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Chicago Sun-Times
It's the film you need to see in order to understand why the ending of "As Good As It Gets" was phony.
Living Out Loud is not a monumental motion picture. In fact, in many ways, it's quite the opposite - a quiet, unassuming story of friendship and love that uses richly-developed characters to charm its audience.
LaGravenese may be unsteady at the helm, but his film insinuates like a torch song that keeps messing with your head.
The New York Times
The filmmaker has borrowed from Chekhov the soul-baring introspection that can be so ineffable on the page or stage yet becomes so damply sensitive and dramatically vague on screen.
The Globe and Mail (Toronto)
So why does the thing play like a mediocre sitcom stripped of its laugh-track?
Film Threat
LaGravenese has an uncanny ability to write realistic female characters.
Unfortunately, there's not much of a story to go with Hunter's engaging performance and LaGravenese's words.
Christian Science Monitor
The plot is promising and the acting is earnest, but in the end the movie doesn't quite work.
Much about Living Out Loud is pretty far-fetched, but at least it accurately portrays the dating possibilities for newly divorced women of a certain age.
What little grace there is in Living Out Loud (and there isn't much) is all in LaGravenese's script, not on the screen.

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