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Eerie film builds tension by showing virtually creepy images , unsettling score and evocative settings
ma-cortes2 February 2014
Mystery , terror , intrigue about a woman seeking clues about his lover's killing . Spanish horror film full of thrills , suspense , chills , intrigue and plot twists . It gives a terrifying and disturbingly adult view of fears in which posses an element of witchery . The motion picture is pretty well , although sometimes slow moving and packs turns ; however is entertaining for continuous suspense and unsettling atmosphere . It deals with Lara (Maria Barranco) , a radio host expert on psychic phenomena , she learns her estranged lover (Gustavo Salmeron) has been found dead in a small Spanish village . She aware that he was carrying out secret experiments searching for tortured souls trapped behind the energy of the living world. This leads her to an old abandoned house whose owner is a villager named Lazaro (Angel De Andres Lopez) , and where various faces have appeared and disappeared at irregular intervals , screaming faces seem to form within of the walls . In fact , the film is partially based on facts , as the Faces of Bélmez is an alleged paranormal phenomenon in a private house in Spain which started in 1971 when residents claimed images of faces appeared in the concrete floor of the house. These images have continuously formed and disappeared on the floor of the home. Located at the Pereira family home at Moraleda, Jaén, Andalusia, Spain, the Bélmez faces have been responsible for bringing large numbers of sightseers to Bélmez and many residents believe that the faces were not made by human hand. The phenomenon is considered by some parapsychologists the best-documented and "without doubt the most important paranormal phenomenon in the century" .

This exciting , bizarre film contains tension , thriller, drama , mystery , plot twists and shocks , including decent scares with tense terror sequences especially in its final part , in a creepy denouement . Interesting screenplay by the same director revolving the mental disintegration of a woman overwhelmed by her lover's disappearance and the various astonishing surprises she finds . Filmmaker Agusti Villaronga also wrote the strange plot , embarking into the phantasmagorical, or even quasi-surrealist story . The picture is thrilling and some moment brilliant, and the actors are quite reliable. As Maria Barranco as the host of a radio call-in show , Terele Pávez as Dolores , Ruth Gabriel as Julia , Simón Andreu as Simón , Pedro Mari Sánchez as Juan Miguel Picazo as Galiana , Maite Brik as Madre and special appearance by Gustavo Salmeron in a little role as her lover and appearing in his most part by means of flashbacks . Although is sometimes slow moving , overlong and stagy , however is entertaining for continuous suspense . Intelligent edition, special use of dark sets and slick utilization of shock images make this one, an acceptable terror film . Sinister and mysterious atmosphere is finely photographed by magnificent cameraman Javier Aguirresarobe which heightens the suspense . Aguirresarobe subsequently would make a prestigious career in Hollywood such as ¨Fright night , ¨The twilight saga: eclipse¨, ¨The road¨ , ¨The others¨ and many others . Suspenseful and stirring musical score by Javier Navarrete who has composed for successful terror movies such as ¨Mirrors¨ , ¨Pan's labyrinth¨, ¨Thirteen chimes¨ ,¨The devil's backbone¨ and ¨The hole¨.

The motion picture was compellingly directed by Agusti Villaronga . Agusti was born in 1953 in Majorca, Balearic Islands, he uses to do films including genuine chills , suspense , mystery and dark atmospheres . His movies pack excellent creation of taut , thriller , emotions and rare atmospheres such as ¨Aro Tolbukhin¨ , ¨El mar¨ , ¨El Niño de la Luna¨ and especially ¨In a glass cage¨ or ¨Tras el Cristal¨ . His greatest success was ¨Black bread¨ or Pa Negre¨ winning several Goyas .
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Do not expect the film to make sense
Varlaam15 August 1998
The director, at the film's Toronto première, admitted that he did not resolve all of the loose ends, and that there were elements in the original screenplay which did not interest him very much, so he left them undeveloped. This is frustrating for viewers expecting an integrated whole. The story of the creation of this film reminded me of the genesis of David Lynch's Lost Highway. But just as that film was interesting, so is this one. If you are able to put the plot problems aside, the film has a distinctive style and is worth seeing for that reason alone. The film's title refers to a radio station frequency. It is also the number of the beast inverted. So said the director.
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Wish I'd Seen The Movie Described in Other User Reviews (Spoilers)
jessepenitent20 January 2006
Warning: Spoilers
I'm not stupid and I don't have the attention span of a gnat. I LOVE movies with subtitles because (silly me) subtitled movies generally have a more interesting and original plot than what comes out of Hollywood these days. Like most fans, I'm irritated with the American Movie Machine nabbing and remaking foreign films, particularly the J and K horror films.

But 99.9, IMHO, may be improved by an American schlockmeister, at least for this dim-witted old broad. Maybe then I will understand what the heck happened. I watched it twice, hoping that I was just MISSING something. Reading the other comments here, I wonder if I should get it again and watch it over. I can't be that stupid, can I? It should have been great. Creepy atmosphere. Taciturn villagers who won't give straight answers. Faces appearing on walls. Not to mention the whole effort to videotape the dreams of alcoholics and drug addicts...it should have been freaking fabulously frightening.

But then...it all went spinning off to nowhere. Plot lines were dropped. Clues were brought up and discarded. And that whole ending just...well it sent me over the edge.

Guess I will stick with simpleminded fare like "The Devil's Backbone" or "Cure". 99.9 is simply too esoteric and sophisticated for me.
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Brilliant photography well supported by the cast
khatcher-223 February 2002
I almost did not put this one on, but seeing that Terele Pávez was in it and that the filming was done by `el maestro' Javier Aguirresarobe, I succumbed. As I am not exactly so keen on `creepies' and horror type films, I did not expect much, so got more than I expected. Which, logically, is better than vice-versa.

Firstly it was great to see Terele Pávez again, so many years after the outstanding masterpiece `Los Santos Inocentes' (1984)(qv), as well as her lesser parts in `Requiem por un Campesino Español' (1985), the not so accomplished `Celestina' (1996) and the excellent TV series `Quijote' (1991) and `Cañas y Barro' (1978). However, also pleasing was to see María Barranco in a decent rôle, as previously I had only noted her as one of `Almodóvar's girls' in the early 90s, as well as participating in films which were more unfortunate than anything else – `El Rey Pasmado' and Bigas Lunas' indigestible `Las Edades de Lulú'.

In `99.9' things hold together surprisingly well, despite loose ends flying about which were not `nicely' tied up in a neat package. Deep in the depths of darkest Spain – but in effect some lovely sierras in the province of Jaen, Andalusia – some rather weird goings-on end up with Lara's (María Barranco) ex boy-friend being impaled stark naked on some railings in a cemetery right at the beginning of the film. Lara investigates and thus sets us up for a spooky session. Which may well have not worked if the cinematographer had not been Javier Aguirresarobe. This man is incredible, absolutely a perfectionist of the first order. Whether it be the dark interiors of mansions in `Los Otros' (The Others, qv), beautiful scenery and spider's webs in `Secretos del Corazón' (qv), costume pieces such as in `La Niña de tus Ojos' (qv) and Pilar Miró's `El Perro del Hortelano) or the highly acclaimed `Beltenebros', or the Madrid gangster world of Madrid in `La Fuente Amarilla' (qv), Aguirresarobe shows astonishing ability to even capture the feel and atmosphere of whatever he is shooting.

Apart from that, some of the acting is pretty good, even convincing given the hardy nature of people living in some of those tumbled-down abandoned villages lost in the cold sierras. Indeed, I would go so far as to say that if I were to choose seeing this film or `The Others' again, I might just choose `99.9'. It simply has an uncanniness that the other better known film lacks.
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Disturbing movie
DrFred19 August 1999
Agustí Villaronga has made another disturbing film about the human nature. This one is nearer to classic horror films, and was Maria Barranco's opportunity to show that she could make more things than comedies. The film has two parts: in the first Villaronga brings us where he wants in his strange story, in the second there are beautiful landscapes (Aguirresarobe is still the best), but lack of fx: it seems that there was not too much money for that.

Failed, but interesting.
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