub-standard job may have been done to capture the short life of this young woman. Her music was really just the outcome of her virtuous self and the incredible qualities of courage, a genuine love for humanity, and a deep-seated patience that she obviously clung to. For, as the film points out, a Mexican-American singer is not easily accepted by Americans nor by the Mexicans. Selena also had to work at brining about unity among her family such as with her father's acceptance of her marriage. Needless to say, the film did not disappoint me in the least, for it portrayed this truth with class.

Fortunately, the film did not "sugar-coat" the characters, as many biographical movies do - it confidently revealed the mistakes and some undesirable traits in the people it portrayed. In fact, the characters were so real, I forgot several times that I was watching a movie and thought I was sitting with these people laughing with them and sharing in their joy and in their pain. Jennifer Lopez was absolutely outstanding. There was so much depth, richness, and naturalness in her acting.

I recognise also that it must have been very difficult for the actress who played Yolanda (manager of Selena's fan club and her murderer). To play the villain in order to help raise awareness of the life of a fabulous soul would be very difficult indeed.

The beautiful candle-light vigils shown at the end of the film made me regret very much having not lived in Texas and been part of them at the time. I especially appreciated the fact that the film did not make Selena's death its focal point. It was much more of a celebration of the contribution she made in brining joy to the hearts of an unhappy world. This was its focus, even though Selena's death gave me a very sharp sting and made me cry. It is so sad but it cheers me that this film was made and that such a superb job was done on it. Thank you to all who worked on making this excellent film. (10 out of 10).
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Simple, basic and extremely powerful!
Pro Jury23 August 1999
I only sat down to watch this movie because I smelled sex appeal. Probably before the movie started I could not tell you which was Jennifer and which was Selena. But by the end of the movie I was an emotional basket case.

The movie itself is simple and basic. It is innocent and honest and you kind of think to yourself that SELENA feels like a TV movie although the acting is solid. But unlike any TV movie something happens -- the movie jells -- and the end hits you as sudden and hard as a lightning strike.

SELENA and MAN IN THE MOON are the only two movies that make my eyes water just by thinking of them.

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Good Movie, Great Music
gbheron17 October 1999
Not expecting to enjoy this movie, I was very pleasantly surprised. Jennifer Lopez, Edward Olmos and the rest of the ensemble cast do a marvelous job in bringing the close-knit Quintanilla family to life. The screenwriters and director skillfully lead the viewer from the father's failed attempts at rock 'n roll in the early 60s through Selena's childhood and her eventual rocket to the top of the Tejano music charts as a young woman. Thankfully her murder is not addressed as a major plot item, its almost irrelevant. And the concert scenes are fantastic. Its Selena's voice and Lopez does an incredible job. Definitely worth a rental regardless of your musical tastes.
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10 out of 10 movie
ShortCuteBlonde22 September 2002
this was the greatest movie about the life of a singer or famous person i have ever seen. Jennifer Lopez did perfect and so did the people that played her family and friends throughout the movie, if you havent watched this movie yet, u should! it's great!!!
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The movie was very interesting!
tahpenes-j-sharp00124 March 2006
The movie "Selena" was really good. The drama and humor was all good. I liked how the movie started off with her being little and showing how she started off in the industry. Her parents were very supportive of her. Her father was really hard on them when they had to practice. They never liked to rehearse. Her brother and sister were both good people to be around. I liked all of the songs that were played in the movie. Her and her husband Chris were a very cute couple. The way she wanted to grow up and have a farm with lots of kids was really cute. All of her music was great. I think that Selena was a very beautiful and talented women. The way she died was very sad and horrible. She will be truly missed.
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xoamandamoo9 April 2008
oh my gosh. i watched this movie in Spanish class last week, and before this, i had never heard of selena. after watching the film, i have now downloaded about 26 songs of selena's and bought the movie for myself.

i absolutely loved this movie from beginning to end. jennifer lopez did an amazing job. i couldn't tell which parts were the real selena and which ones were lopez.

all of the actors/actress in this film were wonderful. i fell in love with the family from the moment i saw them. they're all so believable and i actually forgot i was watching a movie. i felt every bit of happiness and joy and pain that they experienced.

i fell in love with selena. if lopez portrayed her accurately (i wouldn't know because i had no idea who she was before i watched the film) then she must have been one incredible person. its just so sad her life was cut so short.

at the very end of the film, when they threw the white rose on the stage i thought.. oh no! something's gonna happen. the next thing you see is her on a stretcher and a radio announcer's voice saying that she had been shot. that moment killed me. i started bawling right in the middle of class! i loved her from beging to end and to see her die that way at such a young age is heartbreaking. i was only 5 when she died, so i didn't know about it, but her fans at that time must have been mortified. if jennifer portrayed her correctly, the real selena must have been..(besides and outstanding singer) a truly wonderful human being.

the tribute at the end is amazing. i loved the candlelit vigil for her at the end with the real pictures and clips of her. i love how the movie was focused of the celebration of her life and how much she accomplished in a short amount of time and not her tragic death. for that many people to be so affeccted by her death.. well that must mean that she was really truly and incredible human being, and she is missed by many and will never be forgotten.
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A biopic of an exceptional talent.
michaelRokeefe10 July 2011
Warning: Spoilers
This is the heart-felt story of 23-year-old Selena Quintanilla-Perez,played flawlessly by Jennifer Lopez. Selena was a Texas born singer of Tejano music and going from a cult attraction to breaking into an international phenomenon. How factual this film is can be questionable; but very interesting nonetheless.As the rising star was showing brilliance, she was gunned down by the very president of her own fan club in 1995. Shown through flashbacks her father Abraham(Edward James Olmos), a typical stage father/manager, finally realizes how enormously talented and loved his daughter is. There is the extreme closeness of her family, the marriage to guitarist Chris Perez(Jon Seda)and the snowballing success being ended by tragedy(only dealt with via taped news reports). Actual Selena concert footage is used; and this film overflows with music. Enough can't be said of Lopez in her portrayal...she is so enjoyable, lovable and s-e-x-y! Others featured in the cast: Jackie Guerra, Constance Marle, Jacob Vargas, Rebecca Lee Mezza, Alex Meneses and Sal Lopez.
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Selena and Jennifer!
Jennifer_249 July 2006
Selena Quintanilla Perez will always live on in my heart!! Jennifer Lopez portrayed Selena the best she could and she did one hell of a job!! Jennifer is an awesome actress and my idol!! : )Selena needed her justice and Jennifer gave it to her with a flawless performance in the movie. Flawless meaning she did her best portrayal of Selena that she could and I don't think anyone else could have done it any better!! If you like Jennifer's performance in this movie you should really check out her other movies the are really something. I recommend all of her movies because they are all very good! Selena is an awesome movie and it should be higher than a 6 average, it deserves a 10 and I'm sure more people agree with me!
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You're not human if you don't shed tears for her
ray-28012 March 2006
Back in 1993 or thereabouts, I was watching Univision one weekend night (for variety and to learn some Spanish), and they were airing a special: a live Selena concert. I remember thinking how beautiful and talented she was, but also how BIG. Madonna had nothing on her level of popularity, which seemed almost to exceed it. Barely twenty years old, Selena's meteoric rise seemed inevitable. I had become a fan of hers after watching the Univision concert, and knew of her name and her work, but never thought that it would be the last time I would ever see her. Only James Dean's premature death in 1956 rivals this tragedy for the loss of talent at such a young age. It is scary to think of what Selena would have become had she simply not been killed.

The movie focuses on Selena's rise to fame as a crossover Tejano music star, more popular south of the border than in the United States, but becoming famous in both lands nonetheless. Other than Selena (Jennifer Lopez), the movie centers around her family, her husband Chris Perez (a very competent Jon Seda), and her strong-but-loving father, Abraham (Edward James Olmos in what is easily the best performance of his career).

Lopez checked her attitude at the door for this film, and plays Selena with reverence. Her resemblance to Selena and singing ability made her perfect for this role, and Olmos made an excellent second-fiddle. The scenes between father and daughter transcended fame and showed the normalcy of Quintanilla family life as the backdrop for the spiraling fame that threw them into chaos, such as when Selena had planned to tell her father about her sudden marriage but the radio had beaten her to it.

As we all know, Selena was tragically murdered by her fan club president, a woman I will not name so as not to give her any more fame (I urge others to do this as well). How someone with such a precious access to a precious individual could snuff out a life so young, so talented, and destined to be one of our greatest superstars is beyond comprehension. This crime was senseless even among other senseless crimes.

This is a loss that in some ways has still never been recovered from. Women like Selena come around once in a lifetime, and she was it for us. Sadly.

My heart goes out to her family for having to endure such a horrifying experience.
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Lopez was robbed!
ldavis84415 February 2006
Why, why did't u give her an Oscar for this s**t. They didn't even nominate her, now that's just cruel. Lopez was so fine in that in movie she was fantastic. She should of gotten something for her performance man. I had that movie since I was 10 years old. Ever since then, when there is nothing on, I watch J. Lo sing her a** off. That was a great movie, hands down. Olmos was awesome in there too. The greatest part was when Olmos and Lopez were arguing about Lopez's character getting married to their guitarist Chris. I watch that part over and over again LOL. The real Selena would be extremely proud of her if she was alive today.
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Jennifer Lopez is beautiful as Selena. ***1/2 out of ****
Movie-1216 October 1999
SELENA (1997) ***1/2

Starring: Jennifer Lopez, Edward James Olmos, Jon Seda, Constance Marie, and Jacob Vargas Written and directed by Gregory Nava 127 minutes Rated PG (for mild language and sensuality)

By Blake French:

I am not a fan of Selena Quintanilla, and I still loved Gregory Nava's "Selena." It was a respectable movie on its own level; the film would have worked even if there never was a professional celebrity singer of the same name. It's filled with inspiring style and lovely glamour. This is one of the better biography movies to come down the road in some time.

The film stars the talented Jennifer Lopez as the famous singer in the title roll. The development of her character is what makes the production so effective. In biographies, we need as much information as possible about the person in focus as possible, and "Selena" starts at her childhood. She is one of the many in the Quintanilla family: the father, Abraham, the mother, Marcela, and the siblings, Abie, Suzette, and of course Selena. Abraham involves the kids with music very early in their lives. After hearing his daughter's voice talents, how could he resist. Some days, the kids did not want to practice their instruments and music abilities, but discipline is what makes things work.

The film begins an emotional journey into the life of the Quintanilla's. Abraham's long awaited dream of opening his independent Spanish restaurant has come true. His children are the entertainment. Although much to his wife's dismay, he soon quits his current occupation to manage his new restaurant full time. Again, a big success, for the first few months, anyway. Before long, however, the restaurant is bankrupt and his family is forced to close it down--leaving them no where to go, except to sell their happy little house and buy a motor home for the family to live in.

Selena's father becomes the antagonist--being forceful, controlling and difficult. He is the one who objects to the family's ideas. Abraham is the man who will never allow his daughter to get married. He is the person who cares so much about his family, that sometimes he thinks that they can't do anything right.

The development of the Quintanilla family is perfect. Selena, although the centerpiece of the plot, is jumbled in the family atmosphere with little significance above the rest of the members in her household. This concept makes the biography believable and heartfelt. The only problem I had with these folks is the old, reused idea of having the strict father as the villain for most of the movie. We have seen this concept so many times before, and while it does, as always, add some tension in the story line, the film never gets anywhere with the theme, and throughout the picture, Abraham has varied in character mood--lacking consistency.

Jennifer Lopez is so much better playing a character like Selena Quintanilla than some of the varied characters she has been in the past. In particular, the dreadful "U-Turn" and "Anaconda" characters did not fit her personality in the least. Selena is the character who she was born to star as, and what a wonderful, inspiring job she does. I cared about these characters, and if not for the performances it may have been another story.

The movie offers a touching romantic subplot--that also happens to be bull-headed and stubborn. The audience doesn't mind this flawed story, however simply because it is propelled by the performances and enchanting romantic chemistry. There are lots of emotions flying around in the film, but even that doesn't hold it back from becoming a clear, accurate-looking piece of work.

"Selena" is a biography worth seeing and then some. Featured are adorable characters, exquisite performances, a believable and historical plot line, and a lot of irresistible idyllic chemistry. However, at the same time, suffers from too many emotional distractions and conventional clichés. The film could have been better...but it didn't necessarily need at be.

Brought to you by Warner Bros.
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Selena Review
babybootrue24 July 2012
I never really knew of Selena until I first watched the Selena movie. I must say I was very young when she died so I didn't know much of what happened until I saw the movie. From the first time I saw Selena I fell in love with this movie. Selena is one of my all time favorite movies. The movie Selena starts with her at a young age and ends with the day she dies. I really like how the movie incorporated her childhood and how her music business started because it is an important key part of her life. In the movie they also incorporated the use of the real Selena's voice when they show her making her music and in her concerts--I thought that was a brilliant idea. Since I have seen the movie Selena, I now enjoy listening to Selena's Tejano music. Overall the movie is very well put together and shows the most significant parts of her life to show her success. I highly recommend this movie to anyone who has not seen it.
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Very Well Produced Film
whpratt122 December 2006
If you are a big fan of Jennifer Lopez," My Family", you will love her dancing, singing and her great performance as Selena Quintanilla-Perez. Selena is encouraged to sing by her father and is a natural super star because everyone in her family was musically inclined and her our mother was able to teach her some great dancing steps. There is romance in the film between Selena and a guitar player in the musical group, who her father is not too happy about, because he really does not want to lose his girl in marriage. There is plenty of laughter and great musical numbers and very sexy outfits and some very comical scenes and at the same time plenty of drama and you will definitely need a box of tissues. Enjoy
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Excellent Movie
karansandeep30 November 2006
I don't know bow many people in India has seen this movie. I did not about Selena at all before this movie. I had not seen any movie of Jenifer Lopez as well before this. One thing I can say the world definitely lost a great singer very early and Ms.Lopez is definitely an under rated actress. She is better off going good cinema than her pop singing career. Over all a great movie with excellent songs. The star cast was good and deserves a credit for the casting director. The director also goes a good job. But not to ignore that the storyline was true so that added to the whole effect of the movie. Deserves a all 10 star rating.
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one of my favs
chuck72 July 2006
i absolutely love this movie. it shows that jennifer lopez really can act! she was very well cast and this movie is very inspirational. i don't remember selena when she was popular, but she must have been a very nice person. i think this film represents the struggle of Latin artists in America, and who knew that lopez would become like the biggest latina artist in the world! i love the music. i'm not sure whether they used the original selena recordings or if that's j lo., but either way it's great. i love the part when selena and her friend go into a high-end store and the woman ask them if their lost. immediately when people see selena in the store, they all come in flocking for autographs. the woman is thrown by this, as she obviously doesn't know about her celebrity, and selena flashes her a 'told ya so' look. anyway, great film that they can never show enough of on vh1.
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shawn5089928 June 2006
Warning: Spoilers
I never knew the real Selena before i saw the movie. But even if you've never heard of her you will enjoy this movie.It is heart warming and teaches you great lessons about life.After i saw the movie i became a fan of Selena and her music.The movie is powerful and Jennifer Lopez does a wonderful job of bringing Selena alive.This is a movie worth seeing and that you won't regret.After you see the movie you feel like you know her.The movie first start's with her childhood and how at first Selena and her family struggled and goes on to tell how she fell in love with the guitarist of the band and finally how she became a Grammy winning Tejano singer.
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A must see for Selena fans...
misslv8026 April 2004
...and for those who have not yet discovered the talent of Selena, the young Tejano singer whose life and career were cut drastically short.

I was one of many people who remembered Selena in 1995, unfortunately I did not know of her until she was murdered. I remembered going to see the film in the theater, which is an experience to remember. This was the film that made Jennifer Lopez a star. I am not a fan of "J-Lo", but this is the only film of hers that I felt she did a decent acting job in. This is a well-intentioned, sentimental film that the Quintanilla family released to show the world what a charismatic and talented singer Selena was.

The movie has funny scenes like when Selena and her band's bus, "Big Bertha" gets stuck in the middle of the desert and two cholos in a Low Rider stop by to help pull them out of the ditch, but unfortunately, they take the bumper right off the bus! ("This bumper's goin' on the wall of my garage, carnal!"). The scene where Selena and her friend are snubbed by the snotty saleslady at the upscale boutique at the mall is remiscent of "Pretty Woman" - a great scene - one of the best in the whole movie. It also has sad scenes that will make you cry. Of course, they took creative license with a few scenes in the movie, but the whole essence of the film is captured very well. And of course, the soundtrack is full of Selena's wonderful songs.

Selena is in a long line of stars whose lives were devastated by tragedy: Janis Joplin, James Dean, Jimi Hendrix, Elvis, Jim Morrison, Karen Carpenter, Marilyn, etc. Selena was the last person I have seen with that kind of unique charisma and talent, a real star, someone who had paid her dues playing gigs on the road with her family when she was very young. If she had lived she would have been very famous. Another theme in this movie is about the American Dream, if you work hard and don't quit, you will make your dreams into reality.

It's a movie mainly for Selena fans, and not for cynics. I have read many reviews about "cornball", "cheese", "awful acting and script", and so forth, and yes, some people are going to hate it, but go ahead and give it a try. It might surprise you.

P.S. Before the movie came out, a casting call was made all over the country for unknowns to try out for the role of Selena. When I was 15, I was one of those who had auditioned. Unfortunately, it was a publicity campaign for the movie since they had already cast Jennifer Lopez shortly after.
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Great movie, minor things.
pink_princesshbk28 March 2004
This movie was great, with some minor details taken not into consideration. An example is when she got her Grammy, I got footage, she doesn't say what the movie says she says. She says something different. Other than minor details like that, it was an amazing movie and I think that if Selena was able to see it, she would be very proud of the job J.Lo and the other talented actors did to portray her life. R.I.P. Selena Quintanilla Perez

* * * *
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Alive and Astounding!
Ninsen7 March 2003
I never thought that this would turn out to being one of the most alively portrayed movies I've ever seen. Jennifer Lopez really portrayed Selena as if she were still alive. It's hard to believe that such a young singer has gone through so much to succeed. What hurt me most was when her life was suddenly taken mercilessly and cold-heartedly from her. I had a great deal of respect for her. I give this flick a 10/10 ***** for outstanding portrayal.
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I didn't expect to like it so much!
Sylviastel4 November 2002
Selena was the Spanish answer to Celine Dion. Unlike Celine, she was not a native Spanish speaker. The film is actually touching at times. There is a feeling of great sadness to what might have become of Selena. This film is a great tribute to somebody who died too young. Her father played by Edward James Olmos is superb. Lupe who plays Yolanda is also excellent. Constance Marie who plays Selena's mother is actually wonderful. I thought it was Olmos' real life wife, Lorraine Bracco. They look so similar. Jackie Guerra is wonderful too as her sister. I wished that Hollywood would look at the fact that this is a Texas' story. Selena was a Texas girl who also happened to be Spanish American. She loved and treated her fans with respect. My favorite scene is at the Los Angeles mall, the snobby salesperson almost refuses to try a dress "It's $800.00." Rather than make a fuss, Selena acts very classy about it. Then one Mexican sees her and the word spreads like a California wildfire around the mall, the store is mobbed with shoppers and store workers. The snobby saleswoman can't believe her eyes. "Who's Selena?" she asked. She's surprised to know that the Spanish customer is a huge star in Mexico but not in Los Angeles. She's overcome with embarrassment. After all Selena is only in Los Angeles for the Grammys.
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