Mighty Joe Young (1998) Poster

Rade Serbedzija: Strasser



  • Andrei Strasser : [points a gun at Jill's face with intent to kill her]  Goodbye, Jill. Meet your mother... in Hell.

    Jill Young : [stares back at him very calmly, even a slight hint of a smile on her face]  Goodbye.

    [Strasser turns around and sees Joe towering over him] 

  • Andrei Strasser : Monsterle! Monsterle!

  • [At Strasser's estate in Africa, watching a news report on Joe, recently moved to a conservatory in California] 

    Andrei Strasser : My God... Pindi was right.

    [Garth enters the room] 

    Andrei Strasser : He's beautiful. The most beautiful animal I ever seen.

    Garth : And the most valuable, that's for sure.

    [sits down, watches as Jill appears on screen] 

    Garth : Isn't that the...?

    Andrei Strasser : Wait! Be quiet!

    [Both men's expressions are of recognition as Jill is identified as the daughter of the primatologist they had killed twelve years earlier] 

    Garth : Bloody hell! That's him!

    [pointing at the screen] 

    Garth : That's him, that's the little feller who bit your finger off!

    [Strasser glances down at his mangled right hand, missing the thumb and index finger] 

    Andrei Strasser : I'm always amazed how, if you wait long enough, the opportunity for justice finally comes. Garth, book us two tickets to America. We are going to pay a visit to this incredible animal.

    [smirking, puts a half-glove on his right hand] 

    Andrei Strasser : I think I know how to convince his current owners to part with him.

  • Andrei Strasser : [Knocks Garth unconscious with his gun as he tries to leave]  Anything else on your mind?

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